Worlds Conquering Necromancer Book 1 Chapter 1

Volume 1: Amassing An Army Chapter 1 The Accident

In a sunny day, two girls were walking leisurely on the street.

"Amy, have you decided which university to apply to?" Kate asked.

"Not yet. We've got plenty of time for that. We just wrote the exams, why hurry?" Emily said.

"It's time to think about it already. I mean, you don't want to regret it in the future?"

Emily is an 1,7 meters high girl, with a long black hair, big black eyes, small nose, long legs and slim waist.

She grew up in a normal family, not too poor or rich. Being the only child in the family, she always dreamed about siblings. Also, she likes to read novels, manga and watch anime.

Kate is her childhood friend. They were always together since kindergarten. She has a more mature aura around her, having a voluptuous chest and back, blonde hair and an alluring figure.

After talking for some time, they stopped to wait for the traffic lights to change. There, Emily saw a child crying in the middle of the road.

" 'Sob-Sob', m-mummy, where are you!?"

'He's in danger, where are his parents at a time like this?!' Emily thought.

Seeing a sports car speeding wildly, she rushed to the child at full speed. She grabbed and pushed him to safety.


Suddenly, she felt flying in the air, accompanied by a soul-ripping cry from Kate. She felt pain all over her body.

She saw a teenager getting out of the car, rushing to her with a mobile phone in his hand. He started mumbling something, then started to panic with a pale face.

"Shit! What am I gonna do now!? I'm too young to go to jail!"

'This bastard, he's still thinking about himself in a situation like this.'

The child and Kate also approached her, both with tears on their faces. Kate took her phone and called for an ambulance, while shouting at Emily with an commanding and pleading tone.

"Don't you dare die here, Emy! We haven't done so much yet, please, don't leave me alone!?"

'Sorry Kate, but seems like I've got no say in this.'

"Big sis, s-sorry, 'Sob' it's all my fault.." said the child.

'You don't have to worry, lil boy. At fault is the bastard driving too fast and your uncaring parents.'

Her sight was darkening and, little by little, her consciousness was fading away too. She then watched all her life like in a cinema. Happy moments with her mum and dad, how together with Kate they ran from school to eat sweets, and her whole monotonous school life.

'Well, at least I haven't died for nothing. It's way better than being run over by a car or bus becouse of carelessness.'

She felt regret only about her personal life, becouse she still had no boyfriend. 'I hope I'll have one in my next life...' she thought.

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