Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 159

Chapter 159 What Do You Mean You Think That I'm Dirty?

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With the words, “take care of him well”, this guaranteed that life was going to be hell for Han Dong.

“Yes, President.” The bodyguard answered respectfully.

Gu Mohan lifted Tang Mo’er up, walking out of the cave.

In the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Gu Mohan placed Tang Mo’er down on the backseat gently, he then brought out a small medicine box and started to dress her wound resulting from the slap.

Tang Mo’er frowned instantly as she felt a stinging pain. “Mmm, it hurts.”

“Endure it for a little, it’ll be fine soon.”

As she looked at his handsome face, Tang Mo’er bit her lower lip with her white teeth, muttering, “Mr Gu, my underwear is torn, could you get someone to help me buy a new pair.”

Hearing her words as Gu Mohan dressed her wound, he subconsciously moved his Adam’s apple and gave a spurious smile. “We’re on an expressway, where will I get you a new pair of underwear?”


Tang Mo’er’s pale, tiny face was instantly blushing, “Mr Gu, you’re able to find me even on an expressway, how is it possible that you can’t get me a pair of underwear? Who’s going to believe you, you’re doing this on purpose.”

Gu Mohan froze, he lifted his eyes and looked at her. From the way she was sitting, her thin legs were covered up by his black coat, her pose was demure and ladylike. “What did I do on purpose, please clarify your doubts, hm?”


This man was truly shameless, he was a ruffian in a scholar’s gown!

Bam!Tang Mo’er hit his large palm away and turned around in a huff, facing the window instead.

He was obviously trying to take advantage of her, jerk!

A pleasant, manly scent became noticeable, he was pressing himself against her from the back. His distinct, large palm held on to her tiny face, forcing her to turn around and face him.

With roughened fingertips caressing her flawless skin, he mused to himself. How seductive must she have been, seeing how she was now, with her exquisite, tiny face. To think she wasn’t even five years old when she had already garnered the attention of her stepfather.

It wasn’t a good feeling to have his woman garnering the attention of other men, since a young age.

“What are you doing, get lost!”

Tang Mo’er tried to push him away because they were too close to each other. He pushed her into a corner and pressed his muscular chest against her delicate body. The way they were stuck together, they formed an ambiguous position.

With his body pressed against hers, her skin was burning hot after such decidedly intimate contact with him, even the temperature inside the car was slowly rising.

Gu Mohan glared at her with a deep voice, “Did that disgusting man touch you just now?”


“Are you sure? I remember seeing him spread your legs apart when I arrived.”

He was reminding her of the excruciating details by interrogating her, Tang Mo’er’s tiny face was red but she blanched, going pale. Glaring at him ferociously, she spat out, “What do you mean, you’re suspecting that he touched me and feel that I’m too dirty for you now?”

Gu Mohan didn’t speak, instead, he directly kissed her on her red lips.

Seeing he didn’t talk things through, Tang Mo’er wasn’t willing to let him kiss her. She pushed his chest away with her tiny hands and grit her teeth, refusing to let him invade her mouth.

“Behave well, open your mouth.” His voice was completely hoarse as his warm breath touched her lips.

“Jerk!” Tang Mo’er was agitated, she was not able to move as he was practically on top of her, she could only stretch out her long leg to give him a kick.

Gu Mohan gave away a cold look and held onto her leg. This woman was indeed shrewish, no wonder men couldn’t forget about her.

With distinct hands, he held onto her knees and forcibly twisted it around, managing to stop her mid-kick. Quirking up his sexy lips, he let out an evil smile. “Little thing, are you finally going to be obedient now?”

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