Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Tang Mo'er Locked Herself In

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But he didn’t kiss her even after she waited for more than a moment. Piak. The lights were switched off and the room was thrown into darkness.

He wasn’t bending down to kiss her, but rather, to switch off the lights.

Lu Qi’er opened her eyes, but the room was now pitch black.

“Brother Mohan, why don’t you switch on the lights, I can’t see you.”

Gu Mohan laughed, his voice cold and dangerous. “I only like to… do it with the lights switched off.”

Lu Qi’er shifted her body towards him, feeling for his body in the darkness. “Brother Mohan, do what you want with me.”

Gu Mohan took a step back, avoiding her touch. “I’ll take a shower first.”

Lu Qi’er waited in the room, five minutes had passed and he still wasn’t out of the shower.

She couldn’t help herself so she stood in front of the bathroom and knocked on the door. Knock knock. “Brother Mohan, are you done?”

Bam. The bathroom door opened and a rush of warm air came out.

In the darkness, Lu Qi’er couldn’t see his face clearly, but she could still sense his tall build as she buried her head in his arms.

Standing on her toes, she pressed her lips against his.

His breath was hot and heavy as he kissed her back in the darkness, sliding his hand downwards.

Lu Qi’er was secretly thrilled when she felt the heat of his fingertips graze lower, teasing her mercilessly. She pressed her chest into his body and pulled him closer. “Brother Mohan, take me!”

Pushing her onto the bed, he pinned her down and ripped open her underwear, invading her body roughly.

One hour later.

Lu Qi’er got up from the bed. The room was left filled with wasted feelings and the overwhelming scent of raw sex. They had just experienced an intense session and she could still feel him inside of her.

He was no longer in the room.

Enduring the aching pain, Lu Qi’er put on a long dress and opened the room door. Brother Mohan had left the room immediately after they had sex.

Outside the room, Gu Mohan wore a white shirt while he stood along the railings, seeing her flushed face, he raised the corner of his lips and spoke eerily. “How was it. Are you satisfied?”

Lu Qi’er felt the red creep up onto her cheeks again and though she was shy, she also wanted to force herself on him and do it again. She wanted him. “Brother Mohan…”

Gu Mohan placed one hand in his trouser pocket and stretched his hand out. “Hand me the portion of antidote.”

Lu Qi’er reeled back, as if slapped. How could he be thinking about that witch right after they…

His white shirt and black trousers were perfectly crisp. The expression on his face was cold, his words eloquent and no trace of any lovemaking on him. His calmness was almost unnerving.

It was strange, he behaved like another person in bed just now, kissing her passionately as their bodies twisted together in the darkness.

“Brother Mohan, why are you still going to visit Tang Mo’er at such a time? Tonight is our engagement night, I won’t allow you to go.”

Gu Mohan’s gave a spurious smile. “Lu Qi’er, know your place. Don’t try to control me, just because I have given in to you slightly. I don’t have much patience left, give me the antidote now, hm?”

Lu Qi’er wasn’t able to argue against his strong stance and handed over the antidote, despite her unwillingness. “Brother Mohan, Iー”

Gu Mohan had already turned around and left.

Lu Qi’er looked his determined back view and had a strange feeling in her heart, it was as if she didn’t possess him at all, even after everything she had done.

Had she fallen into some kind of conspiracy?

What was wrong with her?

Lu Qi’er brushed it off, thinking that she was being too sensitive.

In the late night, Huo Beichen personally opened the doors to the villa and Gu Mohan strode inside.

He was fully drenched and his white shirt, trousers, and even his short hair clung to his body, covering his cold and sharp gaze.

“Second Brother, you’ve finally arrived.”

Gu Mohan pursed his lips into a firm line, then went upstairs without removing his leather shoes. Placing his distinct large hands on the doorknob, he tried to open the door.

But the door was locked from the inside.

He couldn’t open it.

Gu Mohan turned his head and looked towards Huo Beichen. “Did you do this?”

Huo Beichen denied with a firm shake of his head. “It wasn’t me.”

Then there was only one possibility. Tang Mo’er had locked herself inside the room.

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