Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 360

Chapter 360 Are You Blind Or Just Acting Pitiful In My Presence?

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“Hahaha, oh my god! So funny! That scheming b*tch, she totally deserves it!” The few women laughed out loud after witnessing Tang Mo’er’s pathetic state as she was made into the public laughing stock.

Tang Mo’er stretched out her tiny hands to wipe the water off her face. Inside, she was so enraged that she was about to explode anytime soon. Spinning around, she wanted to teach them a lesson.

However, right after she turned around, she was lost, she couldn’t figure out to move towards.

Which direction did the voices come from?

She couldn’t see anything.

All she could see was an endless black.

Their voices seemed to echo around the corridor, bouncing left and right and couldn’t tell where they were coming from.

Even when others took advantage of her and bullied her, she couldn’t even take revenge on them.

Tang Mo’er froze, her limbs all cold and she could only listen to their mocking laughter as they continued to ridicule her.

Yan Dong walked over, berating them with a stern tone, “What are you all doing?”

The few women quivered and their expressions were guilty. “Secre… Secretary Yan…”

An even more imposing figure appeared before them. Gu Mohan had arrived.

“President.” Yan Dong walked towards Gu Mohan.

Gu Mohan’s deep and narrow eyes scanned the empty buckets on the ground and his gaze riveted to Tang Mo’er. She stood in a corner and her clothes were fully drenched, sticking on to her delicate frame while her head was lowered. Her small cherry lips were pale and she was trembling with her shoulders drawn and hunched.

Seeing her so fragile and helpless, he couldn’t help but feel bad for her.

Gu Mohan instantly pursed his lips into a firm line, his gaze turned towards the few women.

It was as sharp as a knife, silently slashing their faces and the few women didn’t even dare to look at him.

Gu Mohan stretched out his long legs and shrugged off his blazer immediately. This foolish woman, how could she even be bullied by a few useless maids?

Why didn’t she treat them with the same cruelty she had used against him?

Though he wasn’t exactly pleased with her, he couldn’t help but care for her. He couldn’t control himself, and his footsteps were headed towards her.

He wanted to give her his blazer, but a tall figure appeared, draping a trench coat over Tang Mo’er’s shoulders instead.

Jun Chulin had arrived.

Jun Chulin covered Tang Mo’er’s delicate shoulder with his trench coat before he bent down to pick her up.

“President Gu, so this is how things work in your territory? Even maids are allowed to drench anyone with cold water? How despicable. If President Gu isn’t going to teach these lowly servants a lesson, I don’t mind doing the dirty job on your behalf.” Jun Chulin looked at Gu Mohan with a challenging expression.

Gu Mohan’s palm was still hovering in mid-air after he removed his blazer. Tang Mo’er was in Jun Chulin’s arms and not only were they matching in the looks department, Jun Chulin had saved the damsel in distress and they seemed like a compatible couple. It was also rather… disturbing to Gu Mohan.

Gu Mohan slowly raised a corner of his lips, retaliating instead, “You’re not able to dodge when others splash water at you? Are you blind or just acting pitiful in my presence?”

He didn’t notice the imperceptible flinch from Tang Mo’er when he said the word ‘blind’. Rather than teaching the maids a lesson, he spoke harshly to Tang Mo’er instead.

“President Guー”

Jun Chulin wanted to speak out, but Tang Mo’er moved in his arms, whispering softly as she lowered her wet eyelashes, “Forget about it, let’s just go. I’m tired of this place.”

Jun Chulin lifted his head and gave Gu Mohan a disparaging look before he left with Tang Mo’er in his arms.

After the two were gone, the atmosphere was tense and the few maids tried to escape. “President Gu, then we shall… take our leave.”

They turned around, wanting to run away but two muscular men dressed in black, stood in front of them, blocking their escape.

One of the men dressed in black dragged one of the maids by her arm into the pantry. In front of the sink, he filled it up with water and pressed her head inside, not letting her back up as she struggled to get some air.

The other servants gasped, their legs gave way and they fell to their knees immediately. “President Gu, we don’t dare to do it again. Please spare our lives, please let us off.”

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