Worlds Conquering Necromancer Book 1 Chapter 11

Volume 1: Amassing An Army Chapter 11 The First Floor

The first floor of the dungeon had walls made of bricks covered by moss and fungi. It had a lot of rooms of different sizes connected to each other by short corridors. Some of those rooms had different traps in them, some had swarms of monsters and some even had treasures.

The first room had three corridors, to the left, right and forward.

"I sense something from all directions, the front being the most dangerous. Let's go to the right one first and see what happens." said Emily.

In the front of their formation were the armored zombies, while in the back were the spitters. They advanced slowly but steadily into the room, on alert in case they trigger a trap or get attacked by monsters.There, Emily sensed monsters nearby.

"Be ready to fight, we've got some company up ahead."

At the end of the room was a big group of around 100 goblins. In the middle of the group was a hobgoblin talking with the rest of them.

"We get out. There no future. Go after the others."

"But boss don't let us. He kill us if we go."

"No worry. We find a plan. We..."

Before the hobgoblin could finish, a wave of green acid fell on him and some goblins around. It started to melt their skin and make small noises accompanied by white smoke and the cry of those attacked. Next came one more round of acid concentrated mainly on the hobgoblin.

After that, the armored zombies came strengthening their muscles, followed from the back by the rest. While the armored tanked the damage, the rest of the army easily exterminated the monsters little by little. Robell and Leyla also participated, killing 2-3 enemies, while Emily leveled up twice.

"Master, all clear." said Kate.

"Good." She put all their corpses into her inventory and went to the next room.

That room had an isolated portion of the floor in it's middle surrounded by nothingness that contained a small golden chest. All that connected it with the rest of the room were three metal chains.

"Kate, get one runner to go and take whatever is in the chest, then get back."

Soon, a zombie runner was slowly going after the chest. When he opened it, he took a small dagger from within. Seeing it, Emily shouted "Put it in your mouth and come back."

The zombie did as he was said to and came back. On inspection, Emily found out the dagger wasn't that good. It was made from steel ornamented with silver and gold. She put it into her Inventory to sell in the future.

Next room also had some goblins. Even though they were more than in the group before, they were easily taken care of. In another room, they were suddenly assaulted by arrows, but the armored zombies took the hit themselves, so the army took no damage.

After continously visiting rooms and fighting, they reached the starting point, the room with 3 ways. They started with the right corridor, but came from the left one. Also, on the way there Emily leveled up two more times, and acquired some items.

She got a HP potion, a mana potion and even a XP potion, also she got a black book. When she asked the system what was that, she found it was a skill book. It gave her the "shadow binding" skill from the darkness magic.

"It seems it's time to face the boss. Considering our power, we should be fine. Get in formation and advance slowly."

When they passed the corridor, they saw the biggest room on that dungeon floor. It had two locked doors, some glowing stones on the walls, and in the distance was a goblin king with a crown on his head, surrounded by 6 hobgoblin and a lot of goblins.

The goblin king was bigger than even the hobgoblins. He was muscular, had a great sword on his back and was claded partially in iron armor. Also, one of the hobgoblins around him had red colored skin and a wooden staff in his hands.

"Guys, this battle will be the hardest we had until now. Goldy, do something with the kings armor. Spitters, take care of the hobgoblins first, especially the red one. The rest act as always. Robell and Leyla, take care."

Soon, they were detected and the enemy's first rain of arrows commenced. After that, seeing that it was ineffective against the undead 'tanks', the red goblin started murmuring something. Before the undead could reach them, three fireballs formed and attacked the armored zombies. One fireball missed, but the other two ignited their targets. The undead was at a disadvantage against fire to begin with, so the poor souls burned to ashes against the magical fire.

"F.u.c.k! Gob, aim and shoot that red bastard."

The spitters shot continously at the mage, finally succeeding in taking him down, even though he tried to protect himself using the other goblins as meatshields. Next, the forces finally met in a melee battle.

"Gob, take out the hobgoblins when they get near, leave the rest to us. Kate and Bob, both of you attack from the flanks. Lance, assist Hulk from the back. Exterminate all of them."

Goldy also started his incantation, destroying the armor of the goblin king and exposing his sturdy body. After that, he understood that he is losing the battle, and the king decided to enter the battlefield.

He was slightly faster than even the runners and stronger than the armored ones. Once he got to the frontlines, he instantly decapitated two swordsmen skeletons with one strike of his great sword.

"Goldy, do something with his sword. Bob, distract him a little. Gob, try and shoot him. The rest finish the goblins faster."

Bob was Emily's first undead, and he participated in nearly every battle, so he had a lot of attribute points he got from level ups. He could resist against those monstrous attacks. Also, Emily tried to lock the king down with "Shadow Binding".

Even though some of the acid stroke the king, he was nearly unfazed by it. His constitution was too high. While Bob was fighting, Goldy managed to bend the king's sword, making it unusable.

After some time, the rest managed to kill the goblins. All of their attention was now on the goblin king.

Three armored zombies tried to hold him down, while Bob and Lance attacked his vitals. After 3-4 rounds of attacks, the last enemy finally died. After inspecting his corpse, Emily found a pair of keys.

"Time to see what we fought for."

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