White Robed Chief Chapter 763

Chapter 763 Seen Through

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Miss Ruolan stretched out her fair, dainty fingers and slowly pressed it on his right wrist. A light and intangible form of inner strength were imbued into his body. It swirled gracefully around his arm, tracing every corner and every inch of his muscles, bones and even pores. Then, it spread towards various parts of the body.

Gradually, she closed her pair of enchanting doe eyes. Her long eyelashes quivered ever so slightly.

Chu Li fixed his gaze on her eyelashes as if he was trying to study their length and count the number of lashes. He was very attentive and this made Zhou Xun shake his head helplessly.

Chu Li realized that he did not feel like he was acting at all, but he had actually transformed into Zhao Dahe. He brought Zhao Dahe’s ferocity and brazenness to life.

Through this transformation, he discovered the hidden brutality and fearlessness deep within himself. Those sensations had been suppressed by himself all this while. Today, he got the chance to release them.

Indeed, the Heavenly Demonic Power was an effective way to reveal one’s true nature!

Half a day went by and Miss Ruolan’s intangible force had finally gone through his whole body.

He thought the process was about to end, but Miss Ruolan did not show any sign of opening her eyes. Another gentle and ice-cold force seeped into his body and circulated his veins and arteries at a high speed. In the blink of an eye, this process of circulation took up a whole day.

Chu Li did not activate the Omniscient Mirror in case he gave himself away.

At that instance, a scorching force crept inside his body and it was unusually thick. It left a painful, burning sensation at the veins, arteries, and areas where it passed by. Fortunately, his body was tough and there were no sustained injuries.

Without warning, Miss Ruolan opened her eyes and stared at him anxiously. Her gaze was cold and hard.

Chu Li regarded her with a confused look.

Zhou Xun whispered, “Miss Ruolan?”

Miss Ruolan looked at Chu Li for a while with creased brows and then said emotionlessly, “You can head back first. Stay behind, Zhou Xun.”

Chu Li turned to regard Zhou Xun.

Zhou Xun replied hastily, “Go back first and wait for news.”

Chu Li looked at Miss Ruolan skeptically and left with big strides.

When he exited the room, he frowned.

He did not care about giving himself away and activated the Omniscient Mirror to read Miss Ruolan’s thoughts.

Chu Li did not expect Miss Ruolan to possess magical heart techniques. Like Xiao Qi and Lu Yurong, she could prevent the Omniscient Mirror from reading her mind.

A feeling of dread crept up on him. Miss Ruolan practiced mystical arts and she could not have failed to see through his disguise.

He must not underestimate the Holy Church of Light.

“Miss Ruolan, how’s his aptitude?” Zhou Xun asked urgently.

She stretched out her arm and gestured to him to sit down.

Zhou Xun had to withhold his excitement and sat down opposite her. He stared intently into her eyes. “His aptitude is rather fine, isn’t it?”

“Mm, it’s really good.” Miss Ruolan nodded gently.

At once, Zhou Xun smiled. He grinned with satisfaction. “I knew his aptitude was out-of-this-world. Two days ago, he killed Feng Changwen and he only relied upon physical strength. Not an ounce of inner strength was used!”

Miss Ruolan raised her eyebrows and remarked wanly, “Oh? Feng Changwen is dead?”

“Yes,” Zhou Xun replied. “Both of them were deadly enemies. I helped out a bit by revealing Feng Changwen’s tracks.”

“He was still murdered by an Acquired Master’s Boundary after cultivating the Scripture of Great Light. Serves him right.” Miss Ruolan gave a slight nod and mused. “Zhao Dahe’s aptitude is really one of a kind. If he could join the Holy Church, he might become a noteworthy Master!”

Zhou Xun’s smile became wider.

“Nonetheless, once you return, you must think of a way to kill him,” Miss Ruolan said wryly.

Zhou Xun was stunned and frowned. “Why?!”

“I saw the shadow of Sentient Menace within his body.” Miss Ruolan explained. “He has cultivated Sentient Menace, that’s why his body is so robust.”

“Impossible!” Zhou Xun said slowly, “He ate a red fruit during a fortuitous encounter, hence his phenomenal abilities!”

“Regardless,” Miss Ruolan replied coldly. “he has indeed cultivated Sentient Menace. He’s most likely from Tempest Temple.”

“No matter how well he cultivated Sentient Menace, he couldn’t have gained such phenomenal abilities in a few days’ time!” Zhou Xun spoke, “I’ve investigated his past. Before he fell off the cliff, he couldn’t withstand a blow; After a few days, he returned like a different person. No matter how powerful Sentient Menace is, it’s utterly impossible for one to achieve his state within a few days!”

Miss Ruolan commented, “Perhaps he really had a fortuitous encounter and consumed a red fruit, which accelerated his progress with Sentient Menace.”

“He’s a candid person and has a horrible temper, so he can’t possibly be an informant.” Zhou Xun shook his head. “Especially not a disciple of Tempest Temple!”

“Regarding those who cultivate Sentient Menace, it’s better to eliminate the wrong target than to let one go free,” Miss Ruolan said. “Zhou Xun if you can’t bring yourself to kill him, I’ll let Feng Xi do it. After being together for some time, it’s natural to see him as a friend. You don’t have to force yourself to do so in case you might end up letting him go!”

“No, Miss Ruolan, I shall do it myself!” Zhou Xun waved his arm and said in a low voice, “You don’t have to trouble someone else.”

Miss Ruolan nodded approvingly. “Good, I believe you can do it, Commander Zhou.”

“Wait for my good news, Miss Ruolan!” Zhou Xun declared.

Miss Ruolan advised, “What we’ve discussed today remains between us. If he gets wind of this and flees…”

“Don’t worry, Miss Ruolan!” Zhou Xun emphasized, his voice deep and gravelly. “I’m loyal to the Holy Church and I’ll definitely not let an informant of Tempest Temple go!”

“I’ll wait for your good news,” Miss Ruolan replied.

Zhou Xun got up and walked out with heavy steps.

He sighed for himself. This opportunity to rise up the ranks did not come easily for him. However, it turned out to be an illusion. When he thought of this, his disappointment turned into anger and a thirst for blood. This scoundrel who fooled him must die!

If Dahe was still alive, Zhou Xun’s loyalty would be questioned by Miss Ruolan. Assuming that happened, he could only remain as a commander of Three Wonders Clan for the rest of his life and it would be impossible for him to scale the ranks and rejoin the Holy Church. What was the point of living then!

Chu Li was waiting for him downstairs. When he saw Zhou Xun, he approached him immediately. “Commander, what’s the matter? I noticed something wrong with Miss Ruolan’s expression!”

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Xun asked wanly.

Chu Li enquired, “Who is she really?”

“You don’t need to know about this,” Zhou Xun replied. “Dahe, what happened during your fortuitous encounter?”

“What do you mean?” Chu Li feigned ignorance.

Zhou Xun scoffed. “You only ate a red fruit?”

Chu Li scratched his head. “Of course.”

“Let me tell you something. This is a grave matter which decides your fate!” Zhou Xun noticed his evasiveness and decided that Dahe was hiding something. Suddenly, a glimmer of hope ignited within Zhou Xun. “Tell me the truth!”

Chu Li scratched his head again. “I can’t tell you.”

“Cut the crap!” Zhou Xun uttered with a stern look.

Chu Li answered, “Actually when I fell off the cliff at that time, an old monk rescued me. If not, I would have been dead! … The old monk taught me a few moves. After practicing those moves, I ate a red fruit and I gained immense strength!”

“What sort of moves did he teach you?” Zhou Xun pressed on.

Chu Li spoke, “He didn’t say, but he simply told me not to tell anyone about this matter because this set of martial arts is too powerful. If anyone else knows about it, they’ll try to steal it and there won’t be peaceful days ahead.”

“Such obedience!” Zhou Xun snorted. “What about the old monk?”

Chu Li let out a sigh and shook his head. “The old monk is dead. After teaching me those moves and letting me consume the red fruit, he died.”

“Where was he buried?” Zhou Xun asked.

Chu Li replied, “He turned into a ray of light and vanished.”

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