Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 850

Chapter 850 Empty Dialogue 1

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Have I just stolen your first kiss?

This sentence made Gu Mohans expression morph into one of outrage. "Tang Moer, you are asking to die!"

He strode towards Tang Moer.

Tang Moer did not evade him. At this moment, a handsome figure appeared. Tang Chenyi was leaning lazily against the wall with his hands stuck in his trousers pockets. He glanced at Gu Mohan nonchalantly. "Brother-in-law, you have to talk nicely to Elder Sister."


Gu Mohan stopped in his tracks. He realized that there were many people protecting Tang Moer, firstly Lu Jinwen and followed by Tang Chenyi.

Tang Moer did not give Gu Mohan a second glance. "Chenyi, lets go back."

Tang Chenyi followed Tang Moer obediently.

Gu Mohan watched as the pair of siblings disappeared from his line of sight and his features became grim. Just then, his cell phone rang.

He whipped out his cell phone and answered. "Hello."

"President Gu, are you free tomorrow to come to the casino?"

Gu Mohan smiled and excitement flashed across his narrow eyes. "Alright, I want to see all of you lose money!"

The next day.

Lin Xuanyin was very excited. Today was the day of her heart transplant operation and she could finally recover from her congenital heart condition and live a normal life.

Just then, a long luxury car stopped in the field and Butler Ye opened the car door. He gave a slight smile. "Madam Lin, you can get into the car now."

Madam Lin?

This Butler Ye was really fast in changing the way he addressed her. In the past, he would address her respectfully as "Madam Xuanyin".

Lin Xuanyin glared at Butler Ye and got into the car. There was no one else, Lu Jinwen was not around.

"Butler Ye, Jinwen did not come today?"

"My apologies, Madam Lin. Its not appropriate for me to reveal Sirs whereabouts to you. If you wish to see Sir, youll have to make an appointment."


Lin Xuanyin was so furious she nearly fainted.

Half an hour later, the luxury car stopped at the hospital. Old Master Lin had arrived.

"Dad, you have arrived?" Lin Xuanyin swiftly went ahead to hold Old Master Lin.

Old Master Lin looked at Butler Ye and said in a low voice, "Xuanyin, didnt Jinwen come along?"

"I dont know either" Lin Xuanyin was very disappointed. Even though Lu Jinwen had divorced her, he actually did not turn up on such an important day.

At this moment, they heard a commotion behind and a flurry of steady footsteps. Someone had come.

Lin Xuanyin glanced sideways and her eyes instantly lit up. It was Lu Jinwen.

Today, Lu Jinwen was wearing a tailored gray shirt and black trousers. He walked steadily over and one could not help but to admire his calm composure. When he walked over, he attracted everyones gazes.

The nurses blushed when they looked at him.

"Jinwen." Lin Xuanyin hastened forward. She tugged on Lu Jinwens sleeve. "This is so wonderful. I knew you would come."

But Lu Jinwen raised his hand and did not let her touch him. The mans deep almond-shaped eyes stared at Lin Xuanyin coldly.

Lin Xuanyin froze and the smile was stiff on her face.

At this moment, Old Master Lin smiled and said, "Jinwen, Xuanyins very happy that you can come. Ive asked my secretary to draft a contract regarding the Lu Corporations investment in DHA. You can take a look when the operation is successfully over. If there are no issues, we can sign it today."

Butler Ye was speechless.

This Old Master Lin had come to the hospital for this contract. If Lu Jinwen signed it, the Lin Family would have a stake in the Lu Corporation.

Butler Ye expressed his disapproval. This father-and-daughter pair were trying to obtain some gains and benefits from Sir. They were indeed shameless!

Lu Jinwen did not have much of an expression. Based on his riches, power and high societal status in Capital, supporting the Lin Family was a piece of cake to him.

At this moment, the main doctor walked over. "Mr Lu, good day to you."

Lu Jinwen nodded. "Can we begin the operation now?"

"Yes, the success rate of the operation is 90 percent. Once the operation is successful, the patient can make a full recovery."

Lin Xuanyins heart leaped with joy. She could finally get rid of this congenital heart condition. "Doctor, what are we waiting for? Lets begin now."


The doctor had just nodded his head when a nurse ran over and spoke into the doctors ear in panic. The doctors expression changed.

Lin Xuanyins heart skipped a beat. Could something have happened?

No, she could not accept anything happening at this crucial moment!

"Mr Lu, something has cropped up. Madam Wang, the donor who is willing to donate her heart, suddenly has a request. She hopes that both of you can go to a place before the operation."

"What place?"

"Bangkok Number 1."

Bangkok Number 1.

Everyone gasped and their expressions changed when they heard these words.

Bangkok Number 1?

It was actually Bangkok Number 1!

Lu Jinwens handsome and chiseled features suddenly became cold. He had never gone to Bangkok Number 1, but Bangkok Number 7 would forever be the thorn in his heart.

Many years ago, Lin Xuanji had asked someone to deliver a note. She had asked him to meet at Bangkok Number 7, which was the land of death, and he nearly lost his life there.

Now, the donor, Madam Wang, wanted everyone to go to Bangkok Number 1. There was a glint in Lu Jinwens deep almond-shaped eyes and a ghost of a smile played on his lips.

"Alright, we will head to Bangkok Number 1." Lu Jinwen turned around.

"Jinwen!" Lin Xuanyin gave a shrill cry and swiftly blocked Lu Jinwen. She shook her head vehemently. "No, dont go!"

Dont go to Bangkok Number 1.

Lu Jinwens eyes were as deep as an abyss and boundlessly dark. "The donor suddenly wants us to head to Bangkok Number 1. Its evident that she wants us to watch a show. In that case, well go and see what shes playing at."

With that, Lu Jinwen looked at Lin Xuanyin with a face devoid of expression. "Lin Xuanyin, you seem scared. What are you afraid of?"

"Scared? Im not scared!" Lin Xuanyin promptly denied.

Lu Jinwens gaze was so piercing that he could almost drill holes in her. "Youre trembling."

Lin Xuanyin glanced down and saw that her limbs were indeed trembling.

At this moment, Old Master Lin pulled Lin Xuanyin over. "Jinwen, this Madam Wang suddenly wants us to go to Bangkok Number 1. Im afraid this is a scam."

Old Master Lins countenance was grim because he felt things were unusual.

Lu Jinwen stuck one hand into his trousers and curved his lips. "And so, all the more we should go and take a look."

With that said, he strode away.

One hour later, the luxury car stopped at Bangkok Number 1.

"Mr Lu, good day to you. Please take a seat. We have a show which is commencing soon. We would like to invite everyone to enjoy it.

Someone brought them into the hall. Lu Jinwen sat down, and the curtains at the stage ahead were gradually drawn

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