When A Mage Revolts Chapter 882

Chapter 882: An Evil Innocence

Chapter 882: An Evil Innocence
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Early the next morning, the news spread throughout the Kingdom of Helius fast, as though it had grown wings.

"The uprising of the Black Nightmare Army is official!"

"It happened last night. They had taken Worchester, the terrible aftermath The blood that was spilt covered even the doors! The royal army was unable to oppose them at all; there were those who died and those who fled. Things are really going to change this time!"

"Have you guys heard? The Black Nightmare Army has conquered Worchester now and turned it into their headquarters. They welcome all refugees and insurgents who are unsatisfied with the Church."

This time, everyone in the country was completely shaken. They had known about the existence of the Black Nightmare Army, and they had also known that the Church had suffered many losses at the hands of those people. However, they had always been hiding and had never faced the great army of the Church head on, which had made them look rather small.

Because of that, when the Black Nightmare Army began to get down to business, everyone felt shocked.

This meant that they were now on the same level as the Church.

Immediately, the hearts of the people went haywire. There were some who packed up their belongings to flee towards the southern regions of the Kingdom of Helius, not wishing to be caught in the fight between the two parties; there were also those whose spirits were raised. After hearing the news, they did not hesitate in hurrying towards Worchester

This was a sight completely formed by the people themselves. Benjamin had not done a single thing behind the scenes.

At the moment, he was still busy receiving the main battalion of the Black Nightmare Army.

"Are you the first batch to come over?"

The morning after Worchester had been conquered, Benjamin had flown to the eastern regions of the kingdom and, through the transmission woodpiece, received the first team of soldiers, a team that was comparatively more important than the rest.

Morris had brought a dozen over technicians and soldiers with him, disguised as passersby fleeing for their lives. They were even carrying the Princess. They waited at the appointed venue for Benjamin to come and get them.

"En, we came on the chariot," Morris nodded, pointing at the chariot behind them that had been disguised as a horse carriage. "The people behind us might be a little late, but since we're moving separately, even if a few teams are blocked, it won't affect the big picture."

Hearing that, Benjamin nodded as well.

He had come in person only to fetch the important people and ensure that they reach their destinations without a hitch. It would be impossible for him to fetch everyone. Also, the Black Nightmare Army had just conquered Worchester, so there were still many things there for him to handle.

Because of that, he hurriedly waved his hand to spread out the water elemental domain, bringing this team of people, along with the chariot, up into the air. Under the clear skies that stretched on for miles, Benjamin could not be bothered in covering his tracks. He immediately used ice to form a huge ship, flying hastily towards Worchester.

"Where Where are we going?"

As they flew in the air, the Princess, in the arms of a soldier, was awakened and startled by the sound of the rushing wind outside. She struggled and got out of the grip of the soldier, and walked to the side of the ship, where there was a layer of ice. She looked at the sky and earth as they sped past her, and slowly, there was a look of terror on her face.

Benjamin, who was standing on the side, turned his head when he heard her, and laughed gently.

"We're bringing you to see your King father."

He was trying to comfort the Princess, but it was only after the words had left his lips that he realized, those words did not sound really comforting. They were slightly uncomfortable, even.

It was fortunate that the Princess, at her age, still could not truly understand what he meant.

"King father King father I want to see Queen mother," she looked at the land outside of the layer of ice and cocked her head. There was an ignorant look on her face, and very soon, her lips were pursed, as though she was about to cry.

Benjamin felt a temporary headache.

"Why are you provoking such a good little girl?" The System emerged, spitting out in glee at the unpleasant situation, "Your mouth only knows how to cause provocation, don't you know how to say anything nice?"

Benjamin massaged his head, ignoring the System.

He gave the soldier standing on the side a look. The soldier should have taken care of the Princess for quite some time now. He nodded, understanding Benjamin, and picked the Princess up as he comforted her, trying to shift her attention away.

However, this time, the Princess did not seem easy to placate.

"I Father King is dead Hu Mother Queen is also dead" At first, it was only a whimper, but she soon burst into loud wailings. Even Morris, who was on the other side of the ship, was startled. He turned his head and gave Benjamin a disdainful look.

Benjamin was speechless.

Why had he mentioned the Father King in the first place?

"...Don't cry, we'll buy whatever you like to eat later," in the end, poor Benjamin could only squeeze out such words.

After the Princess heard him, the volume of her sobs gradually decreased.

She slowly began to stop crying, as she rubbed her eyes and lifted her head. Then, she began to stare blankly at Benjamin. At that moment, a change came over the innocent, naive expression, like a dazzling fluorescent tube where electricity had been suddenly sucked away.

Her expression grew still and indifferent. Upon that young face, it looked slightly evil, even.

"I want to eat your flesh."

She opened her mouth and began to cackle like a wooden puppet. The atmosphere in the entire ice ship immediately froze.

Benjamin was stunned.


The Princess, however, put her smile away, and began to speak in an unusually experienced voice, "There is but one end for people who offend god. Devil, your men have all died."


Everything happening before his eyes was too strange. Benjamin's heart pounded wildly; he could not help it. He looked at Princess, who was close to him, and suddenly felt that there was some familiarity in her expression.

Her expression and tone of voice resembled those of every priest he had ever met.

Matched with the young face and voice, however, there was an extreme sense of eeriness, as though As though someone else was using her face and voice to talk!

Benjamin's heart was shocked at first, before turning cold, sinking immediately.

"What have you done?" He suddenly grabbed the shoulders of the 'Princess' violently, asking with a cold expression.

The 'Princess' smirked, shaking her head.

"You will find out very soon."

Having finished speaking, she closed her eyes. The pretentious look that only priests had slowly ebbed away from her face. Soon, everything was quickly back to normal; she fell asleep, breathing calmly and steadily, as though nothing had happened.

Everyone looked shocked. The soldiers did not even dare come close to the Princess.

After a few seconds, however, Benjamin suddenly looked up and waved his hand!

The ice ship began to change direction, and sped towards Pearl Lake!

"Mage, Mage sir This is"

Trembling, the soldiers came back to their senses. Looking at the Princess, who had fallen asleep on the floor, and then at Benjamin, whose face was looking terrible, they began to speak with dumbfounded expressions, wishing to ask about what had just happened.

Nevertheless, it was at this moment that a loud bang erupted from the distance. It sounded as though a mountain was collapsing. Even though it was very far away, the sound still reached the ears of the people onboard.

At that moment, they looked forwards, to see thick smoke rising up in the distant horizon. Following that, the earth beneath them began to shake slightly, and the model-like trees started to fall this way and that way before their eyes.

All of a sudden, Benjamin clenched his fists tightly.

"...It's in the direction of the Pearl Lake tunnel" Looking at the faraway smoke, Morris suddenly took a deep breath, and closed his eyes tightly.
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