When A Mage Revolts Chapter 89

Chapter 89: The Waterball Of Reticence

Chapter 89: The Waterball of Reticence

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The Shield of the Holy Spirit...

Benjamin had read about this divine charm in Grants

It was one of the few intermediate level divine charms that was introduced in the book. The Shield of the Holy Spirit was relatively easy to be executed and it was very practical. As long as the caster has a decent attraction to the holy lights, it was easy for immediate casting to occur. This was why the book very much glorified this charm -- it was listed as number 1 of in the list of must-haves in Divine Arts.

It has the ability to summon a shield that was condensed from the holy lights. This shield will then float around the caster, and automatically block them from opposing attacks.

Although Benjamin was reluctant to admit this, he cannot ignore the fact that this charm was the kryptonite to his Sword of Ice.

The advantage in using the Sword of Ice was its agility and ability for multiple attacks, but the Shield of the Holy Spirit was just as agile as it was, and it could also provide multiple defences. It was the perfect counter-attack.

Not only that, the Shield of the Holy Spirit did not require attention for it to work. As long as it was summoned, it could automatically be the defence for attacks. The Sword of Ice, on the other hand, required Benjamins full control for each of its slashes and strikes.

Amidst this short exchange, the priest was free to use other charms as his means to attack Benjamin while the latter had no way to use his other spells.

This was difficult...

After the priest used the Shield of the Holy Spirit, he controlled his emotions and immediately started chanting new divine charms. Benjamin sensed a great magical disturbance from this actions, and could be sure that this next charm will not be as simple as a Grenade of Holy Light.

It will be an intermediate charm, and most possibly an attacking charm.

Benjamin took a glimpse at the person who was still unconscious on the bed. Regardless of whether Benjamin could hold his ground, this brave warrior who attempted to assassinate the Pope will most likely be affected by the aftershocks of the impact.

Promptly, he was confident of his stance in this matter.

He will never let this charm be executed successfully!

He immediately relished his control over the sword. The sword shattered in midair and became a fog of ice mist as it slowly dispersed. Then, he quickly chanted a spell. One by one, water bombs appeared beside him.

When 6 water bombs were formed, he threw them towards the chanting priest without hesitation.

The priest was not affected. Another cross broke and another Holy Barrier appeared. The Shield of the Holy Spirit joined in the battle as it blocked the 6 water bombs with the Holy Barrier.

It would be difficult to interrupt the priests incantation with just 6 water bombs.

Benjamin was aware of that.

As the water bombs exploded and splashed all over the room, Benjamin once again chanted the Waterball Spell. The triangular symbol in the space of his consciousness made a soft ding. A wave spread like ripples around Benjamin as they echoed silently in the room.

Benjamin used quite a number of magic in this room: one Ice Wall, one Sword of Ice, 12 Water Bombs... Although the magic was already gone, there was still a considerable amount of water particles gathered in the room.

As the wave swept the room, Benjamins energy that remained in the water particles was suddenly activated. In an instant, all of them started vibrating vigorously.

In his Space, the Water Rune trembled. Benjamin felt a faint ache emanating from his head.

The amount of water particles remaining was substantial; it was not an easy feat to gather all of them in an instant.

Still, Benjamin clenched his jaw and focused to finish the magic.

This was probably the biggest Waterball Spell he ever casted.

As the water particles accumulated, a huge water ball appeared around the priest. It enveloped the priest alongside with his Holy Barrier and the Shield of the Holy Spirit.

In that moment, change felt imminent.

The priests expression changed and he stopped chanting the charm. Moreover, he suddenly held his head and cried in pain.

The charm was interrupted.

The priest did not take long to recover as his charm backfired on himself. His face was one of disbelief.

"How... How could this fail?"

He looked up at the water ball that encased him.

From his eyes, it was as if he was in a world of water. The water ball enveloped him completely; there were no flaws in the cover. If it was not for the Holy Barrier, the priest would have drown in the water.

But... But This was just a water ball!

How could his incantation be interrupted by a mere water ball?

The priest was shocked and perplexed by the turn of events.

He was not a sheltered flower in a greenhouse; he had participated in battles with mages. He knew about the Waterball Spell; heck, he even knew how to chant the spell! However, he never came across one so gigantic and sinister.

To be honest, the Waterball Spell was just a beginners spell that was of no threat whatsoever. Would there really be someone who would spend so much effort in training it to this level?

If anyone previously warned him to be careful of the Waterball Spell, he would have definitely thought that they were pulling his leg.


A mage suddenly appeared, clad in the outfit of a beggar. He chanted an ordinary Waterball Spell, and it actually managed to entrap him and somehow interrupt his charm-casting?

Was this really the Waterball Spell?

Was it be possible that he was just so ignorant that even a Waterball Spell could stop his charm?

Perplexed, he once again focused his attention to study the water ball that was outside his comprehension.

He could feel that this water ball was filled with water particles that were extremely volatile. These water particles were the ones that caused the holy light he gathered during his charm-casting to disperse.

The priest could finally understand why his charm would fail.

He was always proud of his ability to attract the holy lights. Among the priests his age, his spiritual energy was not stellar, but he still managed to outshine the others with his extraordinary attraction with the holy lights. He was even appreciated by the bishop!

Usually, the holy lights around him looked like friendly angels to him; they would always listen to his command. As long as he was willing, the holy lights would come to him.

Yet, the holy lights that could bypass this water ball to approach him were few even if he chanted the charm. This was why his Divine Arts failed just now; he could not gather the sufficient holy lights.

He was still very puzzled.


Why could this water ball block his senses from the holy lights?

This was the first time he even heard of this phenomenon despite being in the Church for years.

What exactly is this thing?

The priest, who was trapped in this huge water ball and had no idea what to do, was close to tearing himself apart.
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