Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 851

Chapter 851 Empty Dialogue 2

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It was a stage play!

What was it going to be about?

Lin Xuanyins heart fell as she looked at Old Master Lin by her side. "Dad, I have a bad feeling about this."

"Yes, obviously," Old Master Lin said darkly.

Lin Xuanyin didnt dare speak another word.

"Old Master Lin, Miss Lin, please take a seat here." At this moment, Butler Ye spoke up, and guided them to their seat behind Lu Jinwen.

This all happened too fast for Old Master Lin and Lin Xuanyin to prepare themselves, and they could only force themselves to sit down.

The curtains rose slowly

A girl in red appeared on the stage, her eyes wandering seductively. She lowered her head as she wrote something down on a slip of paper.

"Lu Jinwen, Ill be waiting in Bangkok 1 for you tomorrow. If you dont show up, I wont like you anymore."

The girl was muttering to herself, her beautiful voice slightly coquettish. She then passed this slip of paper to a messenger.

As he set off to deliver the message, he stopped in his tracks halfway there and looked around warily, before taking out a pen and unfurling the paper, changing Bangkok 1 to 7.

With a bang, Lu Jinwen suddenly got out of his seat. In his hurry, he knocked over the fruit platter on the table, which crashed onto the floor with a resounding noise that seemed to echo throughout the room.

Old Master Lin and Lin Xuanyins pupils contracted. What was going on? It was all over. The actual events all those years ago had been revealed through this stage play, which had re-enacted everything in front of Lu Jinwen.

Lu Jinwens deep eyes immediately turned red, as his eyes stayed riveted to the scene on the stage, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

The past came flooding back all at once, consuming him. After a while, he turned around and left.

"Jinwen, where are you going? Dont leave!" Lin Xuanyin quickly blocked Lu Jinwens path.

But in the next second, Lu Jinwen reached out to give her a push, swiftly and coldly. Lin Xuanyin fell onto the floor like an untethered kite.

Lin Xuanyin felt an intense pain in her heart. When she raised her eyes, Lu Jinwens tall figure had already vanished.

He had left.

No, dont go. Dont go!

Lin Xuanyin placed her hand painfully over her heart. "I need the surgery now, to replace my heart. Where is this Miss Huang?"

She needed the surgery to replace her heart now. Any longer, and she might die!

What just happened?

It was a set up!

It was all a set up!

Old Master Lin snapped back to the present in shock. He knew that they were done for. Lu Jinwen already knew the truth of what happened all those years ago. But Lin Xuanyin still had use. She was still Lu Jinwens savior!

Old Master Lin grabbed hold of Lin Xuanyin quickly. He turned to Butler Ye and screamed, "Butler Ye, were already here at Bangkok 1. Prepare the surgery quick. Lin Xuanyin cant hold on any longer!"

Lin Xuanyin felt the pain in her heart getting worse. A sheen of cold sweat glistened on her brows. She felt like she was going to die from the pain.

At this moment, a melodious voice sounded beside her ear. "Lin Xuanyin, theres no such surgery here. You only have one ending, which is to wait for your own death."

Old Master Lin and Lin Xuanyin were stunned. Both of them raised their eyes as a slim, beautiful figure approached them. Tang Moer was walking towards them in a pair of stilettos.

It was Tang Moer.

She was in a black lace dress, her wavy hair pulled into a ponytail, steeliness shining through her gentle eyes. She was gorgeous, her aura stunning. Her stilettos stopped in front of Lin Xuanyin. She looked down at Lin Xuanyin and Old Master Lin.

Lin Xuanyin understood everything once Tang Moer appeared. It was all a trap!

"Tang Moer, this was all your set up wasnt it? There was no suitable heart in the first place. Miss Wang doesnt exist, and the heart transplant surgery is false. It was all your set up!" Lin Xuanyin screamed at her.

Tang Moers red lips slowly curved upwards. "Lin Xuanyin, congratulations. Youre right, Miss Wang doesnt exist. We were the ones who made this information up and released it."

"Now, Lu Jinwen has already divorced you. Youre no longer Miss Lu, and you dont have a suitable heart either. All you can do now is wait for death. Lin Xuanyin, now that youve exhausted all your schemes, you are going to pay with your life. Tell me, how does it feel?"

"You!" Lin Xuanyins expression turned extremely ugly.

She She had nothing left.

She had divorced Lu Jinwen for the heart transplant. And now even that was all a sham!

Now she knew. The moment Lin Xuanji stepped into the Capital with her daughter and son in hand, she had already set the trap in motion.

It wasnt Lin Xuanji intention to use Lu Jinwen as a knife. It wasnt her intention to use Lu Jinwen at all. It was enough for her to use Lin Xuanji.

Lin Xuanji really was both beautiful and intelligent! She had set a trap, and caught everyone in it.

Lin Xuanji!

"Where is Xuanji? I want to see Xuanji! Xuanyin is her biological sister. Why is she treating her sister like this!" Old Master Lin shouted angrily.

Tang Moer raised her beautiful brows as her bright eyes landed on Old Master Lin. "Old Master, Im sorry but my mom doesnt wish to see you. But she does have a few words for you. She wants me to tell you that the Lin Family is going to die with you. The Lin Family will soon be buried."

The Lin Family would soon be buried?

Old Master Lin trembled in shock. He recalled that many years ago, when Xuanji and Xuanyin were just born, he had invited a monk to tell their fortune.

The monk hadnt taken notice of Xuanyin at all, and pointed straight at Xuanji with a smile. He said that she was destined to become rich and dignified beyond belief. To have her by his side would bring great prosperity to his entire family, but could also mean the destruction of his lineage.

After all these years, Old Master Lin still remembered the monks words, and had always been wary of Xuanji.

Xuanji had been both talented and beautiful since she was young and many men had fallen for her. The Young Master of the Lu Family, which controlled the Capital, and Jun Mosheng, the Young Master from Karghalik had both been head over heels for her. Gu Tianling, the Young Master of the Gu Family had also been smitten with her. She really was like a goddess.

But she had also begun to disobey him, just like the monk had said. Because he was fearful of her, he started ruining her slowly.

Was it really true that fate could not be changed, and she was really going to destroy the entire Lin Family?

Old Master Lin collapsed onto the floor.

"Moer." At this moment, the young actress in the play, Li Ruo, walked over and handed the script over to Tang Moer. "Moer, why does this script have four pages? Two of them contain the script for the play, but why are the last two empty?"

Tang Moer took the script over and flipped to the last two pages. Her red lips curving into a smile, she said, "Because youve only acted out half the play."

Half of the events surrounding Bangkok 1 all those years ago hadnt been acted out yet, so it was still empty.

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