Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 651

Chapter 651 Lets Talk About Love 10

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Theyve escaped! Hurry up and go after them! Meng Ches underlings were all chasing after them.

Tang Moer turned to look at Anan, her lustrous eyes were filled with determination. Anan, dont be afraid, dont turn around. We have to get out of here! Run!

Anan held onto Tang Moers hand. Little sister-in-law, Im not afraid.


Argh! They could hear some yells from behind.

Wolf, its a wolf! Theres a wolf! The underlings were all screaming.

Tang Moer and Anan stopped running, they turned back to check and all they saw were pairs and pairs of luminous eyes in the darkness. A pack of wolves had come.

They were mistaken, it wasnt just one wolf, but a pack of wolves.

The wolves had rushed over and within seconds, the underlings were all defeated. There was a bloody scent in the air.

Tang Moer wasnt feeling well at all, in fact, she was feeling nauseous.

Her hands pressed against her stomach and she crouched over, beginning to throw up.

Little sister-in-law! Anan screamed.

Tang Moer lifted her head and saw a wolf pouncing towards her.

Her pupils contracted, she could only feel her vision darkening and her mind went blank.

And then there was nothing.

She didnt feel the pain she was expecting. Instead, the wolf suddenly collapsed.

A handsome face had appeared before her.

Gu Mohan. It was Gu Mohan.

Gu Mohan was holding a knife and he slid it across the wolfs body. His entire countenance was imposing and he was just like the knight who saved the damsel in distress.

His gaze was fixated on her.

Brother, youre finally here!

Tang Moers legs went weak and she instantly hugged her stomach in relief.

A muscular arm was around her waist and Gu Mohan supported her up, planting a kiss on her hair before he asked, Baby, are you okay?

Tang Moer shook her head. The baby is fine.

Baby, Im asking about you. His voice sounded tender and loving.

She had assumed that he was referring to the child, but he was actually calling her baby instead.

Tang Moers heart palpitated.

Brother, stop flirting, there are still wolves around! Anan reminded him.

Gu Mohan had gotten rid of one wolf and the others were getting closer, surrounding him.

Gu Mohan pulled Tang Moer and Anan behind him. Stand behind me and dont move.

Tang Moer tugged on his sleeves. Gu Mohan, be careful.

Dont worry, my entire family is here, Ill make sure to protect you all.

His wife, child and sister were all here. They were the most important people in his life, he would never collapse.

A wolf pounced over and Gu Mohan held the knife up, quickly slashing it.

The warm blood spilled all over his face, he was ready to fight the second wolf but his head suddenly started to throb

Gu Mohan, let me out!

You cant come out now, piss off!

What are you afraid of, afraid that Ill hurt your precious Moer?

Youd better not mess with her.

Why not? Gu Mohan, shed already become one of your weaknesses, I must help you get rid of her.

There were two sounds inside his head, Gu Mohan felt his head almost bursting open. The corner of his mouth was bleeding and he collapsed onto the ground.

Gu Mohan had fainted.

Tang Moer gasped, seeing him collapse. She quickly ran in front. Gu Mohan!

Little sister-in-law, be careful!

A wolf pounced over, aiming for Tang Moer. Anan quickly ran over and acted as Tang Moers human shield.

At that dangerous moment, a tall figure suddenly pounced over, hugging Anan and they rolled away from the wolf.

Anan suddenly felt herself being hugged by someone. A muscular arm was around her slim waist, holding her tightly in his arms.

Another hand was on the back of her head, pressing her head inside his arms and making sure she wouldnt get hurt. Since she had been hugged while they rolled away, she wasnt hurt at all.

A masculine scent floated into her nose, intertwined with a faint, soapy smell.

It wasnt the smell of a shower gel, but of a soap bar.

They finally stopped rolling and Anan was underneath the man. She fluttered her eyelashes as she finally caught a glimpse of the man. It was Lu Yan.

Lu Yan was here.

Why was he here?

Why did he come?

Are you hurt? Lu Yan looked at her and asked.

Anan averted her eyes and didnt answer him. Her eyes were red and watery, the feelings of grievance and helplessness came crashing at her.

All she could hear was the mean words he had uttered from the previous night. If that was true, why was he here?

Why did he save her?

He shouldnt have come here and saved her. If he kept doing things like this, she wouldnt be able to control her feelings again.

She felt that he was merely giving his body away to other women, but his heart belonged to her.

But that wasnt enough for Anan, she wanted more. She wanted a complete him, she wanted his heart and his body to belong to her, and only her.

She needed him to stay loyal and faithful to only her.

And that was because she was only going to have one man in her life.

Noticing that her eyes were averted, Lu Yans face darkened. She was lowering her eyes and her lips were pouted indignantly. She was behaving like a spoiled little child.

Lu Yan felt his throat getting dry, his Adams apple bobbed and he wanted to kiss her. He knew that he had said too much last night, but he had no other choice.

Lu Yan, Anan, stop flirting. The wolf! Tang Moer screamed.

Anan lifted her eyes and saw a ferocious wolf pouncing over.

Lu Yan! Anan quickly tugged on his sleeve.

Lu Yan pressed her head into his chest with even more force and he muttered, Anan, dont be afraid.

Holding the knife in his left hand, Lu Yan slit the throat of the wolf in one clean motion.


Blood splattered around and it was all over Lu Yans black shirt.

His fringe covered his bloodshot eyes. When killing the wolf, he didnt even bat an eyelid. He was just like an emotionless warrior.

Anan lifted her head to see the dead wolf in front of them, there wasnt a drop of blood on her at all.

Lu Yan, why is your body so warm? Her hand was on his muscles. Anan suddenly realized that his body temperature was abnormally high.

His body was just like a ball of fire, her fingertips were almost scalded just from touching him.

What was wrong with him?

Lu Yan held onto her hand and pulled it away from his body. He felt even more unwell when she touched him.

Im fine.

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