When A Mage Revolts Chapter 902

Chapter 902: An Endless Stream Of Troublemakers

Chapter 902: An Endless Stream of Troublemakers
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In the quiet City Square, the voice fell upon every ear, sounding extremely crisp and clear.

Everyone was stunned.

Benjamin frowned and looked to the direction of the voice. However, he could only see crowds of people jostling about, shoulder to shoulder at the sides of the City Square, but no one had stood out. Furthermore, that crowd of people were also looking left and right, searching for the person who had spoken just now and wondering who on earth it was.

"Who doubts the cause of the King's death? If you have proof, come out and speak. Don't keep hiding yourself."

Thus, as he spoke, he inquired of the System in his heart.

The System immediately generated a picture of the scene just now. The surprising thing was that, in the picture, the person who had spoken was a small beggar wearing tattered clothes. He looked about thirteen or fourteen years old only, and was hiding in the crowds, bending his waist and concealing himself in the fringes after he was done with opening his mouth and yelling, before begging for alms and acting like nothing had happened.

...Was he hired by the Church?

Benjamin narrowed his eyes. It was obvious that this fellow had come to cause trouble; all he did was yell out for a moment without the intention of following up with anything. However, the troublesome thing was that it would be impossible for him to catch the small beggar and pull him up for a confrontation on the spot with so many people watching, would it not? It would only cause even more trouble and make the scene uglier.

All he did was to let the System memorize the person's face, preparing to settle the score with him at a later time.

At that moment, everyone in the City Square looked at each other. No one stood out to say anything, but it was obvious that the words spoken just now had incurred some doubts. Did the Academy of Magic know the Divine Arts? Then, using the traces of a wound to prove the murderer... There was definitely the possibility of fabrication.

Seeing that, Benjamin thought for a moment before opening his mouth to speak once more.

"Since there are still those with questions, let me explain again and make this a little clearer," he pointed at the tiny hole on the King's chest, and spoke slowly, "His Majesty died due to his heart being pierced through. In just the blink of an eye, in this tiny hole barely a centimeter wide, the entire wound had been burnt. This is not something that an ordinary person can do.

Saying thus, he suddenly lifted his hand. Water elements condensed in the palms of his hands and shrunk, before slowly elongating to form an extremely delicate water silk.

He presented the water silk for everyone to see.

"At the time, the Pope had condensed Holy Light into such a state, and ambushed His Majesty," he explained as he put on a demonstration. "The mister who is unwilling to show your face, you're right. The Academy of Magic has always been doing research on priests, and many mages are able to control and direct Holy Light, however... to be able to create such delicate silks through condensation and assassinate His Majesty, the Divine Arts standard of that person would need to be as good as my level of skill."

Having spoken until here, he stopped for a moment before continuing, "But, unfortunately, we do not have such a genius in our Academy yet. Otherwise, the Pope would have long died in our hands that night."

Everyone in the City Square looked at the King's body, and glanced at the water silks in Benjamin's hands a few more times. There was some curiosity in their expressions. Most of the people lacked understanding towards magic, but they knew one thing. The Director of the Academy of Magic was the most powerful mage, and the Pope was the most powerful priest. These two men were at the same level, and no one else could compare to them.

Also, according to what Benjamin had said, only people who were at their level could inflict a wound like that.

Furthermore, it was impossible for water silks to burn and sear the wound. Therefore, through analogy, there was only one person in the whole world left.

Although there was still some confusion in the hearts of many people who could not really understand things involving magic or elements... However, judging by Benjamin's extremely assured tone of voice, as well as the mysterious and shifty disappearance of the person who had been yelling just now, they still tended to believe the words of the Black Nightmare Army...

It was the Pope who had killed His Majesty!

There were those who sighed in grief, those who were furious, and those who did not understand. However, through detailed explanations and proof, the people at the scene now had already affirmed that this was the truth at the bottom of their hearts, at least. Their impression of the Church had already gone through a complete demise; there was only a traitorous and cruel empty shell left.


"Devil! A fellow who spreads evil doctrines to mislead the public! You will all go to down to hell!" Another voice rang out from the fringes of the City Square. This time, the owner of the voice had finally chosen to show himself.

They were a few people who had clustered together, comprising of both men and women, with huge crosses embroidered on all their clothes. Their eyes revealed crazed emotions. Somewhat similar to the anti-Church demonstrations that had been held previously, they were shouting continuously, raising up gigantic picket signs in their hands. However... the content on their posters were completely different from that at the demonstrations; it was mostly curses and humiliating phrases directed at mages.

Seeing that, Benjamin could not even be said to be angry. He could only shake his head helplessly.

Even a mere funeral could attract so much mischief...

However, if he really wanted to talk about this, this should be the first official meeting in the Kingdom of Helius that had the nature of rebelling against the Church, right? No matter how huge the previous protests had been, those had still been in the midst of the people, underground, and as a rebellion against the mainstream right to speak. When mages finally stood upon an official podium, there would always be some old fashioned conservatives who would feel like they had just been slapped on the face, not to mention these religious fanatics.

"Everyone has seen what kind of people the fans of the Church are," Benjamin disregarded this matter completely, speaking in a cold voice. "This is His Majesty's funeral, a place where we mourn the dead. We do not welcome the accomplices of the Church like you. Guards, please escort them out."

The soldiers on both sides nodded, and walked towards the religious fanatics. They were about to get rid of this bunch of yelling and shouting people.

Nevertheless, it was apparent that these religious fanatics would not be that easily chased off. After wrestling with the soldiers for a short while, one of the middle-aged man amongst their leaders suddenly shouted, "This devil is lying! This is all for his own personal desires! He wants to usurp the throne! He wants to be king! Her Majesty the Queen is the daughter of the former king, she's the only orthodox of the royal family! Everyone, don't believe him!"

Having been listening until now, Benjamin finally became somewhat impatient.

"I want to be King? Who on earth hounded Her Highness the Queen to death, and even held Her Highness the Princess hostage, forcing her to succeed the throne before she'd even reached the age of four so that it would be convenient for them to seize control over the country?" He gave a cold snort, and said without hesitation, "Furthermore... Since we've mentioned it, let me tell you that the Queen, who was forcefully crowned by the Church, has already been rescued by us from their control!"

Saying thus, he gave the mage behind him a look. The mage nodded, and turned around to walk towards the city hall.

Everyone in the City Square was in an uproar.

"Her Ma... Her Highness is here as well?"

Even the few religious fanatics were stunned, and stood rooted to the spot, looking at Benjamin with dumbfounded expressions.

After half a minute, the mage flew out from the city hall carrying the Princess, and softly landed on the high stage to stand with Benjamin. Benjamin took the Princess from him and carried her in his arms, presenting her for everyone there to see. At that moment, all the people in the City Square looked at the Princess' young and tender face. Everyone was shocked.

Benjamin put the Princess down, and reported the names of the six nobles who had been sacrificed.

"...Including Duke Collin, these six great men had rescued Her Highness the Princess from the palace under critical and dangerous circumstances. After passing through many hands, they had sent her to me. It was during the time when the Church had blown up and destroyed Pearl Lake that these six great men had been sacrificed, unfortunately. They had been buried alive by the Church underground. Their family knights can testify to all of that!"

The City Square fell into a deathly silence. Everyone was so shocked that they could not say a word. Those few religious fanatics were like ducks that had been choked by the neck; they squeezed their throats, but could not emit the least bit of sound.
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