When A Mage Revolts Chapter 912

Chapter 912: Shifting

Chapter 912: Shifting
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The search and blockade of Worchester lasted for three full days.

Not a single person had been caught despite them putting in so much capital; it was difficult for the Church to accept such a result. They would be willing to seal up the city for three months, even, if it meant that they would be able to find those people. It was a pity, however, that they discovered the traces of digging activities under the sewer system after three days. They could finally come to the conclusion that the bunch of mages had escaped through the ocean.

Anger, frustration, fatigue... All sorts of emotions surged up in their hearts, yet there was nothing they could do about it. The Black Nightmare Army was not their only enemy; the Wood family had taken over Crusader Gateway and the Town of Crewe, places that had become a new rally point for forces rebelling against the Church after Worchester had fallen.

The Church was helpless. In the end, all they could do was withdraw their troops and leave. They returned to the Imperial Capital and discussed the next step in their plan.

As for Benjamin, they landed on the shore in the southeast of the Kingdom of Helius after they had escaped from Worchester. The mages met with the battalion in a hidden valley. Thus, their plan of retreat had been extremely successful; everyone was very grateful that none of them had been lost. However, at that moment... they were also feeling slightly at a loss.

"What should we do next?"

Losing Worchester was like a house losing its foundation; they felt an emptiness in their hearts. Furthermore, it was very difficult to find another covert hiding place, no matter how big the kingdom was. If the Black Nightmare Army wanted to continue progressing, it was necessary for them to have a stronghold they could stay in over a long period of time.

Every location, from the Mountains of Magic Beasts to the underground tunnel, and then to Worchester, had been decided upon by Benjamin. Thus, everyone turned their eyes towards Benjamin.

Truth be told, Benjamin was actually rather hesitant as well.

He had already used up his 'reserve'; all the remaining places that could contain them were not secluded at all, and the Church would be able to find them in just a matter of days. Moreover, if they wished to attack and take over another city, it would be impossible to defend it with their current military power.

There was only one solution left...

"We go to the Town of Crewe," he said finally, taking a deep breath.

Although he did not know how strong the Wood army was, they had the ability to contend with the Church at least, judging by the mere fact that they had conquered the gateway. Their safety could be guaranteed by staying there. Furthermore, they were allies; Elizabeth had originally wanted to send reinforcements to help them. It was likely that she would not reject them, if the Black Nightmare Army wanted to camp at the Town of Crewe.

Whatever it was, depending on someone else was not a perfect option, but it was the only option available to them.

Everyone had differing opinions when they received the orders, but no one objected. Thus, the entire army began to shift. To prevent discovery by the Church, they were forced to keep walking on the rough and rugged mountain path. Because of that, their advancement towards the Crusader Gateway was rather slow.

As they underwent the process, the situation in the Kingdom of Helius slowly changed with the passing of time as well.

The Church began to contact its own powers. Many priests and Holy Knights that had been deployed were summoned back to the Imperial Capital; armaments and rations were also being moved back from various places. Some towns and cities far from them had even been abandoned by them, immediately plunging into a state of having no government. It was obvious that they were no longer able to control the entire kingdom, so they needed to give up some things and gather the forces they had left.

Because of that as well, the control of the Church increased in an unprecedented manner over the districts around the Imperial Capital. Even non-believers were forced to attend services everyday, otherwise they might even be considered as heretics. On top of that, it has also become even more difficult for the average person to leave that region.

The center of the country fell under a highly authoritarian rule. The control over the fringe regions, however, were abnormally loose. This was the strange phenomenon that had currently emerged in the Kingdom of Helius.

"All hail His Highness the Pope! Love live His Highness!"

Inside the palace, Grant sat on the high chair that had belonged to past kings; on his left were priests, and on the right were officers in chief. Everyone was lined up in order, being granted an audience with him everyday that always came with salutations. No matter how chaotic the outside world became, an appearance of a mix of religion and government under the eaves was already obvious.

"Have you discovered the movements of the Black Nightmare Army?" This question was always the first sentence that Grant started every meeting with.

"We're unclear about the location of the Black Nightmare Army, but over on the side of the Wood family, it seems that they're already discontented with the Town of Crewe..."

Grant shook his head, and interrupted the officer's report. "Go and search if you're unclear! Until you find them! You don't have to bother with the Wood family, they are a bunch of shifty clowns taking a bit of advantage by following others from behind. They won't be able to cause much trouble."

"Yes yes yes..." The officer nodded hurriedly. He dared not talk back against him.

In actual fact, the officers in the Imperial Capital had never had a good day ever since Grant had sat upon that chair.

Previously, he had rarely summoned officers to meet them. Even meetings had been limited to the inner circle of the Church. Now, however, everyone had to be present at every meeting. Furthermore, his attitude when dealing with the priests was still acceptable, but when facing the officers, that temperamental personality... simply caused every person to be on tenterhooks.

There had already been quite a few people who had been killed on the spot by Holy Light for saying the wrong things!

Remembering the scene back then, the officers hurriedly lowered their heads once more. They dared not lift their eyes up, not even in the slightest bit. All they could see was their own cold sweat gathering at the points of their noses, almost dripping and wetting the carpet beneath them.

"Your Highness, we've always been looking for the Black Nightmare Army, but at the same time... the Wood Army must not be underestimated as well." The officers no longer had the guts to say anything, so the bishop was forced to gather his courage and step forward, saying, "According to investigations, over a thousand mages have already gathered in the Town of Crewe by now. If time were to be dragged on a bit longer, there might be more."

Hearing that, Grant narrowed his eyes.

"Do you mean that we have to send our soldiers out and suppress the Wood family?"

The bishop nodded. Even the few officers standing on the side could not help but nod in agreement.

However, Grant continued to say, "Then, the Black Nightmare Army would have the opportunity to rebuild themselves?"

"This... Your Highness, you're worrying too much. Their strength has been greatly diminished, how could they recover so quickly?"

"Don't underestimate that man. He's been able to mess the Church up like this in barely any time." Grant stood up from his chair and swept his gaze around. "I know all of you are worried about the Wood army, but if that man doesn't exist, if we don't have to worry about the Black Nightmare Army hiding in the shadows, destroying the Wood army would actually just be a walk in the park. That man... That man is our only threat."


Upon hearing that, the bishop did not dare say anything else. However, he could strongly feel His Highness the Pope's obsession towards that devil becoming deeper as time dragged on.

They were all very powerful. In actual truth, Benjamin was a hurdle in their hearts as well. Only, they knew that it was impossible for them to get over it, so they had already given up and shifted their attention onto other problems.

Thus, it was yet another meeting with no progress. Towards the end, everyone gave long sighs of relief, thinking in their hearts that they could finally leave.

However, the cross on the bishop's chest suddenly lit up. After being momentarily stunned, he grabbed the cross and shut his eyes for a while, speaking agitatedly. "Your Highness! We've found the tracks of the Black Nightmare Army!"
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