Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 502

Chapter 502 He Threw The Dagger On The Ground And Slapped Madam Xuanji

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She beamed with pleasure while proposing to him.

As she looked at him expectantly, he picked up the One and Only Ring, but only for him to throw it on the ground.

Lin Xuanyin wasnt happy with being a replacement, this was shameful and humiliating to her. She stretched her arms out, pushing Lu Jinwen away. "Jinwen, Im Lin Xuanyin. Im not Xuanji, youre drunk."

Lu Jinwens suddenly turned serious and pressed her hands down, locking it above her head. He revealed a sardonic smile. "Its been a long time since I last tied you up, are you missing it? Where do you want me to do it this time, on the bed, the sofa or in the bathroom? Ill let you choose."

Lin Xuanyins face turned paper white, she was in self denial, convincing herself that as long as she covered her eyes, she could forget everything and behave like nothing ever happened.

This wasnt the case. He had gotten intimate with Lin Xuanji at many places that she never knew about.

She suddenly felt something prodding her, she was dumbfounded. He had a hard on.

He wasnt incapacitated by her, he was still fine.

Then why didnt he get hard when she wanted to have sex with him the other time?

He couldnt get hard when he was with her but when he mistook her for Xuanji, he could immediately get hard.

Lin Xuanyin wiped her tears dry, flipping herself around and she straddled Lu Jinwens trim waist.

Then so be it.

She let out a wry smile, she would be Xuanjis replacement for tonight.

As long as she could become his woman, she would do anything.

"Jinwen, I love you." She confessed affectionately and unbuckled his belt.

Lu Jinwen was mesmerized. He sat up and kissed Lin Xuanyin on her lips.

Lin Xuanyin quickly opened her mouth and started french kissing him.

But for some weird reason, Lu Jinwen suddenly opened his eyes and his drunkenness seemed to dissipate into the air. He quickly got a grip over himself and noticed that it was Lin Xuanyin in front of him instead.

He held Lin Xuanyins shoulder and pushed her away.

"Jinwen, whats wrong? Werent you ready to have sex with me just a moment ago? Youve promised me to give me everything I wanted, Im determined to have you tonight!" Lin Xuanyin lifted her skirt.

She suddenly stopped speaking and froze. Lu Jinwen was no longer hard.


It only took him a few seconds to lose all of his sexual desire.

Lin Xuanyins pupils contracted, she shook her head in disbelief and looked at Lu Jinwen, totally dumbfounded.

Lu Jinwens eyes were difficult to read but he still spoke with a gentle tone. "Xuanyin, I promised to give you everything you wanted, with the exception of two things. Have you forgotten about it already?"

Lin Xuanyin gasped, how could she ever forget about it?

She didnt forget about their deal.

She would never forget it.

There were two things that he would never give her.

Lu Jinwen pushed her away softly and got off the bed. "Ill go take a shower."

He stepped into the bathroom and closed the door with a bang. Lin Xuanyin could only sit at the side of the bed while clenching her fists tightly.

At the party downstairs.

Lin Shiyu and Anan had left and Tang Moer walked on the lawn alone when she heard two maids having a conversation secretively-

"Did you hear just now, Mr John said that Madam Xuanji actually went crazy before."

"Yes, Madam Xuanji was crazy for two whole years, many people had actually talked about sending Madam Xuanji to an asylum."

"Why did Madam Xuanji go crazy?"

"Madam Xuanji actually got pregnant one year after giving birth to Elder Miss, but she suddenly suffered a miscarriage during her first trimester. It was a baby boy."

"Why? Why the sudden miscarriage?"

"Its actually a secret but Ill tell you this, the miscarriage wasnt an accident, but rather an intentional one. Madam Xuanji had a dessert that was sent by one of the maids and that maid was Madam Xuanyins trusted one."

"Oh my god, are you claiming that Madam Xuanyin was the one who caused Madam Xuanjis miscarriage?"

"Youre right. It was already clear that Madam Xuanyin was behind the whole incident and when Madam Xuanji was still in her confinement period, she suddenly charged over with a dagger and confronted Madam Xuanyin. She wanted to stab to Madam Xuanyin, and guess what happened?"

"What happened?"

"Sir Lu rushed back and acted as Madam Xuanyins human shield. He took the stab for her."

"Oh my god, Sir Lu truly loves Madam Xuanyin."

"Thats right, Madam Xuanji stabbed Sir Lu in his chest. Sir Lu had took the dagger out and threw it on the ground, giving Madam Xuanji one tight slap."

"Sir Lu slapped Madam Xuanji?"

"The case was also unresolved, no one dared to mention it again. Madam Xuanyin was still in power and the maid just vanished into thin air. She was actually just a scapegoat, Sir Lu just did it to keep mouths shut. Madam Xuanji went crazy after that and she would always complain about hearing the cries of her baby. She claimed that ghosts were around her and went crazy for two whole years."

"Sir Lu is reallyElder Miss!"

The two gossiping maids spotted Tang Moer and they were panicking.

But things didnt just stop there, they spotted an imposing figure coming from behind. It was Lu Jinwen.


Lu Jinwen glared at the two maids and instructed them coldly, "Leave."

"Yes, Sir." The two maids quickly fled for their lives.

Lu Jinwen walked over and stopped beside Tang Moer. Her face was all pale, like a sheet of blank paper. He draped his coat on her shoulders. "Moer, its cold outside. Put this coat on and keep yourself warm."

Slap! Tang Moer slapped his hand away and the coat fell on the ground. Tang Moer took a few steps backward and she sent him a gaze filled with anger.

Lu Jinwen looked at Tang Moer. Her eyes were clouded with wariness and hatred. They were red and tears welled up inside.

His shirt billowed out because of the cold wind. He looked at Tang Moers eyes, they were exactly the same as her mothers.

That day, he had given her a slap. She was still wearing the hospitals gown and it concealed her gaunt figure. The slap had sent her straight to the ground and the corner of her mouth was bleeding. She lifted her eyes and looked at him in the same way.

Her eyes were very red, she was on the carpeted ground while staring at him with the same hatred in her eyes.

The same resentment, as though she hated him with every fiber of her being.

She had probably never hated someone that badly in her entire life.

She dug her nails deep into her palm until she was about to ruin her palms.

Lu Jinwen furrowed his brows and didnt comment on her behavior. It was hard to tell what was on his mind. He held out the sketchbook towards Tang Moer.

"Moer, this is for you. Your mother left this design sketchbook behind. Ill give it to you now."

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