Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 244

Chapter 244 You Were Much Cuter When You Were Still A Baby

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Lu Qi’er spun in a circle while checking herself out in the mirror. Only after making sure everything was perfect, she stepped out of the bathroom.

Gu Mohan shifted onto the couch from the balcony, he was still smoking while leaning on the couch in a lazy manner. His long legs were crossed while they fit perfectly into his black trousers. His legs were too long for the trousers and his black cotton socks and delicate ankles could be seen.

Lu Qi’er walked in front of him eagerly, her anticipation apparent.

“Brother Mohan, I’ve taken a shower.”

Gu Mohan slowly lifted his eyes and took a long look at her. His eyes remained cold and aloof, blurred in the smoky haze as he moved his thin lips. “Take off your clothes. Let me see your body. ”

Take off your clothes.

This sentence made Lu Qi’er blush even more. As the beloved daughter of the Lu family, the men chasing after her would be able to form a queue till the Huangpu river, the only men she would consider were Gu Mohan and Fu Qinglun.

Gu Mohan was 30 years old and it was considered the golden age for men. When considering power, status and wealth, they must be at their peak and mature like perfectly aged wine. They would know how to satisfy a woman in bed and how to give her pleasure.

Lu Qi’er lifted her hands and removed the thin straps on her shoulders. Like that, the red silky nightdress dropped to her slender ankles.

She looked at him, her gaze a little shy when she saw him look at her body. His stare seemed to penetrate through all her senses as he then blew out a puff of smoke.

Standing there, her body was being judged by Gu Mohan.

The thought of him seeing her made her excited and she felt a warm heat tingle inside. “Brother Mohan, do you want me to take off my underwear?”

She had taken care to choose lingerie that was lacy and alluring. Covering her sensitive area was a lacy thong and very provocative and didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Gu Mohan slowly raised the corner of his lips. Why was it that he just couldn’t get hard when he looked at this woman’s body?

It was the same the other day, when she knelt down and tried to give him a blowjob, he felt disgusted the moment he saw her mouth.

Gu Mohan got up and walked towards Lu Qi’er. “You’re so desperate to have sex with me, hm?”

Lu Qi’er took a few steps backwards and collided against the wall, he maintained a bit of distance without laying his finger on her, but she could already smell his masculine body scent.

“Brother Mohan, you used to love me, right? When you were ten years old, my grandfather had betrothed you to me and everyone says that you didn’t object that time, and that you even blushed.”

Huo Yanmei had told her that when Gu Mohan was ten years old, she was a newborn and the Old Master Gu had said that when Qi’er grew up, she would be Mohan’s wife. She was told that back then, the ten year old Gu Mohan had blushed and ran back to his room.

Gu Mohan’s thin lips formed an arch. “The newborn you was so much cuter than the present you. Back then, you even had a milky scent.”

“Brother Mohan, you still remember the newborn me. I know that you actually love me. It’s just that you were bewitched by Tang Mo’er. Our 20-year-old relationship shouldn’t be replaced by such a frivolous relationship. Now that we’re engaged, I believe that you’ll definitely fall in love with me soon.”

Lu Qi’er then stretched out both hands and held them around Gu Mohan’s neck.

But she didn’t manage to hug him, Gu Mohan forcefully pushed her onto the soft bed.


Lifting his eyes, Gu Mohan stubbed the cigarette out in the ashtray and walked over. He lifted his distinct fingers and unbuttoned his shirt, before pushing himself on top of her.

Lu Qi’er closed her eyes shyly, the bones in her body felt as though they were about to liquefy.

Taking the initiative, she pouted her red lips and closed her eyes, presenting herself to him.

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