When A Mage Revolts Chapter 939

Chapter 939: Forbidden Spell

Chapter 939: Forbidden Spell
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Research on Forbidden Spells had always been one of the topics of interest at the Academy of Magic.

Magic had already entered into a new era after runic meditation had been universalized. Naturally, they began thinking about picking up on the things they had thrown away. However, the many and complicated details of Forbidden Spells had still created an extremely great deal of trouble for them. Due to the subtle control over the elements, it would be very difficult to finish casting the spell by relying on the powers of a single individual. On the other hand, having many people cast Union magic was a secret of the Church that would not be divulged. All this time, they had not been able to figure it out through research.

Because of that, although they had come up a way to cast magic by omitting incantations and directly utilizing runes, the actual difficulty still surpassed human limitations slightly.

However... In reality, Kubei had already surpassed the "limits of mankind" that existed in the eyes of most people.

Within the deep sea domain, the surging water elements seemed to have formed a swirl, rushing towards the triangular rune in the palm of Kubei's hand. He was currently casting the Forbidden Spell called 'Ice Prison Spell'. Although it could be considered one of the simpler Forbidden Spells, he still felt his spiritual energy burning up quickly. He had to be entirely focused on controlling the rune to be able to maintain its form.

He had never practiced casting Forbidden Spells before. However, the moment Grant had mentioned 'methods of a spellcaster in battle', this idea had instantly popped up in his mind.

He wanted to let the other party see what true magic really was.

Thus, recalling the research results at the Academy of Magic, Kubei first constructed the rune before shifting all the water elements he could shift, and drawing lines of fine and meticulous structures within the rune. It felt as though he was writing a complete program, where you had to enter rows of codes and coordinate countless of small and complex instructions... Until everything finally worked together, only then could they become a smoothly operational 'core'.

This process had immediately triggered changes in the sky; some ghostly shadows of ice pieces had appeared next to Kubei. Meanwhile, circles of ripples drifted to and fro outside the deep sea domain, as though they were not flying in the air but were submerged in water.

"...Heavens, is the Director casting a Forbidden Spell?"

Below them, some academy mages had immediately become aware of the signs. Looking at the half-transparent, blue swirl in the sky, they revealed astounded expressions.

Was it really possible... to cast this thing?

Even Grant had noticed that something was amiss, and had instinctively taken half a step back. After that, he came back to his senses and took a deep breath before hurriedly shooting out a few limited light silks with the intention of cutting off Kubei's spellcasting. However, the moment the light silks entered the deep sea domain, they were rolled into the entire water elemental swirl and were rendered useless.

At that moment, he truly realized just how frightening the things being prepared by Kubei were.

Nevertheless, what people had not expected was how Grant did not feel fear. Instead, he raised his chin; in an instant, that pair of blue eyes shone with a dazzling white light. Following that, light elements came to him and converged. His Pope's robes danced in the air, but there was no breeze; one by one, the strips of decorative patterns on the cloak lit up.

The sunlight shone directly upon his body, looking as though he was a god descending into the midst of mankind.

It was such a dazzling scene, flashing with light so much that it was difficult for the people below them to look at him directly. They were forced to shift their gaze away. However, those mages and the remaining few priests could sense the collision of those two gigantic spiritual energies in the sky. They knew what was about to happen.

"He... He actually dares to go against the might of God head-on? His Highness the Pope will let him know what cruelty means!"

"Can the Director really succeed in his spellcasting? It's merely something that had been come up with through theoretical research after all, no one has really put it into practice yet..."

"This is too terrible! Will they destroy the entire mountain?"

Everyone's hearts were already in their throats; even though the bright light stung their eyes, they still observed everything in the sky anxiously through the tiny slits of their fingers, having stretched their hands up as a cover. As time passed by, bit by bit, the two men chanted on for almost five minutes. Most of the people beneath them could not withstand it already; they could only lower their heads and close their eyes, feeling dizzy. Many almost fainted on the spot.

Nevertheless, it was at this moment that a few strongly determined priests yelled out.


The people perked up and raised their heads once more, to see the dazzling, bright light on Grant's body finally disappearing. He seemed to have completed his spellcasting, as his spiritual energy was no longer swelling heavily. Meanwhile, in the sky right above him, a great, holy gate had suddenly appeared, flashing with light.

The gate slowly opened, and a gigantic human figure with six wings on its back flew out, wielded a great sword in its hand. It was incomparably holy, like an archangel in oil paintings.

Seeing this scene, all the believers were immediately so excited that it was difficult for them to contain themselves; they knelt on the ground and bowed, paying homage towards the sky. On the other hand, the mages broke into cold sweat. They could not help but worry as they watched Kubei, who was still casting his spell.

"What on earth is he planning to do? Why isn't he attacking like he did just now?" Elizabeth's eyebrows were tightly knitted as she spoke in a perplexed manner.

Nevertheless... Whatever it was, no matter how the people below them discussed, they could not affect the situation of the battle above. In the sky, Grant had a sudden expression of solemnness after he had finished casting his spell. He opened his eyes and cast an expressionless glance at Kubei with pupils that were flashing with light.

He did not know what on earth the other party was chanting, but at the moment, he had taken the preemptive opportunity.

Perhaps, this was their final lifeline...

That was what Grant thought. Thus, the colossus shook and move its light wings, instantly arriving at the spot above Kubei under his directions.

Following that, the colossus held the sword with both hands and aimed the edge of the sword downwards at Kubei. A beam of light shot down from the layers of clouds and fell upon their bodies, like the archangel in oil paintings who was about to pierce through the devil with a sword and pin him upon the great land filled with fresh blood. Seeing this scene, the mages clenched their fists suddenly. Some of them had even prepared themselves to fly up and assist in the battle.

However, within the next second, they saw the water elemental swirls that had been surrounding Kubei's body disappear as well.

Everyone was stunned.

At that moment, a chill seemed to rise up from the depths of every soul. Everyone shivered at the same time, as a strange image appeared in their minds. It felt as though they were in a world of ice and snow. However, by the time they came back to their senses, the chill had disappeared. The square in front of their eyes... was still the same square. It was as though nothing had happened.

Thus, they lifted their heads.

The great, angelic colossus in the sky was no longer the same colossus.

It was like an oil painting had been directly upgraded to a sculpture. At the moment, a lifelike ice sculpture was floating in the air above Kubei. Strings of deep blue frozen ice chains had emerged in the air and surrounded it. It still maintained its posture of raising its great sword up high, but the posture was forever stuck in this moment.

Sunlight passed through its body, creating a rainbow-like halo through refraction.

Everyone was dumbfounded. This included Grant.

Grant was the nearest, so he could also see the most clearly. The moment Kubei had completed his spell casting, he had seen the triangular rune in his opponent's hand suddenly rise up. Two beams of tiny chains circled the runes, but they had been appearing and disappearing like a phantom. Immediately after that, a beam of invisible oscillation had been emitted from within the rune and swept through the body of the colossus. Thus, his great, angelic colossus was turned into an ice sculpture.

It was even more shocking and horrifying that he could sense that the gigantic statue was not frozen. Instead, the Holy Light inside had transformed completely into water elements, in the blink of an eye.

How on earth had this been done?


While Grant was still shocked and uncertain, Kubei finally opened his eyes slowly, having finished casting his spell.

"Interesting?" He smiled softly, opening his mouth to speak. "Didn't you say you wanted to battle by using spellcasters' methods? Alright. So are you satisfied with what you see now?"

Saying thus, the palms of his hands suddenly turned over, and both hands slowly pushed forwards in a straight line. Following his action, the triangular rune spun, surrounded by the phantom chains, as it drifted towards Grant.
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