Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 565

Chapter 565 If Anything Happens To My Son Ill Never Let You Off

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Tang Moer quickly stretched her hands out and tried to snatch the bottle of pills away. "Dont look, return it to me!"

Gu Mohan put his arm up and did not let her snatch it away.

"Gu Mohan!" She shouted his name out, but at the next moment, she realized that something was wrong, judging by his darkening expression.

He pinned her with a weighted gaze before questioning, "Moer, what pills are these, hm?"

"Whats wrong with them?" Tang Moer was perplexed.

"Ha." Gu Mohan sneered before holding her jaw, shoving the bottle of pills in her face. "Moer, these are abortion pills."

Abortion pills?

His words seared through Tang Moers mind. Abortion pills, how could they be abortion pills?

Werent the pills supposed to help stabilize her pregnancy?

She took a look at the bottle, it was all English but she could translate it easily enough. It was indeed abortion pills.

With a pang, he squeezed her face forcefully and spoke in a scornful tone, "Moer, what are you trying to do, huh? Abortion? Didnt I already warn you last night? If anything happens to my son, Ill never let you off."

Her face contorted in pain and his face progressively moved closer to her. He was just like a devil sent from the underworld.

She shook her head and tried to explain herself. "I didnt, please listen to me"

"Fine." Gu Mohan let go of her and turned around, taking a seat on the sofa as he crossed his legs. "Moer, Ill give you a chance to explain yourself now."

Tang Moers face turned ghastly pale and she was at a loss of what to say. She tried to get a grip over herself before speaking. "I found a spot of blood on my underwear this morning, so I went to the hospital to get myself checked. The doctor said that I showed signs of a threatened abortion, so she prescribed me with a bottle of pills. This is everything that I know."

Gu Mohans emotions were hidden away and he remained straight-faced, but his gaze was still sharp, almost piercing through her soul.

He whipped out his cell phone from his pocket and dialed a number. "Yan Dong, investigate this matter."

20 minutes later.

Yan Dong arrived shortly after and handed over a document, alongside the surveillance camera footage to Gu Mohan. He reported, "President, Miss Tang went to the hospital earlier in the morning and took a B-scan. Shes already four weeks pregnant, but"

Yan Dong faltered and he looked at Tang Moer.

Tang Moers heart sank, she could already tell that Yan Dongs following sentence wasnt going to be favorable for her.

"But, the doctor also mentioned that Miss Tang didnt want to have the child and asked for abortion pills, hence the prescription."


Gu Mohan lowered his eyes, looking at the document in his hands. He threw it in Tang Moers direction, the papers were in mid-air before it landed on the carpeted ground.

His eyes were slightly bloodshot, he glared at her and questioned, "Moer, what else do you have to say about his?"

Tang Moer could only laugh bitterly. What else she had to say? No matter what she said, nothing would help.

Everything just happened so unknowingly, the documents at the hospital were doctored and everyone allegedly legitimate could testify that she wanted an abortion.

At the same time, she felt a deep fear rising within her. It was obvious that someone powerful was pulling strings behind the scenes, controlling her life, bit by bit. Who was trying to set her up?

She was just one step away from taking that abortion pill.

She was just one step away from losing her baby.

Tang Moer laughed to herself. "Gu Mohan, I dont care if youre convinced or not. Im going to say it one more time. I got the pills with the intention to secure my pregnancy, not to abort my child. Someone is trying to set me up!"

Gu Mohan got up from the sofa and walked in front of her. He had put his anger away and placed his hand on her head, trying to sound as comforting as possible. "Moer, I believe you. Ill believe whatever you say."

Tang Moers eyes lit up, he believed that she was telling the truth?

"The process doesnt matter, whats important is the end result. Moer, Ill treat it as nothing has happened. Nothing will change in our relationship, as long as you give birth to my son smoothly."

Hearing his words, Tang Moer felt disappointed. So he didnt truly believe her after all.

But she didnt bother to say anything else, nothing would help, even if she continued explaining herself.

No one would believe her.

Not even her Mr Gu.

"Moer, you shouldnt head outside from today onwards. Ill help you put a hold to all of your schedules. Since youve claimed that someone is out to harm you, Ill assign more bodyguards to protect you. Ill also ensure that your meals are safe, you shall stay in this apartment for the whole pregnancy term. Ill make sure to make time for you in these ten months."

Tang Moers pupils dilated with horror. "Gu Mohan, are you going to lock me up?"

"Youre not locked up, I just want to ensure that nothing bad happens and youll give birth to the baby smoothly"

Tang Moer pushed him away. "Gu Mohan, youre not only going to keep me locked up here, youre also keeping me under surveillance, under the pretense of having those bodyguards around to protect me! Youre just afraid that Ill do something to your sonmmh!"

Gu Mohan leaned forward and kissed her on the lips.

He kissed her roughly, forcing his tongue inside her mouth and a faint, bloody smell mixed in their breaths.

He had made her bleed.

"Moer, nothing bad will happen to my son, right? Remember my words, I wasnt joking earlier on. If something happens to my son, Ill never let you off, or perhaps, Ill even destroy you.

"As long as you give birth to my son with no issues, Ill tolerate everything and fulfill every demand of yours. My son and I will make sure to treat you well in the future.

Tang Moer was speechless.

"Okay, theres no need for you to say anything, I know that youve had a long day. Go back to your room and have some rest, Ill handle everything."

Gu Mohan let go of her and pushed her into the room.

Tang Moer was really locked up, she couldnt even take a step out of the apartment and Gu Mohan even confiscated her cell phone, not allowing her to have any contact with the outside world.

Auntie Wu was back and was in charge of taking care of all of her needs.

Knock knock. Auntie Wu stood outside of her room one night and said, "Young Madam, Sir is back and he wants to have dinner with you."

He was always back early as promised, so he could spend more time with her and the baby.

Tang Moer stepped out of her room. In the dining room, Gu Mohans sleeves were rolled up, revealing his muscular forearms. He bent down, placing a dish on the dining table.

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