Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 300

Chapter 300 Locked In The Room

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The waiter hurriedly dropped to his knees and begged profusely, “Mr Meissen, please spare my life.”

Mr Meissen had already inferred something from the waiter’s gaze and he looked at Han Xiaowan in deliberation.

Han Xiaowan’s face was pale, and she discreetly tugged on Mr Meissen’s sleeve.

“Okay, rest assured that I will investigate this incident. Guards, take this waiter away.”

“Hold on!” Tang Mo’er spoke up, “Mr Meissen, why do you have to bring this waiter away instead of just interrogating him here?”

“This is my turf and he is employed by me. It’s my discretion how I want to interrogate him. Rest assured, I’ll definitely provide everyone with a satisfactory explanation.” Mr Meissen insisted again.

Anyone with a brain could see that Mr Meissen was protecting Han Xiaowan.

Lu Yan then stood up, breaking the tense atmosphere like a sly old fox. “Since Mr Meissen has already made himself clear, we shall let him handle the affairs. Young Master Fu, the most important thing now is to bring Mrs Fu back to rest.”

Fu Qinglun retracted his frightening gaze and lifted Lin Shiyu up without further hesitation.

In the room.

Fu Qinglun placed Lin Shiyu on the huge bed, her beautiful face was burning hot and increasingly red, almost as if she had applied a heap of blush.

Tang Mo’er stood beside the bed, looking at Lin Shiyu with anxiousness while feeling terrible. “Shiyu, don’t be afraid, hold it in. The doctor will arrive soon.”

Tang Mo’er then ran beside the door, sticking her head out as if to stand guard. Ah! A figure was coming closer from the other end of the corridor. As he came closer, she saw it was a doctor in his robe, running over with a medicine box in his hands. “Shiyu, the doctor has arrived, that’s greaー”

She didn’t even manage to complete her sentence before she heard a deep voice growl at her, “Tang Mo’er, get out!”

“What?” She turned around.

Fu Qinglun stood stiffly beside the door, repeating his words with a poker face on, “Get. Out!”

His arms shoved her out the door before she could utter a word.

Bam! Fu Qinglun slammed the room door and locked it from inside.

Tang Mo’er stood outside the door with the doctor, “…”

“Mo’er, how is Ms Lin?” Everyone rushed over.

Tang Mo’er looked at Su Zhe, still taken aback. “Fu Qinglun just kicked me out of the room and locked it from the inside.”

Lu Qi’er and Lin Ruoxi’s facial expression completely changed. Lin Shiyu was drugged and Fu Qinglun had locked both the doctor and Tang Mo’er outside. His intentions were crystal clear.

Placing both hands in his pockets, Huo Beichen shrugged and looked at everyone. “Everyone should just leave. Hiring a doctor is useless. Brother Qinglun’s ready and available with the antidote anyway.”

Huo Beichen then looked at the doctor meaningfully. “You should prescribe Brother Qinglun with some tonics to restore his vitality, they were too crazy three years ago.”

“Now why don’t we have a bet, would Lin Shiyu destroy my Brother Qinglun or would Brother Qinglun cause Lin Shiyu to be unable to get out of the bed?”

His eyebrows were raised in a crude manner.

“Why do you even need to ask such crude questions? The answer is obviously the former.” Tang Mo’er stood on Lin Shiyu’s side without even batting an eyelid.

Huo Beichen stared at Tang Mo’er evilly. “I’ll bet on the latter Tang Mo’er, what are the stakes if you lose?”


Tang Mo’er raised one eyebrow while looking at Huo Beichen. “What do you want?”

Looking at her beautiful eyes, Huo Beichen bent down and whispered beside her ear, “If you lose, you’ll have to kiss me.”


He even coveted his brother’s woman. Sending him to Africa as a punishment didn’t seem to be enough!

Lin Ruoxi’s face became distorted. The thought of Fu Qinglun and Lin Shiyu having sex in the room made her heart wrench in pain.

Fu Qinglun was hers!

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