When A Mage Revolts Chapter 899

Chapter 899: The Troubles Of The Academy

Chapter 899: The Troubles of the Academy
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As the royal army withdrew, the battle to defend Worchester finally came to an end.

The news spread very quickly throughout the entire kingdom. Everyone knew that the Black Nightmare Army had fended off the Church's attack that night, successfully defending Worchester. Numerous people swore and expressed that they had seen with their own eyes everything that had happened at the time; mountains of corpses and blood like the ocean had piled up everywhere, from outside of the city to the inner parts. The Pope and the legendary mage had engaged in a great battle that involved three hundred rounds, emitting dazzling bright light that lit up the dark night sky so much, it had looked like daytime. There were also people who said that halfway through the battle, divine soldiers had suddenly appeared, descending from the skies like a group of warriors from the Realm of God. They had wielded flashing, bright blades, moving so smoothly in the air that it was as though they were on level ground, and had helped the Black Nightmare Army in eliminating all of the priests. They had killed so many that the royal soldiers had fled pell-mell, abandoning their helmets and armor...

Strange, exaggerated stories were spreading in the kingdom. The Church did not officially issue a clarification, so they had given the people a chance to exercise their imagination. Whatever it was, after that night, all the people realized that change was about to take place in the Kingdom of Helius.

The newest, bonus prints of the Truth News had all been snatched up the moment they had been released for sale in various places, regardless of how the local governments banned them. They were unable to curb the desire of the people to learn more about the Black Nightmare Army. Also, The Declaration of The Declaration of the Freedom of Magic that had already been circulating in the midst of the people was also being copied and passed on hundreds and thousands of times. The section inside it on getting started as a mage had birthed who knew how many new students in the kingdom.

It could be said that this battle had completely changed the mentality of the kingdom's people. The Black Nightmare Army was no longer merely a bunch of bandits who took advantage of chaotic situations to cause trouble, but a group of divine soldiers who were saving the kingdom. The powerful ruling image of the Church in the hearts of the people had subsequently fallen apart like a landslide.

Instead, the majority of the people were beginning to think highly of the Black Nightmare Army.

However, although outsiders were almost exaggerating the story of that night to high heaven, the members of the Black Nightmare Army in the city of Worchester knew that their situation was not as good as the others thought.

"Three thousand men, this is what's left after the battle has been fought?" Benjamin looked at the report in his hands with a grim expression. "Two thirds of the soldiers have been sacrificed in this battle, and more than half of the mages have fallen... This information must not be spread out, otherwise the enemy might even make a comeback."

In the small room of the city hall, the confidantes, including Morris and the Head Knight Lance, nodded when they heard him.

Furthermore, the troubles they were about to face were far from just those.

"Director, sir. Dean Varys has just arrived in Worchester, and says he has to meet with you over some important matters."

Benjamin roughly knew what they were. Because of that, he took a deep breath, and replied slowly, "Bring him over then."

After two minutes, Varys pushed through the doors and walked in.


"Some sponsors for the Academy seem to also have gotten wind of the news, and have come up to us asking about the situation. They are doubting our ability to function, and think that we have not been bearing the educational responsibility that an Academy should have. Instead, we've put the students in danger. Many people have expressed the intention to divest!"

"Also, the most troublesome thing is that there's dissatisfaction brewing over at the Mercenary Guild as well. Just because we've been unable to provide enough students to get their practicals done there. They've been sending people over to put pressure on us during the past two days, we won't be able to withstand it soon!"

After listening to this barrage of complaints, Benjamin felt as though his head had grown bigger.

He knew very clearly in his heart that most of the students owed the Academy huge amounts of school fees, thus making it a matter of fact for them to help the Academy out. However, to allow them to join the battle had been a decision that posed a great hidden danger. Even if the students had been willing, their families and relatives... would have definitely been unable to accept it.

They had suppressed the news before this, but after the battle had been over and a lot of the students had died in the battle, it was obvious that this news could no longer be kept a secret.

Varys had always been in charge of staying in the Academy to look after matters. For him to seek help now, and forced into travelling thousands of miles over to Worchester for it, signified the gravity of the situation.

They had to solve it appropriately.

"Compensation gold must be given. I believe in the Academy's ability to make money, and the Black Nightmare Army doesn't need the financial support of the Academy for now," After mulling for a long time, Benjamin spoke slowly, "as for those sponsors, if the smaller ones wish to divest then let them. The major ones... You could bring out a bit of the research results of the Academy to keep them around, for example... For example, the elemental table lamp we've come up with from research in the past. They'll definitely be interested in a product like that, which has an extremely widespread usability."

Hearing that, Varys was in deep thought for a moment, before he nodded as well.

"Then... what about the Mercenary Guild? We've signed such a huge contract with them. If there are still no students going to them for practicals, I don't know what kind of action they'll take."

Hearing this, Benjamin gave a long sigh as well.

This was what he was most afraid of.

In actual fact, he had already thought of the solution. It was to send all the students who were residing in Worchester right now back there, and fill up the gap as much as possible. However... the moment they were to do that, the inner defenses of Worchester would become even hollower. Furthermore, the students who would be going for the practicals, would need teachers to supervise them. In the long run, there would possibly be only a hundred or so mages left in the city.

They must not forget that the war was not yet over; they had only beaten the Church back, and had not defeated them.


Seeing that Benjamin was still not speaking, Varys could only open his mouth and speak, looking at him helplessly.

"Alright, you may bring them back." Benjamin finally shook his head, with a helpless expression on his face. "Whatever it is, we cannot allow the Academy to shut down. You should stabilize the situation there first. As for here... There'll be a way to solve things."

Varys nodded and gave Benjamin's shoulder a few pats, before turning around to leave.

Benjamin slowly exited the city hall as well.

He came near to the north city gate; the soldiers of the Black Nightmare Army, as well as many citizens, were walking on the streets, busy cleaning up the mess strewn all over the place. The battle that night had been extremely violent. Even until now, the air still seemed to have a faint scent of blood, drifting around. The people kept on scouring and cleaning the ground, doing their best to smoothen out traces of pain and injury in the city.

However, when they saw Benjamin appearing, all of them revealed beaming faces, nodding and bowing towards him.

In actual fact, as long as he was within the city of Worchester, people would recognize Benjamin no matter where he went. Even children as young as four or five years old would leap up happily and scream, "Honorable mage!" running over to greet him.

The battle that night had changed the attitude of the city towards him. Previously, he had been a conqueror who had taken possession of this city temporarily; the local citizens had not put their trust in him. However, after the Church had almost destroyed this place, no one trusted them anymore. Instead, the Black Nightmare Army had become the official and true army in everyone's hearts.

This was probably the greatest gain from the battle to defend the city.

Walking up to the top of the city wall, Benjamin looked over Worchester, which was lively once more. He took a deep breath. The Runic Defense Technique had been fixed and was protecting this city again, and the troubles of his hearts had been much soothed. Although they had been plunged into difficult times, but... if he were to think about it, the losses of the royal army in this battle were not at all lighter than theirs.

Furthermore, a more important point was that Grant probably would never dare to fight him alone anymore.

After the Church had withdrawn their army, they had remained in hiding in Havenwright, as though they had been beaten up so badly that they were now afraid. They had not moved at all, and would definitely not be taking any action during this short period of time.

Since that was the case... why could they not just continue by following the original plan?
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