Young Master Jun's 100 Hundred Techniques To Spoil His Wife Chapter 3

Young Master Jun's 100 Hundred Techniques To Spoil His Wife Chapter 3

Chapter 3:Feng jiaforced

As she heard the cries of her sister, Feng Sujin felt heartache, her body trembling from anger. Without thinking, she pushed the door open and walked into the living room shouting: Would you stop, ..STOP!

I am obedient, dont hit me, dont hit me

Su Fei, come over.

Feng Sufei saw that Feng Sujin was back, she hurried up and ran to her side, her whole body was shaking.

Sister, sister, they beat me

Feng Sujin felt distressed and patted the head of Feng Sufei. Dont be afraid, dont be afraid, big sister is here.

Feng Sufei is one year younger than her, but her mind is like a childs. Eversince their mother left, she had been taking care of her. And so she followed the arrangement of Feng jia, executing their instructions step by step. But, she didnt expect that in the end, they still carry her and beat her sister.

How can this not make her angry! Not make her heart turn cold!

The old lady was sitting at the back, inside the Feng house, sitting there, watching Feng Sujin, she suddenly placed the cup on the table.
You still have the face to come back. If not because of you, the marriage between FengjiaandLan jiawouldnt fall through. Now our family became the joke of all of Bei Quan city.

Feng Sujin clenched her hands tightly on her sides, trying to calm the temper and anger in her heart. In a tone neither servile nor overbearing, she said: What happened today is that Lan Beichen left, I tried to stop him,but he managed to shake me off, my head is still injured.

Saying that, Feng Sujin pushed her hair back, she had knocked her forhead with the edge of the table at the time, and there was indeed a big b.u.mp.

The old lady didn't care if she was injured or not. She just pushed all the blame onto Feng Sujin.

Thats because you dont have the skills, you cant even keep Lan Beichen, hurting yourself is quite natural.

Feng Sujin is suffocating in the heart, this old witch! She wants to tear her mouth.

But she restrained herself. She thought that if she married Lan Beichen, with their status as a married couple, her and her sisters situation can be better, but she did not expect it to turn like this!

Lan Beichen!

Feng Sujin doesnt know how Lan Beichen feels now, what his emotions are.

The old lady looked at the Feng Sujin. She saw that she did not speak, she also did not fight: As I said at the beginning, if you can marry Lan Beichen, Feng jiawill be in charge ofall of your fathers medical expenses. The old lady did not consider Feng Sujin and Feng Sufei family at all.

As soon as her father was mensioned, Feng Sujin's straight back would still bend down: Asking the Old lady to Be magnanimous. Her father had a car accident a few years ago and is still unconscious. He needs a lot of medical expenses every year to keep him alive.

Although father Feng is the eldest son of Feng jia. But the old lady, this old witch, was still there, she simply ido not take her father as a family member. And soto get treatment for her father, she agreed to marry Lan Beichen. After all, even if she works hard, she can only support herself and her sister. Concerning the treatment of her father, her ability is like a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood*, she has to rely on Feng jia, rely on their company.

The old lady took a sip of her tea then said: Then how about this, you go to find Lan Beichen, let the Lan jia forgive the past grievances and continue with the marriage.

As Feng Sujin listened, she felt like gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth, she kept telling herself: dont be impulsive, dont be impulsive, dont use your fists

The old lady is completely letting her lose her dignity in front of Lan jia. Even if the old lady is willing to make her devote herself to Lan Beichen, she Feng Sujin, is not willing to put herself in such a position.

Old lady, before it was Feng jia and Lan jia getting linked by marriage, our Feng jia is not wrong. It is the Lan jias own decision to cancel the marriage, so it is their fault.

You!, the old lady threw the tea cup directly at Feng Sujin .

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