Worlds Conquering Necromancer Book 1 Chapter 9

Volume 1: Amassing An Army Chapter 9 Goblins' Cave

After going south for an hour, they reached a big cave. There, Emily sensed something inside. At its entrance 8 goblins were staying guard.

"Robin, I want them silenced, but do it without making noise. We don't know what's in that cave, so better play safe." said Emily.

"Yes, master." Robin organized his squad so every 4 guys will aim at a goblin, but before he could order them to fire, something came out from the cave.

"Get down, wait until he's gone. System, what's that?"

[It's a hobgoblin, the next evolution of a goblin. They are higher, faster, more powerful and intelligent than goblins. Usually, they have skin a little more grayish compared to the green of the goblins. Some variants have different colours of skin. They are usually the tribe leaders.]

"Ok, then let's try and take a look." said Emily before using "Discerning Eye" on the hobgoblin.

[Name: Unknown

Race: Hobgoblin

Titles: "Tribe Leader"

Level: 12

XP: 40%

Health: 88/88

Mana: 30/30

Strength: 17

Agility: 19

Dexterity: 19

Constitution: 16

Intelligence: 15

Items: Iron sword, fur clothes

Active Skills: "Call Allies", "Rage"

Passive Skills: "Intuition"]

"Robin, 3 archers on 1 goblin, the rest attack the hobgoblin. Kate and Bob, be ready to rush forward after they shoot."

They took aim and shoot at Robin's orders. The 8 goblins got killed instantly by the arrows, but the hobgoblin only got his shoulder and leg injured while trying to evade. Falling to the ground, he let out an agonizing scream, and in response to it came other screams from the cave.

"Get him alive, I want to try something." said Emily, also running forward.

They reached the leader and took him as a prisoner, then gave him to Emily.

"You! Foul undead! Why attack us? We never attack you. We attack humans." said the hobgoblin to her surprise.

"Never thought you could speak, greeny. It makes things easier. Tell your guys to put their weapons down, we'll not kill you if you cooperate."

"You want to trick us, bones? Why should we believe you?"

"Becouse you have no choice. Faster now, or I can get too impatient..." said Emily, pressing her blade on his throat.

"We undestand, we agree!" he said slightly scared. "Drop weapons, guys. There a misunderstanding."

Hearing him, the goblins coming out of the cave looked at each other in a daze. They then threw their knives, swords, clubs and bows on the ground and approached their leader.

"Easy now, we want no harm. Tell me about all the forest monsters' territories you know, goblins included."

"Why you want this?" he asked, stupefied.

"We don't want to fight, so we'll go around their territories. You better tell me the truth, or you'll pay with your life."

"We help bones, no problem. Northeast are Jagga's tribe and northwest are Golak's tribe, they goblins. East and southeast are spiders nests. South and southwest are kobolds tribes and west are orcs. Far west, are green dragon territory. Dragon dangerous, dragon mighty. Far, far west are delicious elves and far East are crafty humans. This all we know..."

'They are easier to fool than I thought' thought Emily.

"Ah, also, there dungeons. One there far the cave, one west." said the hobgoblin.

"Dungeons?" asked Emily taken by surprise.

"Yes, we come from dungeon of the cave. Too much goblins in dungeon, we run to make tribe here."

"Ok then, that's all I need. Kill them! Leave alive the females, children and 4 males." she ordered, as she cut the pitiful hobgoblin's neck.

The first volley of arrows killed near half of the 40 goblins. After that, Kate and her squad rushed forth, with Bob's squad running behind them. The zombies started a massacre with their powerful claws and speed. When the swordsmen came, near half of them remained. Being taken by surprise and not having any weapons at all made from the goblins an easy prey.

The undead knocked out 4 of them and killed the rest, then went further into the cave. There, they found out that the cave was much larger than it looked like from the outside. It was a short tunnel with some large rooms attached to it.

In one room they found all the female goblins, around 30, the majority of them being pregnant. In another room they found females of other races, like elves and humans, around 10 of them, all chained and with lifeless eyes. Third room was used as a treasury where the goblins held some armor and weapons from their prey, different gold and silver coins and jewelries. In the fourth room were stairs going downwards.

"I can use the females as a hatchery and make a goblin army. Even though they aren't that strong, they are pretty dangerous in big numbers. Also, when they die I can just resurrect them and further expand my undead army. We don't need supplies because we are undead, so we better use them this way. "

"Next would be teaching and brainwashing them, making them worship me and listen to my orders. For first generations I'll have to separate them from their parents. I don't want the children to get influenced by them."

"Next they will have an army like training until and after they are able to fight. Their instructors on battle related training will be my undead, for their social and political education will be responsible Ramiya and me. Now, it's time to implement everything..."

"Kate, send 3 guys to get everyone from the graveyard here. Bob, get the other races girls in a room with the goblins ones, and get the 4 males there with them. Before that, let me speak with them."

"Yes, master" said the undead subordinates.

Emily then went and put all the weapons, armor, jewelries and money into her Inventory, then went to speak with the females.

From all the females, one was a little bit livelier than the others. It was a human girl around 20 years old. Emily chose to talk with her first.

"Hello, my name is Emily. What's your name?"

"Hel-lo, m-master. My name is L-Leyla. I was a soldier before I got caught by goblins. Th-Thank you..."

"No need to thank me, I haven't decided what to do with you yet. What can you do for me?"

"I can fight, that's all I can... " she said with a sad look.

Emily took a sword from her inventory, destroyed the chains, and gave it to Leyla. "This is Bob, show me what you've got. If you can't, you'll be used as a plaything for goblins."

Hearing this, the girl started to tremble. She thought: 'How can I win in my exhausted state?! This girl is a devil, but I have no choice...'

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