Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 299

Chapter 299 Am I Drugged?

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The waiter nodded his head and served the drinks, “Miss Tang, here are your drinks.”

“Okay, thank you. Everyone, let’s have a toast.”

“Hold on, Mo’er, what’s in your cup, is that lime tea? Let me have a taste.” Lin Shiyu then exchanged her drink with Tang Mo’er.

Han Xiaowan’s heart skipped a beat, she wanted to speak up, but it was too late. Within seconds, Lin Shiyu had already drank the lime tea.

Five minutes later, Lin Ruoxi came out of the kitchen. She had specially attended culinary lessons for this trip, easily cooking eight dishes and they had the right appearance, smell and even taste. The smell wafting from her dishes was enticing enough, not to mention, they looked delicious too.

Fu Qinglun hung up his phone call, walking over with his cell phone in his hands. Lu Yan put his wine glass down and curiously asked, “Young Master Fu, which side are you choosing?”

Lin Ruoxi and Lu Qi’er looked at Fu Qinglun with clear expectations.

Fu Qinglun’s cold eyes scanned around and stopped beside Lin Shiyu. He towered over her and asked instead, “What did you drink, why is your face so red?”

Her face was red?

Tang Mo’er instantly turned her head to look at Lin Shiyu and put her palm on Shiyu’s cheeks. Indeed, Shiyu’s beautiful face was burning hot and it flushed a bright red.

“It’s just lime tea, how would you suffer from excessive internal heat?” Tang Mo’er couldn’t figure out why.

Huo Beichen squinted his devilish eyes and smirked. “Obviously there’s something wrong with the lime tea.”

Lin Shiyu had realized some abnormalities, her body was burning hot and she felt an irrational need to remove her top.

Stretching out her hands, she tried to unbutton her shirt, but her movements were awkward as her fingers fumbled over the clasps.

Fu Qinglun went down on one knee, using his hands to grab hers and stop her from removing her clothes. With gentle hands, he caressed her burning face with his fingertips.

His large palm was suddenly on her face and with his strong, masculine body scent, it was capable of relieving her from the inner heat. Lin Shiyu’s eyes were flirtatious and seductive, staring right at him. “Young Master Fu, am I… drugged?”

“Do you still need me to answer such a simple question?” Fu Qinglun answered coldly.


“No one is allowed to continue eating!” Fu Qinglun kicked the table and the table flipped over, the dishes were all spilled on the ground.

At the flick of a switch, Fu Qinglun had exploded and his dark aura shut everyone up in an instant.

Lin Ruoxi had the worst expression on her face as her dishes spilled all over the ground.

“Mr Meissen, there’s something wrong with this cup of lime tea. Someone in Jinhua Palace just tried to drug my wife, shouldn’t you offer me an explanation for this incident?” Fu Qinglun’s frosty gaze landed on Mr Meissen in barely-restrained anger.

Everything happened all of the sudden and Mr Meissen instantly looked at the waiter who served the drinks. The waiter had a guilty conscience and he instantly looked at Han Xiaowan, hoping to seek help from her.

Everyone who was present was intelligent, and from the unsubtle exchanges of eye contact, everyone could infer who was the culprit.

“Mr Meissen, the drug was in the cup of lime tea that was meant for Mo’er. It’s clear that there’s someone who is trying to harm Mo’er.” Su Zhe voiced everyone’s thoughts.

Tang Mo’er was anxious and her fingers twisted together. Shiyu had taken the blow for her, the culprit originally meant to harm her.

Forcing down the worry, Tang Mo’er looked at Han Xiaowan, smirking. “Mr Meissen, these drinks were served by this waiter, but he wouldn’t have any motive or the courage to spike the beverages without anyone instructing him. There must be someone behind the scenes. I believe that once we interrogate this waiter, we can find out who the culprit behind this all is!”

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