Worlds Conquering Necromancer Book 1 Chapter 13

Volume 1: Amassing An Army Chapter 13 Second Floor

Robell and Leyla were shocked for this entire period.

"Since when can skeletons transform into vampires?" asked Leyla, bewildered.

"How do I know? Miss Leyla, you're from the army."

Emily approached a dead kobold and bit his neck, penetrating his scales and sucking his blood a little.

"Whoa, tasty..."

She then sucked him dry and tried to resurrect after. This time, she got a new race choice, lesser vampire, just that it was greyed out.

"System, why is it greyed out?"

[It's greyed out because a condition isn't met. In this case, the corpse has too little blood.]

"Then let's try another one."

This time she could choose the lesser vampire race, and made her first vampire undead. She also got the "Lesser Vampire's Friend" title and an achievement for first lesser vampire made.

"It took me 50 mana just becouse of its race, and it takes more mana to give him unused attribute points, but it's worth it. An alive kobold's stats are usually around 7-8, but now, becouse of its vampiric race his stats had risen to 24-25. He also have the same vampiric skills that I got. Now it's time to choose him a class."

[Choose undead class/ type:

>Blood Warrior

>Blood Beast

>Blood Mage

>Succubus ]

[Blood warriors are killing machines proficient with every weapon, and even though they usually wear heavy armor they aren't that affected by its weight. Blood beasts have an more animalistic appearance, growing a pair of bat-like wings and big claws and jaws.]

[All vampires are more or less able to use blood magic, and they are more proficient than other blood magic practitioners. Those with high mana can also use death and darkness magic. Succubus are more proficient in mind controlling abilities, and are usually considered creatures of rare beauty between the race they had before turning.]

"Awesome! Vampires will make the elite forces in my army. I'll have a spy squad, flying units squad, specialized melee combat squad and a powerful blood magic squad. We're gonna be unstoppable! Muhaha!"

"Leyla, don't you think she's crazy?" asked Robell, looking at Emily laughing.

"Watch your tongue, boy, she is our savior. Plus to this, she takes care of us, protecting and trying to make us stronger. She'd become a good ruler in the future..."

Emily chose kobold vampire's class as a blood warrior and the usual black fog* surrounded him. He got blood red armor and the ability to create sturdy and sharp weapons from blood.

"Your name will be Drago. Make yourself whatever weapon you like."

"Yes, master."

Drago then went and made himself a pair of short swords from one of his previous brothers blood.

"In the future, we can even sell weapons and armor made this way. They are way harder and sharper than steel and iron."

Emily then made two more vampires spending again 100 mana points for each, choosing the blood beast and succubus classes.

She grew wings herself and flew in the air.

"Yeey, I'm flying!!! Thats every human's dream! From here I'll be able to better assign the roles for the army and even assist them. I can't wait to test this out..."

She got back down, took care of the other kobold corpses and went to the next room. It was another room with a chest in the middle, surrounded by traps.

Bat, the new blood beast vampire, easily passed over the traps and reached the chest. He took from within an orange skill book and came back the same way.

"Good, that's a fire skill, "Fire Ball". The more skills I have, the more useful I'll be in a battle. Hmm... System, is it possible to use my undead's skills?"

[Yes, but for this you have to learn them first. You can learn them by practicing.]

"Good, Good, Good. Looks like I'll have to train more from now on..."

Next room was also full of monsters, just that that time there were two high kobolds. They were bigger, stronger, and more intelligent than the usual kobolds. They also had better armor and weapons.

When the group of undead attacked, they reacted pretty fast, organizing the troops in a defensive formation and trying to counterattack. They still got eliminated becouse of Emily's strategies and her army's power.

The blood warrior has shown his overwhelming strength in that battle. He killed left and right and replenished his health with the slayed enemy's blood. He could fight infinitely.

It took them around three days to clear all the floor with the exception of the boss room. That floor was bigger than the previous one, so Emily reached level 8 by fighting constantly with kobolds. She also got some skill books and treasures.

"Woah! I nearly reached my level before the evolution. If this goes on, I'll soon evolve again. Also, some of my guys finally evolved too. Bob, Dylan and Robin evolved from a skeleton to a black skeleton and Kate from a zombie runner to a sprinter. We're gonna stay here for some time, I want to learn my mages' skills."

They camped at the boss door for a week. Emily succeeded in learning some skills, but still had a long way to go.

"Let's give it a try. We've stayed here long enough."

They once again entered in formation, ready to fight. What met them was a horde of 2000 kobolds, 100 high kobolds and one king and queen kobold.

The king was around 3 meters tall, with bulky muscles, hard scales, sharp teeth and claws and a dragon-like head. The queen was around 2 meters, but she still looked ferocious. She was protecting the eggs behind her, together with other female kobolds.

"The same strategy, guys. Leave 10 alive and kill the rest. Get in position!"

She flew in the air and started to give commands. First attacked Robin, aiming for the high kobolds. When the kobold army was meters away from the undead, the mages took action. They used different difficult spells on the left and right side, leaving only a small path for the numerous enemies to advance. At that location was waiting Hulk and his boys.

All this while the archers never stopped firing, reaping more and more lives. The battle continued for half an hour and everything seemed alright, taking down half of the enemy's forces, but mages' mana was nearly exhausted.

Suddenly, the now less than 100 high kobolds came to the front holding some strange balls in hand. They started to run, and, using their inertia, threw those balls in the enemy's ranks.

Once those balls touched an undead or the floor, they would explode and tear to pieces anything near enough. After the first wave of those balls, soon came the second.

"Oh, God! Those are frickin grenades!? Are those monsters really that intelligent?"

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