When A Mage Revolts Chapter 931

Chapter 931: System Crash

Chapter 931: System Crash
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Watching as Elizabeth flew into the distance, Benjamin let out another sigh.

"Who talks like that? Not the slightest bit of emotional intelligence." The System suddenly emerged, talking in an arrogant and bossy manner. "You don't think about her feelings for a bit, not only were you unable to move her with your advice, even your relationship has been made even stiffer. That's really enough."

Benjamin replied snappily. "Oh, so you know how to talk really well, huh?"

"Of course."


Benjamin had nothing to say to that. All he wanted to do was tell the System to go away.

Whatever it was... He was not going to care anymore. Let their negotiations break down then. They had already decided on their battle plan. Early in the morning tomorrow, they would enter and attack Karl village, and completely annihilate the Church there. As for how they were going to govern the Kingdom of Helius, it was a matter to be dealt with after that, so he would wait until afterwards to contemplate it.

Benjamin flew down from the platform with such thoughts, going back to the camp of the Black Nightmare Army.

Due to the small number of soldiers, it was not really noisy nor crowded in the camp. However, there was an excitement that was difficult to contain on every face at the moment. Offensive battle drills, cleaning of weapons, feeding of the horses and griffins... Under a situation where they had to preserve their physical strength, everyone was thinking of ways to adjust themselves to be in their best condition, ready to receive the battle tomorrow.

Tomorrow, they shall completely rewrite the Kingdom of Helius.

Who knew what was going to happen?

On the road, as Benjamin walked over, the passersby bowed to him and greeted him along the way. He could only wave his hand to dismiss these formalities. Although he had been a leader for such a long time, it was still very difficult for him to be completely used to such things.

He quickly returned to his own tent.

"Hey, don't be lazy. Hurry up and meditate." The System suddenly emerged. It urged him as such, probably because it saw Benjamin back on his bed, lying there like a dead body.

Benjamin rolled around on his bed, stretching lazily as he said, "Only a day left, what would I be able to get out of the meditation? I've persevered for these past few years, you should let my brain have a day's rest."

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." The System had become serious rather unusually. "How can you neglect even just a day's worth of meditation? Perhaps it's this little bit of spiritual energy accumulation that completely rewrites the battle outcome tomorrow, would you be able to give a clear answer to that?"


Was it sick or something...
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