Worlds Conquering Necromancer Book 1 Chapter 10

Volume 1: Amassing An Army Chapter 10 Preparations

Bob and Leyla went outside and got in position, then, at Emily's signal, the duel started.

Leyla got in a defensive stance with the sword in front of her ready to defend, while Bob rushed forward, attacking from above. Leyla successfully defended against Bob, and wanted to counterattack, but before she could she felt her hands go numb from the impact.

"What kind of power is this!? How can a skeleton be so strong and skillful? Aren't they supposed to be one of the lowest undead races?" asked Leyla.

She then took some steps back and entered her stance again. When Bob attacked this time she slightly parried it and aimed for his legs, but he just caught the sword with one of his bare hand and attacked with the other.

Leyla gave up on the sword, evaded to the right and tried to kick his head, but as a result her leg felt numb and she tripped and fell. Seeing the sword approaching, she closed her eyes and waited for her death. Just then, Emily's voice resonated through the air.

"Enough, you've barely passed. Come with me." said Emily, and went back towards the cave.

Leyla ran after her, but before she could say anything, Emily asked:

"Are the rest of the girls as strong as you?"

"No, master. There are some stronger and some weaker but they are already dead inside. Even though I got caught yesterday, I still got r.a.p.ed 3-4 times by those nasty bastards, while these girls were caught long ago. You can imagine what happened to them."

"Hmm... Then I'll use them to breed with the goblins. The faster I'll get an army the better. Do you know anything about how goblins breed?"

"Yes. Their gestation period is around a month, birthing usually 3-4 goblins. They can also breed with nearly all races, the child usually being a goblin, but sometimes the child is a halfling or of the other parent's race. The goblin child will reach a.d.u.l.thood in a week. Their main problem is the low chance of birthing females, so they have to **** other races to survive and make the tribe stronger."

"Huh, that's good. I'll have an army faster than I thought. Bob, move the rest of the girls and prepare to take in the rest of the army. Leyla, what do you know about dungeons?"

"They are considered places made by the god to train heroes. They are each inhabited by different monster races, some being easier or harder to conquer. Every dungeon has a core, and destroying it will destroy the dungeon. It is considered that powerful mages can control it to their will. Countries usually covet dungeons for their high number of monster materials and the possibility to train their warriors."

"Good, then it's decided. We'll go in when the rest get here."

They then talked about different monsters traits and abilities, about how they evolve once they get enough experience and about their further evolutions. They talked for nearly three hours, when Robell and Ramiya came in.

"Emily, we're here." said Ramiya.

"At last. This is Leyla, our new companion. Robell, get to know each other for now. Ramiya, come with me."

They got out of the room, walking towards the goblins location. "Listen here, Ramiya. I want to leave with you half of the army to defend this place and implement some ideas, while the rest will go with me into the dungeon."

"What do I have to do?"

"We've got here some goblins and other races females, some of them are pregnant already, and four goblin males. You just have to look after them so they will breed continously and have something to eat. Once goblins are born, you have to separate them from their parents and teach them political and social aspects, while the undead will train them. Do you think you'll be alright?"

"Don't worry, I'll do it. Where do you want to go?"

"In a dungeon from this cave. I don't know how long I'll be there, but I want to take Robell with me to train him, ok?"

"Of course, he's not a child anymore."

The next day, they made all the needed preparations for the dungeon raid and cave's defense. Emily also left some provisions in a cave's room where before were the goblin's armory and treasury. It was cold enough there for the provisions to not deteriorate or rot.

She decided to take Hulk's armored zombies squad, Kate's zombie runners, Gob's zombie spitters, Bob's skeleton swordsmen and Lance's skeleton spearmen. She also took Goldy so he can level up and help in some situations. The rest remained to defend the cave and goblins.

When they started do descend into the dungeon, Emily got a new system message.

[New Quest:

Control or destroy the dungeon core.

Reward: Depends on what you do with the core.]

"The core will be at the last floor, which means we have to conquer the whole dungeon. A lot of monsters are ahead of us, which also means my undead army will grow again. At this pace, Themo Kingdom will be mine in a couple of years. Hi-hihi, I'm going to be a queen!"

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