Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 566

Chapter 566 Tang Moer Was Missing

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Tang Moer glanced at the dish, it was stir-fried pork with bamboo shoots.

Mr Gu used to cook that dish for her.

He lifted his head, looking in her direction as he said affectionately, "Moer, come over, lets have dinner together."

Tang Moer walked over and he held her slim waist, placing her on his lap. He picked up his chopsticks and tried to feed her a piece of meat. "Open your mouth and have a taste, tell me if its delicious?"

Tang Moer twisted her head around, not wanting to eat it. She placed her hands on his chest and tried to push him away. She continued refusing, "Gu Mohan, stop it, Auntie Wu is watching."

He had placed her on his lap and even fed her personally, publicly displaying his affection.

He didnt really care about what others thought, but Tang Moer did.

"How is Auntie Wu looking? Shes already left."


"Be good. Open your mouth, Moer."

"Ive already had dinner, I dont feel like eating anymore."

"You have to taste it even if you dont feel like having anymore food. Ive tried making it a few times already, its really not bad. Open your mouth, just have a tiny bit," Gu Mohan insisted.

He held her body in his arms and if she wasnt going to eat it, he wouldnt let go of her. Tang Moer frowned and placed her hand on her chest, she was feeling nauseous.

Gu Mohan quickly put down his chopsticks, patting her back with his hand. "Moer, are you feeling unwell?"

Tang Moer took the chance to push him away. "Im really tired, Im going to sleep now."

She hurried into her room.

Gu Mohans heart sank after seeing her shut the door on him. His expression turned somber. She wasnt truly nauseous, but rather was putting up an act. She didnt want to taste the dish.

He raised the corners of his lips into a wry smile, pouring the entire dish of stir-fried pork with bamboo shoots into the bin.

He stood in a corner and emanated an indescribable sense of despondency. He really didnt know how to deal with her.

In the room.

As Tang Moer lay on the soft bed, she felt the edge of the other side of the bed sinking. Gu Mohan had just taken a shower and put on a black silky pajamas before getting in bed.

She slept on her side with her back facing him. He stretched out an arm to grasp her shoulder and turned her around forcibly.

Tang Moer batted her eyelashes, wanting to say something but he spoke first. "Moer, let me dote on my son."

He lifted her negligee, running his calloused thumb over her tummy and nuzzling his face against it.

His actions tugged at her heartstrings, he seemed to care for the baby a lot.

"Son, you must be good and not disturb Mommy, okay? Mommy isnt having it easy being pregnant with you, so you must behave well." Gu Mohan kissed her tummy.

His lips were still on his tummy even after giving it a kiss, he hadnt shaved his mustache and it was short and prickly against her delicate skin. It hurt a little.

Tang Moer could sense something fishy, he seemed to have other intentions and so she quickly tried to push him away. "Are you done yet, can you get up already?"

"No, Im done with my son but Im thinking of doting on my sons mommy."

"Gu Mohan!"

Gu Mohan continued to put his head under her negligee

Tang Moer put up a struggle, trying to push him away. "Gu Mohan, Im pregnant, we cant do anything like this!"

Gu Mohans voice was already hoarse. "We havent done anything yet. Moer, cant I touch you, or even kiss you for a bit?"


Gu Mohan finally moved out, supporting himself with his arms by her side as he looked at her. "Why?"

Judging from his expression, it was obvious that he was displeased. He had always been dominating in bed and was the epitome of a male chauvinist. Now that she didnt allow him to touch her, he wasnt able to satisfy his sexual desires and was undoubtedly frustrated.

Back when he hadnt lost his memories, even when she had her period, he still had his ways of torturing her in bed.

Once he was satisfied, he would behave just like the most perfect man, holding her in his arms, coaxing her with every possible way. He would even reach for the stars if she requested for him to do so.

Tang Moer looked him straight in his eyes. "If you kiss me and touch me all over, it will arouse me too much and result in uterine contractions. This will cause negative effects on the fetus development. This is all basic child rearing knowledge, do you understand it now?"

She sounded well reasoned while telling him those words, but Gu Mohans face turned somber.

He quickly held her hand, placing it on his body.

"No!" Tang Moer quickly retracted her hand.

His face darkened and he started speaking, "Moer, you dont allow me to touch or kiss you, so fine, Im already listening to you. But Im still a man after all, I do have my desires and Im just borrowing your hand for awhile, dont try to claim that its prohibited during pregnancies too."

He knelt in front of her, his eyes were shooting lustful glances at her.

Tang Moer lifted a hand and tucked her hair behind her ears. Her skin was fair and delicate, one couldnt take their eyes off of her. Her beauty was ravishing and she was a stunner.

"Thats right, you cant do this!"

"Ha." Gu Mohan laughed forcibly, "Give me a reason why you cant do it. Go on, convince me."

"Thats because, once you take off your pants and I see it Ill feel the urge too."


She definitely said that on purpose!

Once a woman told a man that she has the urge in bed, it was definitely a provocative phrase. But he couldnt do anything to her!

He could only glare at her, before he cursed, "Moer, count yourself lucky that youre still pregnant. Watch how Ill destroy you after you give birth to our son."

He then strode furiously into the bathroom after speaking.

Bam! He closed the bathroom door with a loud slam.

He went to take a cold shower.

Tang Moer sat up after ensuring he was still in the shower, she took the cell phone that he had left on the nightstand.

After crafting a message, she sent it out.

After ensuring that it was delivered, she quickly deleted the message history.

After she was done, she lay back down on the bed and he was already out of the bathroom.

He lay beside her, stretching an arm to pull her into his embrace, hugging her to sleep.

He planted a kiss on her forehead before he sighed confidingly to her. "Moer, good night."

Tang Moer couldnt sleep for the entire night.

The next day, at night.

Gu Mohan had returned to the apartment and after removing his coat, he headed straight for the bedroom as usual. But he was shocked after pushing the room door open.


The bedroom was empty, Tang Moer was missing.

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