Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Stop Crying Hm?

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Gu Mohan got down on one knee and removed his coat to cover her delicate body. With one hand, he held onto her tiny face and caressed it. She was as pitiful as she could get.

Sparkling tears were all over her face, her nose and eyes were red and even the palm print on her face was an angry mottled flush. Looking at him pitifully, she burst into a new round of sobs, she must have done it on purpose to break his heart even more.

Gu Mohan held on to her narrow waist and kissed her quivering lips, he said, “Don’t cry anymore, hm? Your crying is going to break my heart into a million pieces.”

When he felt her body, it was shivering like a leaf and she hurriedly got into his black coat. It was still warm from his body temperature and it smelled just like his clean, masculine body scent. It smelled safe and in that moment, she felt safe and protected again. Tang Mo’er stretched out her two slender fingers and held onto his shirt and lamented, “Gu Mohan, I didn’t stop calling for you… your name, why are you only here now? I’m… I’m so scared, hug me.”

Gu Mohan held her tightly in his arms and leaned forward to kiss her red lips.

Tang Mo’er held on to his strong waist and allowed him to push his tongue further into her mouth and they kissed with a passion that made her throb, warming her trembling heart.

He couldn’t stop exploring her mouth with his tongue but he exercised just enough self-control and kissed her for a bit longer, before loosening his hold on her. Her cherry like lips were glistening after their heated kiss as she pouted. “I asked you for a hug, not a kiss.”

“But I could see from your eyes that you wanted me to kiss you.”


Shameless! He was the one who wanted a kiss, how could he accuse of her of wanting a kiss instead!

“President, how should we deal with this man?” A bodyguard asked.

“President Gu, please spare my life, please spare my life, it’s her, it’s Tang Mo’er who seduced me. She took off her clothes willingly and asked me to have sex with her, it’s all her fault, not mine. I’ve been framed.”

Han Dong knelt on the ground, smashing his head to the ground and he couldn’t stop kowtowing to Gu Mohan. However, Gu Mohan disregarded his actions and gave him a kick so strong that Han Dong collapsed to the ground and vomited a mouthful of blood.

This man was a devil, he didn’t dare to provoke him and so he pushed the blame onto Tang Mo’er.

Han Dong’s disgusting actions had reached a new level. Tang Mo’er wanted to speak, but she heard Gu Mohan laughing. “You’re claiming that I’m too boring for her and she has turned to you instead? Are you… showing off in front of me?”

Han Dong was stunned, his mouth fell open and closed again like a gaping goldfish, when he realized what his words may have insinuated.

Gu Mohan’s cold gaze landed on Han Dong. Trash. “You don’t seem to have anything worthy of showing off, how did you even get Qin Yawen to fall head over heels for you?”

After she heard Qin Yawen’s name, Tang Mo’er seemed to think of something and turned to look at Han Dong.

But a large palm suddenly appeared and pushed the back of her head into his arms, as he placated her, “Be obedient, don’t look at him. Wait till I settle everything with this disgusting man, then I’ll remove my pants and show you everything of mine in the car.”


The corner of Gu Mohan’s lips formed an elegant arc, however, his eyes were visibly filled with anger. “I never planned to take away your undeserving life, however, you’ve provoked me by showing off unnecessarily. Why not incapacitate you, since it’s such an eyesore.”

Han Dong gasped, he looked at the man standing before him fearfully. “P-President Gu… don’t, don’t…!”

A bodyguard moved forward and placed one foot between Han Dong’s crotch, he subsequently stepped on it forcefully.

“Ah!!” Han Dong shrieked miserably, the cave was filled with the stench of fresh blood.

Grasping onto his crotch, he rolled on the ground while suffering in pain, before he fainted.

Gu Mohan was still as calm as ever, he didn’t move an inch and protected the woman in his arms from taking even a sniff of the blood. He spoke in an indifferent tone, “Throw this disgusting man into the police station, find some men to serve him well.”

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