When A Mage Revolts Chapter 937

Chapter 937: Unconscious Grant

Chapter 937: Unconscious Grant
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Battle officially erupted in the periphery of the village the moment the great army charged into Karl village.

According to their investigations, there were approximately more than six thousand men in the hands of the Church; everyone who were afraid of dying had all run off, leaving only devout martyrs behind. Holy Knights dashed out from the houses and fought the soldiers of the Wood army. The remaining priests were quickly surrounded by mages and the Runic Combat Team, looking tiny and helpless.

Being able to suppress them with their great numbers, this was a battle they had an exceedingly high chance of victory. Otherwise, Elizabeth would not have sent her army out.

The only variable that could possibly appear was the Pope.

Because of that, Kubei activated his sensing technique once he had flown into the village, scanning for Grant's tracks everywhere. Miles had also taken advantage of the chaos and snuck into the village, ready to fight alongside him. This was the final battle; they had to be careful, because no one knew what trump card Grant might have. Even more so, they did not know if "Grant" would become even stronger if Abel's possession of the body was successful.

Only... both of them did not find any traces of Grant at first.

"Could it be that he's not even here at all?"

Some doubts rose up in Kubei's heart.

However, having taken into account Cain and Abel's so-called plan of atonement, he would definitely have brought Grant over here by leading him spiritually as they were going to commit suicide by slitting their throats on this mountain. It was very likely that the Church had used some sort of concealment trick to shield the water elements and hide Grant.

It would be best if he captured a few people for interrogation.

Casting his eyes down, he could see that all the fighting had already caused chaos in the village. The only district that had not yet been affected was the square in the middle of the village, right in front of the church. At the moment, it seemed that most of the villagers had gathered in the square. Included amongst them were even fanatical believers who had hurried over here from various places, as well as a few bishops that had not yet joined the battle.

The Wood army and the Black Nightmare Army had not yet brought their battle there. Some small mounds of earth that had been heaped up surrounded the square, forming the only shield that the people within could rely on.

Thus, Kubei flew over there without hesitation.

He flew at an extremely high speed, so in just a short while, he arrived at the airspace above the square, approximately ten meters high. Those few bishops immediately shrunk backwards, not daring to say a single word. However, some fanatical believers who obviously could not recognize him, ran straight to him as they brandished the white flags with crosses drawn on them, bursting into a series of curses.

"You... devil! Get out of here, devil! This is God's territory, we don't welcome you!"

"God in heaven is protecting us, if you dare do anything, you'll surely be punished!"

Kubei shook his head. The parts of his memories that involved the foolishness of the Church became fresh and alive once more. He did not wish to engage in nonsense with these people; thus, he blew into the middle of his half-clenched right fist, blowing out hundreds of densely packed bubbles. The bubbles expanded until they were the size of an adult, before drifting quickly towards those believers and finally enveloping them. Instantly, all noise was cut off.

The entire City Square immediately fell quiet.

Meanwhile, he turned his head to look at those few trembling bishops.

"Where is Grant?"

Although he could not have said those words in a calmer tone, the villagers who were seeking refuge and the bishops seemed to feel an indescribable oppression from them. They felt as though their lives hung on the end of a steel wire; it was possible that all it would take the other party was a flick of his finger to cause them to die in a state of ignorance and confusion.

"I, I won't tell you!" A bishop gathered up his courage and yelled.

Thus, Benjamin flicked his fingers; he turned into an ice sculpture.

His eyes were then set on another bishop.

"Where is he?"

This bishop was younger. Even though he was merely being looked at, his limbs began to shake uncontrollably. After a moment's hesitation, he pointed into the church, saying hesitantly, "In... In the church, in the innermost confessional to the left."

Hearing that, Kubei nodded. Ignoring the people on the square, he turned around and flew straight into the church. There was absolute quietness inside the church, which was void of people. Meanwhile, the great door of the confessional on the left, in the deepest area, had been shut tight. A cross had been hung on the door, emitting a strange energy that covered the entire room.

This should be what was blocking the water elemental sensing technique. Therefore, Grant would probably also be in this room. There should be no mistake about that.

At that moment, Kubei became more cautious once more.

He summoned an ice arrow and shot it from afar, shattering the cross into pieces, before using water vapor to slowly pull open the great door of the confessional.

Within the door, Grant laid on a simple and crude bed with both eyes shut tight, unmoving.

"It hasn't ended yet, surprisingly."

Seeing that, Kubei frowned. He could not be considered too surprised at this; without the sacrifice of the System, it would definitely have been very difficult for him to resist Cain when he tried to possess his body. So what about Grant? What tricks could he have to resist these ghosts that just would not die?

However... They had saved themselves the trouble of having to fight a great war, at least.

He took a deep breath and slowly walked into the confessional.

He barely took two steps. Grant's face was very close, so he could see that he was in an unusually peaceful, deep sleep. He was taking in deep breaths with a calm demeanor, like an infant that had just been born and had yet to be colored in by the world. All he did was sleep, ignoring everything else. Kubei did not immediately strike. At that very moment, he could not help but remember some extremely distant parts of his memories that involved Grant.

Such a long time ago that they had not even been enemies at the time.

Kubei felt... He felt nothing.

The person before his eyes was not related to him whatsoever, because he was not Benjamin.

It was time to end all the fighting. Thinking thus, he summoned an ice needle and aimed it at Grant's heart. Pointing forwards lightly with his finger, he sent it shooting out. However, with a few clinks... A series of automatically activated shields suddenly appeared on Grant's body. The ice needle pierced through the first few layers before it was finally stopped, unable to kill Grant off decisively.

Even this could happen...

Kubei shook his head helplessly, and formed another dozen or so ice needles successively. However, it was at this moment that a loud yell rang out from behind him.

"Watch out!"

He turned around, only to realize that, unbeknownst to him, Miles had entered the confessional, and had even defended him from behind. That was not all; Kubei could clearly see three thin needles stuck on Miles' shoulder, with a touch of green on them. With only one look, he could tell that they were poisonous!

Damn it...

Kubei was about to help Miles by treating him when he seemed to remember something, and immediately turned his head to look at Grant.

At the moment, Grant was lying on the bed, with his eyes wide open and shining. The degree of horror here was no less than that of a corpse whose eyes had just been closed, only to suddenly open by themselves once more. Also, a rune flashing with golden light had already been formed through condensation in his hand, and was rising up slowly. Then, suddenly, it shattered.

In that instant, Kubei did not have time to cast any spell at all.


All he could do within that short period of time was to pull up Miles, who was behind him, and push him in front of him, causing him to fall. Immediately after that, he could hear a muffled thud, as though something had hit Miles' body, as well as a curse that sounded something like, "I'll f*ck your mom".

Kubei did not care about it that much. He immediately retreated hastily, dragging Miles along, and withdrew from the confessional.

"...Doesn't your conscience hurt?"

Miles clutched his shoulder and turned his head, glaring at Kubei with an expression of anguish.

"It's alright. Aren't you immune to these injuries?" Kubei shrugged and said. "But... Thank you for saving me. What's up with these few needles? Are you alright? That looks like poison, on the needles, do you have any detoxifying medicine?"


Miles was so incensed that he was unable to say anything. He immediately pushed Kubei aside and ran off to the corner to treat his injuries.

Judging by the force with which he pushed him, Kubei felt that he should be alright.

Therefore, his eyes went back to Grant.
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