Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 156

Chapter 156

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Lin Shiyu racked her brains to try to recall as much information as she could. “The car plate number was XXX. The driver took a glance at me, he seemed to be wearing a mask. I didn’t think of it then, but I suspect it’s Han Dong, Mo’er’s stepfather.”

The moment she voiced her thoughts, Gu Mohan frowned deeper, his eyebrows showing more than a trace of unease. He knew the upper class society better than anyone else. “At what age did she start to attract more unsavory attention than normal?”

In the private vehicle.

Tang Mo’er fidgeted on the back seat of the vehicle, distraught and uncomfortable. At the thought of her grandma being injured, she really wished she could fly to her side straight away.

Staring outside the window, she frowned when she noticed they were not on the road leading back towards her hometown.What?Her heart thumped wildly as she sensed something was wrong.

She whipped out her phone to make a call.

Her mind was in a frenzy as she searched for Gu Mohan’s number. Whenever she was in danger, she could only think of him.

All of a sudden, the car braked sharply and skidded to a stop, jolting her so much she nearly dropped her phone. Without warning, the cell phone in her hands was snatched away.

Tang Mo’er glanced up. The driver removed his mask and cap. It was Han Dong.

Han Dong glanced at the cell phone, only to see Gu Mohan’s contact number, under the name ‘Mr Gu’. With a sinister smile, he held down on the power to switch it off, before pinching Mo’er’s small face. Letting out a nasty chuckle, he leered at her. “Looks like it’s true that you’ve hooked up with the Capital’s wealthiest and most successful businessman. You’ve had a pretty face ever since you were young, I knew you’d grow up to be beautiful, and I was right. Just like I’m certain there are many men out there who want to sleep with you. Since you’ll be sleeping with those men anyway, why not let me sleep with you? I’ll keep you as my woman and make you my mistress. Haha.”

Tang Mo’er felt so disgusted by his words she wanted to vomit. She broke free from his dirty hands forcefully, “Han Dong, you’re a disgusting pervert. You didn’t succeed all those years ago and there’s no way you’ll succeed now. You’d better let me go, abdication is illegal. My father and Gu Mohan won’t let you off!”

“Hahaha, little Mo’er, you’re so naive. I’ve already abducted you, why would I let you go?” Han Dong looked obsessively at Tang Mo’er beautiful little face, his eyes filled with a wild lust as his gaze raked down her body in a crude manner. “I’ve been bewitched by you for so many years, this time, I’ll play you, hard.”

“Get lost!” Tang Mo’er stretched out her leg and kicked Han Dong.

However, Han Dong grabbed her feet and his fingers caressed her calf muscles in a revolting manner. Leaning over, he mashed his lips over her as she tried to turn away from him.

Tang Mo’er had goosebumps all over and she felt the bile in her throat. She wanted to throw up. This disgusting pervert, piece of trash.

At this moment, the sound of a police siren reverberated through the air. All the cars on the highway had come to a stop

“Have y’all heard that the police have started to seal the roads? All the roads in Karghalik are sealed today.”


“I heard Beauty Tang has disappeared. President Gu had caused an upheaval in Karghalik, searching for Beauty Tang.”

“Isn’t it ridiculous how he puts the city to a halt, just to find a person? Gu Mohan is showing his affection publicly once again.”

Tang Mo’er’s eyes lit up. Gu Mohan had come to find her.

He would definitely find her.

At this moment, the rear door opened. Han Dong used a damp cloth to cover Tang Mo’er’s face and dragged her on the seat. “Don’t expect Gu Mohan to save you. I’m going to f**k you now, hard and slow, just like I should have done many years ago. By the time he finds you, it’ll be too late. You’ll just be a pair of used and broken shoes. Do you think Gu Mohan would still want a promiscuous woman like you, who has been raped by her stepfather?”

Tang Mo’er struggled hard. However, there was drugged powder on the cloth. In her desperation to get away from him, drug fed up her nose when she breathed and almost immediately, she could feel her body weakening.

No!Trying as hard as she could, she struggled to kick him off, but he was too strong, and she was too weak. Unwillingly, she succumbed to the darkness.

Han Dong carried her out and walked into the forest below the highway. Spotting a cave, he hurried in. The moment he was inside, he placed Tang Mo’er on the ground, the anticipation was killing him. He could not wait to take off her dress and his lips curled in desire.

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