When A Mage Revolts Chapter 917

Chapter 917: Desperate Measures

Chapter 917: Desperate Measures
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Finally Benjamin returned to the camp that had been newly set up by the Black Nightmare Army.

What they had to do now was to gain a firm foothold here no matter what, and do their best in restoring the power they had wielded before. Looking at the sparse soldiers in the huge camp, Benjamin also felt that it was necessary to slowly replenish the combat power they had been losing all this while.

"There will definitely be a lot of people coming to seek asylum here, with our reputation," Morris said in the tent where they discussed official matters. "The problem is on how much time we have to assimilate these people."

The other few people nodded as well.

"The Church must be extremely anxious now, they won't let us rest and recuperate our strength. We need combat power that we can form within a short period of time."

Time was money; Benjamin was well-versed with this principle. Based on their current financial condition, as well as with Elizabeth's permission, they could recruit a wave of soldiers without restraint in the Town of Crewe. However, huge numbers of recruits surging in would surely cause the discipline of the entire army to plummet. They would need to put in a lot of effort for the army to regain their combat abilities.

Indeed, it would not be a good idea for them to resort to rapid expansion.

Therefore, at the end of the discussion, Benjamin decided on some desperate measures.

"You guys should have already studied pretty much all the psychic books that we obtained from the island, yes?" He looked at the two siblings, asking with a grave expression. "Then... How much have you learnt about the technique of using psychic powers to control Magical Creatures?"

Hearing that, the two siblings looked at each other.

"It's not difficult to control Magical Creatures. It's just that, if we wish to direct large numbers of Magical Creatures to engage in battle, it'd exhaust extreme amounts of spiritual energy," the young lad answered. "Moreover, we need to first have Magical Creatures that can be directed. It's impossible for us to control them in the long term. Under non-combative conditions, there have to be specialized locations to lock those Magical Creatures up."

However, Benjamin nodded without hesitation, saying, "We will figure out solutions to these, and there will definitely be a sufficient supply of Energy Regeneration Tonics. All you have to guarantee is that those Magical Creatures will charge bravely and break through the enemy lines when the time comes."

"Not a problem with that."


Benjamin felt his spirits lifting.

Commanding Magical Creatures was actually more of a baseline than a trump card. In fact, this trick had already existed a long time ago, only that, the impression of Magical Creatures in the hearts of men was just too bad. Furthermore, there had been many examples in history where attempts to keep Magical Creatures had ended up disastrous. Because of that, Benjamin had never pulled this trick out, as he had been afraid that it would affect the image of mages and the Black Nightmare Army.

However, until today, they did not seem to have a better idea other than this.

He could still vaguely remember obtaining a technique to control "Magical Creatures" from a gang of pirates during the first time he had entered Icor. Human beings could cause ordinary beasts to be forcefully transformed into temporary Magical Beasts through some bloody procedures. However, the disadvantages were that these false Magical Creatures would look even more frightening than the real ones, and their lifespans were extremely short. A tedious training process would also be necessary, so this was definitely not a technique they could use.

Whatever it was... After the meeting had ended, they immediately commenced work.

Those dozen or so psychic spellcasters whom the Academy had been secretly nurturing, immediately followed the two siblings, and trained themselves in the technique to control Magical Creatures. Morris began to design cages that could contain the Magical Creatures. Some soldiers and mages went ahead to the Town of Crewe and prepared a small area to recruit some new blood in. As for Benjamin himself, he set off with a few dozen mages, flying towards the mountains that stretched over the borders.

Although the Church had cleared up this region of the mountains before, it had not been thoroughly scoured. Moreover, if Benjamin remembered correctly, this was the main habitat of Griffins.

"How many do we need to catch?"

After some thought, Benjamin said, "Five hundred. This is the maximum number that they can control."

Five hundred griffins. This would cause unimaginable destruction on the battlefield. Although their numbers were huge to this extent, the so-called "control" that the two siblings had talked about was merely to direct them to fly in a specific direction. However, as long as they could be directed to charge into the enemy camp and allowed to unleash their powers as they pleased, he expected that even the Church would find it very difficult to handle.

Of course... They had to first capture five hundred on this mountain first.

This was a heavy number that had also caused the mages who were following Benjamin to be slightly breathless. They wiped the sweat off their foreheads. Griffins were capable and powerful creatures that were used to appearing in flocks; the ordinary mage would not be able to cope with them. Because of that, all the mages that Benjamin had brought with him this time were mages who were masters of the water element.

He really did not wish to bring a bunch of fellows who were of attributes that were incompatible to his. When the time came, they might find that their hands were tied instead, unable to work freely.

"This mountain... has really become much more desolate."

They had not encountered even ordinary Magical Creatures during their journey, after flying for approximately an hour and more. Looking at the barren mountain cliffs, some of the mages that came from the Kingdom of Helius could not help but sigh as they spoke. Thinking back to the past, this region of the mountains filled with Magical Creatures had been their greatest obstacle when they had secretly snuck out from the kingdom.

Benjamin nodded, saying nothing.

Back then, the Church had begun clearing out the Magical Creatures of the entire mountain to intercept and hold him up, before installing blockades at the top of the mountain. It was obvious that he would not talk about these things out loud; he merely hoped that their targets had not been completely slaughtered by the Church.

After searching the mountains for about another two hours and more, they began to fly deeper in. Benjamin kept his water elemental sensing technique activated, and the System scanned all over the place as well. Finally, as they were passing by a tight and narrow chasm, the System suddenly yelled. "Wait! You guys, stop first, for a moment."

Benjamin raised an arm, signaling for the team to stop. He then asked in his heart, "What's up?"

"Inside this chasm... You could go and check it out first."

"Are there Magical Creatures in there?"

The System hesitated for a moment, before saying, "I'm unsure, but this place is very narrow, so the Church might have missed it out during the cleaning. Also, according to my probe as it passed through this narrow chasm, the terrain inside seems to be rather vast and open. There might be another cave within the belly of this mountain."

Hearing that, Benjamin nodded. He looked to the mages and pointed at the valley. They had been searching within the mountain for so long, and yet they had not seen even a single strand of fur. If they were to continue like this, they could only give up on this method and cross over the border into Icor to find their prey there.

The mages understood what he meant; runes lit up in their eyes. As the water elements accumulated, numerous swirls that looked like drills were quickly aimed at that chasm.

They would not be able to get in at all if they did not bore a hole through it.

The water swirls darted up and hit the rocky wall like a nail. Immediately, sparks flew everywhere, along with a sharp, piercing sound that caused everyone on the scene to frown. However, after just a short while, the originally narrow chasm was drilled opened by them, forming a tunnel that a few people could go through. Standing at the entrance of the tunnel, there seemed to be a soft breeze blowing from the other end.

Seeing that, everyone exchanged looks with one another and nodded.

Benjamin flew to the front, and the rest of them followed him from behind. With a whoosh, everyone flew into the tunnel. After approximately ten seconds, Benjamin flew out from the tunnel. Sunlight fell back onto his face. He felt an instantaneous sensation that was as though he had suddenly been enlightened.

However, in the next second, an ear-splitting screech of a bird rang out from above them.
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