Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 359

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Her legs felt cold and Tang Mo’er realized she was in a precarious situation. If he were to lift her skirt, that would then be considered the real humiliation.

He wanted to conduct a radical form of a full body search in order ot humiliate her.

“Gu Mohan, you should get straight to the point, you were beating around the bush for a long time but your true intention would be to have sex with me!”

Gu Mohan looked right at the tiny face in front of him, slowly squinting his deep and narrow eyes, “Tang Mo’er, I’ll only ask you once, did you really have sex with Jun Chulin?”

He asked her that question in order to give her one last chance. As long as she claimed that she didn’t do it, he would hug her and hold her in his embrace tightly.

He had a noble family background and yet he was willing to compromise time after time, Tang Mo’er’s eyes were red.

However, it didn’t help her in any ways, she was going to die soon…

“Gu Mohan, what do you mean, you can just admit that you want to be with me, there’s no need to beat around the bush!”

Gu Mohan’s deep and narrow eyes sank deeply, his ink black eyes exuding a chilling and murderous aura.

Tang Mo’er continued, “I don’t mind having sex with you as long as you don’t mind the fact that I’ve slept with Jun Chulin, that fact that I’m dirty!”

She indirectly answered his question, she had slept with Jun Chulin!

It was as though he was fully drenched by a bucket of ice cold water from head to toe, he was disappointed, what exactly was he doing?

Gu Mohan felt ridiculed by his own actions, he had caught them red-handed in bed that night in the hotel room but he was in denial. Deep in his heart, he was sure that she was just putting up an act with Jun Chulin.

However, even after interrogating her time after time, she still wasn’t willing to divulge the truth.

After listening to her words, Gu Mohan’s chest pumped heavily and he let go of her, “Get lost!”

Get lost!

He sounded extremely determined.

Tang Mo’er gave it some thought, their relationship had most probably came to an end.

She held her dress tightly and left the place with the greatest speed ever.

As she walked along the corridor, Tang Mo’er’s line of vision went black, she could no longer see, her world had turned pitch black again.

She clenched her tiny fists, why couldn’t she have more time, just enough to leave the place before she loses her vision.

She couldn’t figure out how to make her away out, she rummaged through her purse and wanted to make a phone call to Tang Chenyi and so she fialed a chain of numbers.

Soon, the phone call was picked up and Jun Chulin’s voice could be heard, “Mo’er.”

“Young Master Jun? Young Master Jun, could you come pick me up, I can’t see anything again and I don’t know how to make my way back.”

“Where are you now?”

Tang Mo’er gave him the address of her current location before hanging up the phone call.

She didn’t dare to wander around and so she could only stand in her original spot, waiting for Jun Chulin.

She then heard a few women mocking her—-

“Hurry and look, isn’t that Tang Mo’er, why is she here?”

“She’s probably her to pester President Gu again, Tang Mo’er is truly shameless in my opinion. She was a promiscuous woman by rushing into President Gu’s father’s room and creating an entire scandal. Now that President Gu is getting married to Miss Lu, she’s here to wreck the event again.”…

The few women were pointing fingers behind Tang Mo’er and being self-righteous. After noticing that Tang Mo’er wasn’t affected at the very least and was by herself, they gave each other a signaling look and revealed an insidious expression.

They each carried a bucket of cold water and sneakily walked beside Tang Mo’er, pouring it all over her.

Tang Mo’er was caught off guard and she was drenched all over.

Her silky, long hair had stuck to her cheeks in a pathetic fashion and water was dripping down her hair endlessly, she was like a drowned rat.

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