Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 564

Chapter 564 Bleeding

Chapter 564: Bleeding
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He hugged her so tightly that Tang Moer almost couldnt breathe. Her hands were balled into two fists and she pummeled him. "Gu Mohan, get lost! Dont touch me, how could you do this to me?"

Her wrists were red, all because of him. Not forgetting the aches on her body, he was responsible for all of it!

He was so scary earlier on, just like a possessed demon.

Gu Mohans eyes glinted with joy, he could still feel her resisting and he quickly let go, raising both hands in surrender. "Okay, Moer, I wont touch you. Dont be so agitated, remember not to hurt my son."

Gu Mohan then stretched his arm out, wanting to place it on her flat tummy.

Tang Moer hit his hand away, not allowing him to touch her. "Gu Mohan, how do you know for sure that Im pregnant with your son? Do you prefer boys to girls?"

Gu Mohan looked at her, the corners of his lips kicked up into a smile. "Moer, be good. Lets have a son as our first born before having a daughter. Then our son will have the chance to be a good elder brother to his younger sister."


What kind of logic was that?

He wanted a son to pave the way for having a second child, a daughter?

If this man were to have a daughter, he would definitely pamper her and even become his daughters slave willingly.

He had a great sense of responsibility and always had Huo Yanmeis back over the past decade. He pampered his sister, Anan, to the point of no return and she was just like a princess. If he were to have his own children, there would be no doubt that he would dote on them to death!

This man would definitely make a good father in the future.

"Moer, youre pregnant, youre pregnant with my child. You should focus on taking care of yourself for a smooth delivery. Ill give you anything you want on earth. Be it my wealth, my status, myself, it all belongs to you now.

"You and the child would be the world to me, you dont need to worry about anything. Ill make sure to take care of the both of you, youre only in charge of giving birth, Ill be in charge of raising the child."

It tugged at her heartstrings, he was still good at his honeyed words even after losing his memories.

But was she fit to enjoy his love and concern?

"Gu Mohan, get out! Im going to bed right now!"

Gu Mohan knelt on the bed, he didnt move away immediately but rather, his gaze slowly shifted from her face down to her body.

Her skirt was already down to her ankles and her knit sweater was loosely draped over her body. She was disheveled, but it made him want to continue doing it even more.

She could feel him leering at her, every look was pressing and he behaved just like a starving wolf. Perhaps, he would just pounce on her in the next moment. Her face flushed red, she could feel her skin almost starting to burn from his gaze.

She grabbed a pillow, throwing it in his face. "Gu Mohan, whats the point of you eye-raping me? Go ahead and screw me if you have the guts to do it!"

"I dont have the guts to do it, youre pregnant with my son."

"Why arent you getting out of my room then?"

Gu Mohan raised a brow, his narrow eyes were crinkled in a smile. He held her hand, guiding it along his body. "Moer, why dont you touch me all over and pleasure me? Ive been thinking about you for the past few days."


He was flirting with her so openly!

Tang Moer retracted her hand. "Gu Mohan, arent you afraid that your son will hear you?"

"Son, be good." Gu Mohan placed his hand on her tummy, using a voice that was ever so gentle as he said, "Go to sleep, Daddy and Mommy are going to have some deep interaction."

Tang Moer was left speechless, she stretched her foot out, wanting to kick him in the crotch.

Realizing her intentions, Gu Mohan swiftly got down the bed and held onto his pants, successfully dodging her attack. "Moer, you cant kick me there. If you incapacitate me, how am I supposed to pleasure you and how are we going to have our daughter?"

"", Tang Moer got down the bed and pushed him out of the room without another word.

Bam! She slammed the door shut in his face.

Gu Mohan stood outside her door, he reminded her worriedly, "Moer, remember to do everything gently. Dont let my son be injured."

His reactions were over the top, since it was his first son and he didnt want any accidents to happen.

He didnt receive any response and Tang Moer disregarded his reminders.

But Gu Mohan was still overjoyed, he really wanted to get intimate with her, even at this point in time.

Shes pregnant with my child.

Why is my woman so capable?

"Moer, I want to be intimate with you, its fine if youre not going to open the door. Ill just stand outside your door and dote on you in my own way, Ill give you my life." He pulled his pants down

Tang Moer could hear some sounds outside, it took her a few seconds to eventually realize what he was doing outside her door. How could he commit such lewd acts outside her door? She was fuming in anger, grabbing a pillow and throwing it against the door.

What a scoundrel!

The next morning.

Gu Mohan had already left by the time Tang Moer woke up in the morning. He left a note behind- Moer, Ive bought you breakfast and Im leaving for work now. Be sure to heat it up before eating it. Well have lunch together later in the afternoon. My big baby and small baby have to behave well, Ill come over and pick you up soon.

Big baby

Small baby

Alright, Tang Moer couldnt help but admit that she was indeed touched by his honeyed words. The corners of her lips were lifted into a sweet smile.

But she suddenly felt a twinge in her tummy, she felt a warm liquid gush out from below.

Her heart palpitated, she quickly ran inside the bathroom and took off her pants, she was bleeding.

Im bleeding!

Tang Moer gasped, her eyes filled with terror and fear. She quickly changed into a clean set of clothing and grabbed her purse, rushing to the hospital.

She hadnt gotten a miscarriage, had she?

In the hospital.

Tang Moer took a B-scan and the doctor was giving her diagnosis. "Miss Tang, youre four weeks pregnant, the baby is generally in good health and so you dont need to be so worried. But the bleeding is a sign of a threatened abortion and Ive prescribed you with some medicine. Make sure to take the medicine and have plenty of rest."

"Okay. Thank you doctor."

Tang Moer paid the bills before heading to the pharmacy to collect her prescription.

A young nurse handed a white bottle to her. "Heres your medicine."

She took it and headed home.

After returning to her apartment, Tang Moer opened the bottle and took one pill out, just as she was about to pop it in her mouth, the door opened.

An imposing figure appeared within her sight, Gu Mohan had returned.

"Why do you have the keys to my apartment?"

"I took yours."


He took off his shoes and changed into the indoor slippers before walking over. Wrapping his arms around her waist, his gaze landed on the pill. "What is this?"

He then picked up the bottle of pills and studied it carefully.



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