Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 155

Chapter 155 Mr Gu Mo'er Has Been Taken Away

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“What? Had you even met Fu Qinglun before?”

“No, I’d never seen him before in my life.” Lin Shiyu replied in a serious tone. “At that point of time it shocked me when he said he wanted to marry me. I didn’t want to deal with them, so I told him that I didn’t need his compensation and would give him ‘Legend’. After that, I just left. But, that lunatic followed after me and said something really strange about how we were playing a game of cat and mouse. He said since he’d offered me the status of Mrs Fu, it was mine for the taking. He left after so I didn’t really get a chance to respond.”


Tang Mo’er could imagine Fu Qinglun’s arrogant demeanor. Afterall, any woman who held the status of Mrs Fu would be overwhelmed with bliss. However, it was a pity it was Lin Shiyu who had somehow gotten the status of Mrs Fu.

What others would deem as a dream come true was definitely a shock for Lin Shiyu.

Tang Mo’er’s eyelashes fluttered and said in a rather gossipy tone, “Shiyu, I could tell there’s a story behind the song, ‘Legend’. Be honest with me, did someone write a letter to you before?”


Lin Shiyu’s beautiful face blossomed with a faintly radiant glow. A nostalgic feeling trickled into her mind as she recalled a box full of letters, locked in a small box.

When she was 15 years old, she attended the first-class university, T University. That year, she received a handwritten letter.

There were many guys who liked her. They sent flowers, chocolates and luxurious gifts, yet no one had ever written to her.

It was not a love letter, but rather, a declaration of war. There was a set of test questions inside and the anonymous person had challenged her to answer.

After answering the questions, she posted the letter in response. There was a reply from him in no time at all. In the reply letter lay the man’s answer. His answer was more clear and concise than hers. She was intrigued.

Over three years, the two continued to write letters to each other, until she was forced to marry into the Fu family. She only stopped writing letters to him on the day she lost her virginity to Fu Qinglun.

He had said his name was Zi Jun.

For the first time in a long time, Tang Mo’er saw Lin Shiyu’s face shining with true emotion. Just who was it who could capture the heart of god’s favored girl?

Tang Mo’er wanted to probe further, however a melodious ringtone sounded from a mobile. It was Tang Mo’er’s phone.


No one knew what the person on the other end of the phone had said, but when Tang Mo’er hung up the phone, she was frantic. Standing up immediately, she grabbed onto Lin Shiyu’s hands in desperation, her eyes anxious and worried. “Shiyu, what should I do? My grandma has slipped and fallen at home and she’s in the hospital. I need to visit her!”

“Mo’er, your grandma is in the countryside right now. Don’t panic. Let Qi Xi prepare the private vehicle for you first.”

Tang Mo’er had been raised by her grandma ever since she was young. When she had no one, her grandma was the only one who had showered her with love and warmth. She was her only family and the one Tang Mo’er treasured more than anyone and anything.

The private vehicle that Qi Xi had arranged, arrived at the gate of the holiday villa soon after. Tang Mo’er hurriedly got onto the car and rolled down the window to talk to Lin Shiyu, her face still full of concern. “Shiyu, I’ll leave you in charge of everything here. Keep in touch.”


The car sped away quickly.

Lin Shiyu sent the car off and turned back, only to see Qi Xi hurrying over. “Shiyu, where’s Mo’er? The private vehicle will arrive soon.”

Lin Shiyu’s heart sank and a feeling dread settled in the pit of her stomach. Something was amiss. “Mo’er just took the car and left.”


“Quickly call 110 and report this case!”

Qi Xi took out her mobile phone hurriedly and punched in the numbers. At this moment, Lin Shiyu saw two figures from the corner of her eye. It was Gu Mohan. He was holding a document and speaking quietly to Yan Dong.

Lin Shiyu called out to him. “President Gu.”

Gu Mohan stopped in his tracks and glanced up.

“President Gu, I have bad news. Mo’er has been taken away.”

Gu Mohan’s face turned dark and his eyes flashed in danger as he gave her a sharp look. “What happened?”

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