Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 157

Chapter 157 I Haven't Touched Her Yet Who Are You To Have My Woman To Yourself?

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“Get lost, don’t touch me with your filthy hands!” Tang Mo’er spat as she was placed on the floor. The movement had woken her, though she was still too weak to move. All she could do was to look at this man with scorn and loathing on her face.

Han Dong’s eyes were blood red with lust. Tang Mo’er had been a beauty even at a young age. Back then, she already had the flawless skin and kissable lips, accompanied with a petite body, that made her a stunner. Even at a young age, she was simply irresistible.

They had lived together in the same house for a period of time, Tang Mo’er addressed him as Uncle in her timid little voice. Her breathless voice was even more enchanting than any of his secretary’s, when the woman moaned beneath him in bed. It was like a taboo that excited him every moment, his blood pumped furiously whenever Mo’er called him.

Over time, malicious intentions towards Tang Mo’er grew unconsciously. On one occasion when he was drunk, he pulled Tang Mo’er on his lap, feeling her warmth down below filled him with desire and triggered his arousal. What he didn’t expect was her high vigilance. She bit him forcefully and bolted upstairs, locking herself inside the room. Kicking at the door, he couldn’t get inside and eventually gave up. But it didn’t stop him from trying, time and time again. Pretty little Mo’er was like a forbidden fruit and it only made him want her more and more.

Soon enough, she was sent back to the Tang family and he didn’t have the chance to lay his hands on her.

However, over the years, he had never stopped paying attention to her. If someone was to look closer at his cell phone, they would find it was filled with photographs from her pictorials. As she had grown up, her beauty had only grown with her, she was more stunning than he had ever imagined.

Today, he finally had the chance to fulfill his desires.

“Tang Mo’er, I’ve already f**ked your mom and now it’s your turn. Your mom was a frivolous person, to think she had an affair with me while she was still married to Tang Hai. I still remember how she claimed that Tang Hai was just like a piece of wood in bed, of course he wasn’t able to satisfy her. Haha, you’re probably as slutty as your mother, I know you’ve f**ked Su Zhe and Gu Mohan. Now you’ll be f**ked by me.”

Han Dong’s hands gripped onto Tang Mo’er’s collar, he had ached to see her chest for the longest time, he needed to touch it, to hold it in his hands.

However, Tang Mo’er resisted against him strongly, holding onto her collar tightly. She would never let him have his way with her. “Get lost, bastard!”

“Little b*tch!” Lifting his hand, he gave Tang Mo’er a tight slap on her face, her head whipped to the side from the force.

Tang Mo’er was bleeding from the corner of her mouth and found her head spinning, with dots of white piercing through her vision. Even after she blinked a few times, her sight still didn’t recover.

“Little Mo’er, be obedient. Daddy couldn’t bear to hit you, but you were being bad. Daddy will dote on you well.”

A red handprint appeared on Tang Mo’er’s beautiful cheek, she didn’t have the energy to retaliate as she was still feeling the aftereffects of the drug Han Dong had given her and his hard slap. All she could do was glare at Han Dong with hatred as she exclaimed, “Scum! Bastard!”

Ignoring her struggles and words of abuse, Han Dong lifted up Tang Mo’er’s skirt slowly, as though he was unraveling a hidden treasure, before he started to rip open her clothes.

Anyone would have broken down, regardless of their ability to stay calm. Tang Mo’er felt his dirty hands running over her body, assaulting her as she lay there, useless and powerless. All she could do was scream at the top of her lungs”Ahh!!”

In the next moment, her clothes were ripped open, exposing her flawless body in all its beauty. The rays of light littering into the cave only made her more enticing.

Han Dong speedily unfastened his belt, he pressed himself against Tang Mo’er and groaned in desperate need. “Little Mo’er, I’m finally having you to myself, do you know how much Daddy loves you?”

Sparkling tears were dripping from her eyes as Tang Mo’er cried helplessly, “Gu Mohan, Gu Mohan.”

Gu Mohan, when are you arriving?

Are you not coming?

There was a sudden gust of cold air, a long pair of legs appeared and directly kicked Han Dong to the ground, a deep voice echoing through the darkness, “I haven’t even touched her yet, who are you to have my woman to yourself?”

Gu Mohan had arrived. Clad in a thin black coat, he emitted an icy aura that looked as though he could freeze the fiery pits of Hell. His handsome facial features were tense and fierce. With his dark expression, he was like the king of the underworld, here to wreck havoc on the world.

He’s finally here

Tang Mo’er looked at the man who stood tall in front of her, it was as if he was sent by god and coming to her rescue. Letting out a choked breath, she couldn’t stop the sobs from escaping and began to cry uncontrollably.

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