When A Mage Revolts Chapter 895

Chapter 895: An Extremely Different Battle Technique

Chapter 895: An Extremely Different Battle Technique
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Five minutes after the intense battle had started, Benjamin noticed that the tide of battle was beginning to tilt towards a direction unfavorable to them.

The mages and the priests in the sky were equally fierce, so no victor could be determined yet. However, the soldiers at the north city gate were somewhat unable to cope any longer. Although they possessed the advantage of being in a defensive position, the numbers of the royal army far exceeded theirs. It had not been obvious at first, but as the time dragged on, the adverse effects of this were grew more apparent.

At the moment, the royal army had given up on trying to crash into the city with the wooden stakes. Instead, they were stepping on countless of dead bodies and launching their attacks directly at the city gates. There were already men who had climbed onto the city walls and engaged in battle with the Black Nightmare Army soldiers on the city walls. The Black Nightmare Army could still maintain their defenses as the people who had climbed up were not many, but he was afraid that they would not be able to last much longer.

Furthermore, once they lose possession of the city gates, the situation would become extremely adverse for them due to the great disparity between their military strengths, even though they had back up battle plans.

He had to do something.

Benjamin slowly flew nearer as he watched the battle on the city walls. However he had only come slightly closer when Grant's voice immediately boomed nearby him.

"I am your opponent."

Benjamin lifted his head, only to see Grant flying at an altitude even higher up in the sky, his gaze unrelentingly locked onto his body as the runes in his eyes flickered with light in an abrupt manner. There was no question about it; the moment he dared to strike, Grant would definitely grab the opportunity to launch a fatal sneak attack on him mercilessly.

It would be impossible for him to join the battle without dealing with Grant.

Because of that, Benjamin remained silent for a few seconds before suddenly flying upwards, immediately reaching the same altitude that Grant was at to confront him. This time, he did not intend to spectate from the sidelines with Grant. In actual fact, Grant had flown to this height where there was no one else around for a purpose; it was apparent that he was filled with the intention of inviting him to a duel.

"Interesting. So you're not preparing to escape this time?" Grant looked at him, mocking him sarcastically with obvious reference to the escape of the ice ship a few days ago.

Benjamin retaliated in kind, "There's no one around to back you up this time. Why should I run?"


Hearing that, Grant gave a cold snort. Holy Light suddenly surged out from the palms of his hands. He did not seem keen on continuing with the exchange of nonsense; the Holy Light converged quickly and turned into numerous limited light silks. In the next second, the light silks shot out and headed straight for Benjamin!

Right at that moment, Benjamin activated the deep sea domain.

A layer of thin ice mirror appeared right before the light silks were about to hit him. Following a crisp, tinkling sound, the light silks hit the ice mirror. It trembled slightly and moved back by an inch or so, but the glistening smooth surface was hardly damaged. Instead, all of the light silks were sent flying back out!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! The light silks brushed past Grant's body as they shot forwards without hitting anyone, disappearing into the vast night sky.

Seeing that, Benjamin revealed a disappointed look.

It might be easy talking about using the surface of the mirror to reflect divine charms, but he had secretly practiced this for a very long time. It was still slightly difficult to control it as he wished.

Grant frowned as he watched the scene that had just happened, but he did not seem too surprised. He suddenly stretched his hands out; over ten runes, created from the condensation of Holy Light, slowly floated out and encircled his body. At that moment, the space around him seemed to tremble slightly. A beam of moonlight pierced through the dark clouds that filled the skies and directly shone upon Grant.

After that, the Pope's robes that hung on his body began to move despite the absence of any breeze, similar to what had happened during the fight and pursuit of the ice ship. The lines on the robes suddenly lit up.

Had he decided to use his ultimate ability so soon?

Seeing this, Benjamin's heart moved. It was very obvious that this battle was somewhat different from the previous ones. Grant was anxious now. Benjamin did not know what his current mindset was, but he had immediately saved them time and energy by bypassing the probing attacks that would have been exchanged between the two of them. It was obvious that a delay would be advantageous to him, but he was not delaying anything. Instead, he had decided to head straight to the final blow.

However No matter the case, Benjamin was able to see that Grant had lost his unruffled and calm manner.

Because of that, he suddenly clenched his fists tight and, without preparing a defense or casting a counterattack spell, charged straight towards Grant, who was in the beam of light!

Grant expressed surprise and bemusement at this action of his as well.


He was still in the middle of casting his spell, so moving was a slight inconvenience for him. Because of that, Benjamin easily rushed straight before him.

In that instant, the entire deep sea domain enveloped Grant; glinting blue runes clustered around the both of them. With their bodies inside the domain, the water elements surged like waves, and upon sensing the Holy Light around Grant, immediately became as agitated as werewolves catching the scent of prey in the legends!

Sizzle sizzle The water elements rushed towards Grant in a crazed dash. As the Holy Light surrounding Grant's body was extremely powerful, a violent chemical reaction was immediately produced between the two. Shocking waves of oscillation erupted from the collision; the two forms of elements no longer dispersed, even, but were being destroyed in huge amounts. There were even traces of a deathly aura being produced, an aura similar to the spirits of the dead.

The beam of moonlight that fell from the sky had not been completely cut off, but it had weakened tremendously.

"Going fast and slowing down whenever you wish." An armor similar to frozen ice had been attached to Benjamin's body, such that his entire person was now covered in armor. At the moment, he was less than half a meter away from Grant, face to face with him in midair. "Do you really think that you are still able to decide how this battle is to be fought?"

Grant was still hovering where he was, looking at Benjamin with an alarmed and uncertain expression. He did not know what he was about to do. The runes representing the light elements encircled Grant's body and were still summoning even more Holy Light , maintaining a state of spellcasting and blocking the water elements of the deep sea domain as much as they could.

However, in the next second, he watched as Benjamin raised his fist and sent it crashing towards him!


There was a dull thud. The fist, covered in ice crystals, smashed into the Holy Light directly, making a hole.

Grant's expression changed.

This time, his spellcasting was finally cut off completely. The Pope's robes on him dimmed down, and the beam of moonlight disappeared into the night sky. Only the Holy Light runes continued to encircle him, spontaneously producing new circles of light as always and protecting him from the invasion and attack of the deep sea domain. However Under the assault of the water elements, those lines of light were significantly less dazzling.

"You're insane" He looked at Benjamin and flew back, immediately pulling himself out from the deep sea domain.

Nevertheless, Benjamin did not give him the chance for respite.

"Where do you want to hide?"

The moment Grant pulled out, he immediately increased his speed and chased after him. His fist, covered by a condensation of huge amounts of water elements, fell again and again onto Grant's circle of light, hitting it so hard that the circle of light was almost out of shape. Grant was unable to extricate himself enough to counterattack; all he could do was to back off continuously. Benjamin pursued and attacked him at the same time, giving Grant no chance at all to increase the distance between them.

A sudden battle of pursuit presented itself in the night sky.

Two moving lights, one white and one blue, darted about in the airspace above Worchester. The white light was desperately trying to escape the pursuit of the blue light, but the blue light relentlessly stuck to it from the back. There was even a blurry halo of blue light around it, within which it was determined to keep the white light.

Below them, some commoners hid in their houses. Peering out from their windows, they watched this scene with their eyes wide and mouths agape.
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