Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 361

Chapter 361 Where Are The Women Who Are Prettier And Have Better Figures Than Tang Moer?

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The maids knelt on the ground and were begging profusely, pleading with tears running down their faces. Gu Mohan didn’t even bother to give them another glance, he turned around and left, revealing a cold and heartless aura.

Yan Dong gave the black-suited men a signal and they brought the two remaining maids into the pantry and very quickly, the room was filled with the shrieks of the women.

CC Bar.

Heavy metal was playing in the bar and on the dance floor, a moshpit of bodies had everyone immersed in the atmosphere to dance the night away.

Gu Mohan sat one of the bar seats, placing his coat on the bar counter while he wore a custom-made black shirt and black trousers. He had two buttons loose, revealing his sexy collarbones and perfectly tanned skin. The neon lights in the bar shone on his prominent, flawless features, it was hard for anyone to take their eyes off of him.

Many women cast their eyes over, it was late at night and when they saw a mature affluent man drinking alone, they could not pull their eyes away. The man was irresistible.

In the next moment, a tall figure approached. Fu Qinglun threw his car keys on the counter and sat beside Gu Mohan, before gesturing to the bartender.

“Don’t drink too much of that, it’s pretty strong and even if you’ve got a high alcohol tolerance, you’ll still get drunk,” Fu Qinglun advised.

Gu Mohan had a few empty wine bottles beside him, he folded his sleeves up and revealed the expensive watch around his wrist. Picking up another bottle of wine, he tipped some into a glass, tilting his head to down it in one shot.

He clearly wasn’t going to listen to Fu Qinglun and hence he continued drinking by himself.

Fu Qinglun took a sip of the alcohol the bartender had put on the counter. “How is it, did things turn sour between you and Tang Mo’er?”

Hearing that name made Gu Mohan shudder while he was drinking and his lips curled into a bitter smirk as he slurred, “Yes, she decided to abandon me and throw me to the gutter. Something about how I’ve got a messed up family and it’s a great burden and she doesn’t want to share the burden and support me. She also said it’s better for her to go with Jun Chulin than to stay with me.”

“Since things have gone this way, you should just find another woman. Lift your head and take a look, there are so many women who are better than her in the looks and figure department.”

Gu Mohan lifted his head and took a look at the women in the room.

There were all sorts of women, innocent ones, sexy ones, pretty ones. Noticing that Gu Mohan was looking in their direction, their eyes lit up.

One of the beauties couldn’t resist and walked over, swaying her hips and speaking in a sultry, seductive tone. She was clearly the type that attracted a lot of attention in the club. “Mister, would you like to buy me a drink?”

Gu Mohan narrowed his eyes while judging her from head to toe. She wore a cropped white vest with black tights below, her chest was full and her butt was perky.

Noticing that Gu Mohan was giving her a once over, she looked up at him and gave him a saucy wink.

Gu Mohan shifted his gaze away again and turned back to Fu Qinglun, he revealed a lazy, charming expression, “Where are the women who are prettier and have better figures than Tang Mo’er? You’re pretty blind.”

Fu Qinglun chuckled before he took a sip of the drink in his hands. “Mohan, there’s no cure available for you.”

Tang Mo’er’s charming face was truly one of the best in Karghalik, not many women were comparable to her. When she debuted three years ago, countless women went to aesthetic clinics to get surgeries so that they could achieve a similar appearance to her. She was used as a model for women who wanted plastic surgery in order to improve their appearance.

However, the beauty in front of them had a better figure than Tang Mo’er. She had a fuller chest and her body was svelte all the right places. Gu Mohan was merely ignoring those facts.

The beauty waited for a moment but seeing she was doing it in vain, she asked again, “Mister, you don’t want to buy me a drink?”

Gu Mohan hissed before he answered, “I can’t afford it.”

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