Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 849

Chapter 849 The Men In Moers Family 4

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He had a grandson?

Old Master Lus eyes lit up.

Old Madam Lu gave a sigh and continued to persuade him. "Moer is already an adult but she hasnt acknowledged us as her grandparents yet. I miss my granddaughter and grandson. Although Jinwen is a scoundrel, hes our son after all. He has lived wretchedly all these years. Do you think that he can handle his wife and children with his own ability? If we dont help him, Im afraid that he will be lonely in his old age."

Almost convinced by Old Madam Lus persuasion, Old Master Lu, he suddenly recollected Lu Jinwens unscrupulous behavior and shook his head. "Im not going back."

Old Madam Lu promptly stood up. "Alright, I will go back alone."

With that, Old Madam Lu went upstairs.

"My wife, wait for me! I was just joking. I want to go back too!"

CC Bar.

Lu Jinwen hung up the phone and placed it into his pocket. He turned around to leave.

He had just made a turn when he saw the family of three ahead at the corridor. Tang Moer was holding Little Gu Yelins hand and walking ahead, with Gu Mohan chasing after her.

Gu Mohan grasped Tang Moers slender wrist. "You can go but leave my son behind!"

Tang Moer glared at Gu Mohan coldly. "President Gu, rest assured that Ill take care of Niuniu. You can continue to fool around here."

Gu Mohans handsome features became grim instantly. "What do you mean? Are you snatching my son away from me?"

Just as Tang Moer was about to speak, she heard two coughs. She glanced sideways and saw Lu Jinwen walking over with one hand in his pocket.

Lu Jinwen glanced at Gu Mohan first. "Remove your hand." Gu Mohan was still grasping Tang Moers slender wrist.

"Alright, Ill listen to Dad." Gu Mohan promptly released his hand.

Lu Jinwen looked at Tang Moer and said in a low voice. "Whatever the issue is, go home to discuss it. Its awful to make a scene over here."

Gu Mohan curved his thin lips. "Dad, you understand me the most."

Tang Moer rolled her eyes and looked at Gu Mohan. "Who are you calling Dad?"

"Dad, look at her"


Tang Moer looked at Lu Jinwen. "Are you my Dad?"


Seeing that Lu Jinwen was put on the spot, Gu Mohan smiled but soon later, he straightened his face. "Dad, Moer is ignorant, dont be angry. Ill discipline her well at home"

"Gu Mohan, I still can grudgingly consider him as my Dad. How are you related to me? You can cozy up to my Dad, but did I let you do so to me?"


Both men were rendered speechless by Tang Moer. Little Gu Yelin got anxious and he promptly tugged on Tang Moers hand. "Fairy Sister, dont be angry. My Daddy likes you very much. Just now, he said that your Mimi is the largest."


The atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

Tang Moer gasped and looked at Little Gu Yelin in shock. "Niuniu, what did your Daddy say?"

"My Daddy said"

"Alright Niuniu, Ill take you out to play while Daddy and Fairy Sister chat for a while, okay?" Lu Jinwen held Little Gu Yelins hand.

But Little Gu Yelin stepped backwards and did not let Lu Jinwen hold his hand. Tang Moer looked at Lu Jinwen. "Niuniu is not familiar with you. Dont scare him."

Little Gu Yelin looked at Lu Jinwen and said in a childish voice, "Can you carry me instead?"

So Little Gu Yelin wanted Lu Jinwen to carry him. Lu Jinwen swiftly lowered his broad body and carried Little Gu Yelin. With that, both grandfather and grandson left.

Little Gu Yelin had actually taken a liking to Lu Jinwen so quickly. Tang Moer was speechless.

Hmm, alright.

Now that there was noone else, Tang Moer looked up at Gu Mohan with her pristine eyes. "Gu Mohan, how could you spout rubbish to Niuniu? What do you mean by my is the biggest?"

She was too embarrassed to say the word aloud.

Gu Mohan stuck one hand into his pocket and his cold, narrow eyes landed on Tang Moers chest. He smiled wryly and said, "Ha, I didnt spout rubbish. Look at how big your Mimi is."


Tang Moer raised her leg to kick him.

Gu Mohans gaze turned frosty. He grasped her smooth shoulder and pinned her against her wall. The playfulness in him had disappeared and he stared at her viciously. "Im not your Mr Gu, who can let you climb on top of his head. Im warning you again. Dont touch me, hm?"

With that, he glanced again at her chest. "So what if your Mimi is big. Do you think I care? Do you believe that I wont be aroused even if you take your clothes off now?"

His eyes were full of revulsion and loathing towards her. He was not lying. He really did not have any feelings towards her.

Tang Moer curved her red lips and her bright eyes sparkled coldly. "You cant get aroused? When people are impotent, they tend to conceal the truth out of embarrassment. This is the first time Ive seen someone who cant wait to tell the whole world that hes impotent. Oh, I understand now. You are impotent."



What did she just say?

Gu Mohan looked like he had just swallowed a fly. Or maybe even a handful of them. Even though he did not like women, he was definitely not impotent!

"Tang Moer, your Mr Gu has already been replaced by me. He wont be coming out again. Do you believe that I will strangle you if you continue to provoke me?"

Tang Moer fluttered her luscious lashes playfully and did not bother to reply. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Gu Xiaoer, what I do remember is that whenever I touch you, you will feel terrible."

Gu Xiaoer???

It was Gu Mohans first time hearing this name and it sounded outlandish to him. He immediately knitted his brows and wanted to push this woman aside.

But the fragrant scent of a young girl wafted to her nose. Tang Moer immediately lunged forward and kissed his thin lips.

She kissed him?

She actually kissed him!

Gu Mohans broad body immediately froze and he narrowed his black eyes. His mind was full of the hideous scene he had witnessed when he was younger, which was his father pinning a female secretary down on a table.

His breathing became harsh and haggard and he wanted to strangle this brazen woman.

He had never been kissed by anyone before!

At this moment, Tang Moer pushed him away and stepped backwards. Her long skirt swished prettily around her crystal stilettos. There is a pocket handkerchief in her hand and she used it to wipe her red lips, before rolling into a ball and hurling it towards him.

The handkerchief rolled to his shiny leather shoes.


This damn woman!

She was challenging him!

Gu Mohans narrow eyes were already bloodshot.

Tang Moer tucked a lock of silky hair behind her ear and her voice was delicate and captivating. "Hey, Gu Xiaoer, you look terrible. Have I just stolen your first kiss?"

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