Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 243

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Heartbroken, Huo Yanmei had slowly drifted apart from Lin Xuanji. When Lin Xuanji was caught up with Lu Jinwen, she made an excuse to meet Gu Tianling at the bar and spiked his drink. That was the night she slept with Gu Tianling.

It was that night, she had become pregnant with Gu Tianling’s child, Gu Mohan.

Old Master Gu had strong regard for the bloodline and since the Huo family was a distinguished family in Karghalik, he allowed the marriage to proceed, despite Gu Tianling’s strong objection. Ever since then, she knew that Gu Tianling despised her to the depths of her soul. Apart from that one drunken night, over the last 30 years, he had refused to touch her and barely tolerated her presence.

Although she had become Madam Gu, she lived like a widow.

Since then, Gu Tianling didn’t stop having mistresses outside. They were sought after with Lin Xuanji as the benchmark. If they had eyes or a nose that resembled Lin Xuanji’s, they would be doted on greatly by Gu Tianling.

Gu Tianling was a lavish spender and he gave away prestigious cars or apartments like they were nothing. Even though she minded his actions, Huo Yanmei couldn’t do anything to stop him.

He had made it clear that he didn’t want to have anything to do with her. For any matters requiring attention, they were attended to by his butler.

Huo Yanmei stood, frozen in the same spot while as she recalled Lin Xuanji. Together with Lin Xuanji, they had experienced the best days in her youth, but it was also Lin Xuanji who had pushed her into such a situation.

Nobody would understand why she had a love-hate relationship with Lin Xuanji.

However, she should have felt better because Lin Xuanji had a more unfortunate life than her. This was because Lin Xuanji had met… Lu Jinwen… that demon.

In the room.

The maid brought over two sets of pajamas. “Young madam, the pajamas are here.”

Lu Qi’er lifted her eyes and looked at Gu Mohan, who stood on the balcony. He had removed his blazer and he now wore a black custom-made shirt inside. With one hand in his trouser pocket and the other hand holding on to a cigarette, the smoke continued to stream out of his lips in intermittent puffs of grey haze. His muscular build was almost camouflaged in the fogginess.

Lu Qi’er took the pajamas from the maid and signalled for her to leave, she then spoke, “Brother Mohan.”

Gu Mohan slowly turned around and looked at her emotionlessly before moving his lips slightly. “Go have a shower.”

Lu Qi’er blushed, she quickly walked into the bathroom while holding on to her nightdress.

In the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, Lu Qi’er stood in front of the bathroom counter and looked at her beautiful, tiny face in the mirror. She had a gorgeous figure and the tiny water droplets slid down her smooth and fair skin. It was irresistible. Soon enough, Brother Mohan wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of her.

She wiped the tiny water droplets off her body with a towel and thought about Gu Mohan’s masculinity and his strong body. As she thought, her face was getting hotter.

Tonight, she would become his woman.

Her only regret was that she had broken her hymen with her finger the other time. It should have been reserved for Gu Mohan.

But it no longer mattered, she was still the greatest winner.

She had the antidote in her possession and Gu Mohan had to marry her. When she became Mrs Gu, she’d enjoy the protection of her daddy and brother and Gu Mohan wouldn’t be able to divorce her. Once she gave birth to a baby, she would have unwavering power as Mrs Gu.

In her mind, Gu Mohan’s obsession with Tang Mo’er was merely a passing infatuation. That vixen must have been good in bed and hence managed to seduce Gu Mohan. But a man would eventually be sick of a woman like that. Gu Mohan would abandon Tang Mo’er soon and realize that she was better for him in all aspects.

Lu Qi’er placed the towel down and put the silky nightdress on. The silky red nightdress had a deep V that revealed her cleavage.

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