Young Master Jun's 100 Hundred Techniques To Spoil His Wife Chapter 4

Young Master Jun's 100 Hundred Techniques To Spoil His Wife Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The ruthless young master Lan

Feng Sujin did not dodge, she suddenly reached out and grabbed the cup, and said coldly: The old lady wants to throw a teacup, I will throw it for you.

Then, the sound of Pa!, the teacup was thrown at the woman who had hit Feng Sufei.

Aiyo, Aiyo, old lady, it hurts

The old lady looked at this scene, and was left speechless. You, you

Old lady, dont be angry, dont be angry.

The person who helped take care of her, hurried to the old lady.

The old ladys earlier good mood completly vanished. Pointing her finger at Feng Sujin, she sneered : You, b.i.t.c.h. You dare to resist, you also know, now that our companys rawdiamond have problems. By not marrying into Lan jia, you rupture our only funds chanel. With no money, your father will not be saved.

Feng Sujin is very uncomfortable and depressed. Every time the old lady would ask her to do something, she would use her father. And every time, she had to compromise. She really couldn't stand it.

She took a deep breath. Well, I tried to stop Lan Beichen, but he refused to get married, I also cant help it.

At this time, a woman walked in through the door,freshlymade upandasprettyas aflower. She isFeng Sujins cousin*

Hey, isnt this my clean cousin ? Oh, when young master Lan was among us sisters, I personally chose you! I heard that he likes clean women. As long as you climb into Lan Beichens bed, Then, what is done cannot be undone, he will naturally marry you. " (T/n: I seriously cant figure out what she means by the second sentence: !)

Her tone reveals contempt and a hint of gloating at others misfortune.

At those days, it was because Feng Sujin exists, that she got the opportunity to approach Lan Beichen.

The old lady feels that this method is feasible, and it is necessary to let Feng Sujin and Lan Beichen do it, then ripe rice cant become raw**.

Feng Sujin took her sister out of the Family home, went to the hospital, and did a whole body check for her. Finding there was no problem, she was finally relieved. Asshe walked with her sister through the corridor, she heard what the doctors were discussing.

Did you hear? The big star Liu s.h.i.+ya is in the VIP ward number one.

Not only a beauty, but alsothe leading actress on the popular Tv Series. when I went to change her medicine, I saw her. She was even more beautiful than on TV.

You should speak quietly, I just saw Lan Beichen in the ward.

"Is it true that young master Lan left at his wedding with Feng Sujin because of Liu s.h.i.+ya?"

If you ask me, I naturally would choose Liu s.h.i.+ya. In addition to being from Feng jia person, Feng Sujin has nothing.

Feng Sujin listenedand did not change her expression, she took her sisters hand and headed towards the elevator.

Although Feng Sufeis mental age is that of a child, she was not completly clueless, she noticed that her sister is upset: Sister, dont be sad.

When Sujin heard her sisters words, she suddenly had the urge to cry.

For so many years, no matter how painful it was, she never despaired or tried to end her life, because she still has her sister, her only warmth.

When Feng Sujin and her sister got out of the hospital building, she suddenly saw a person approaching from a distance. It was Lan Beichen!

He is still has a handsome and n.o.ble appearance, his face is carved, his edges are sharp, his eyes are deep, his lips are slightly thin, and his posture is very good.He also wore a white suit at midday, white is even more lining with his temperament.

Seeing his appearance, her footsteps seemed to be heavy, and she could not move.

In two years, she always told herself that she owed him, so she poured all her feelings. But she never knew that the man was indifferent, so cold and ruthless.

She still remembers his expression when he threw her at the wedding

When Lan Beichen saw Feng Sujin, he frowned, seeming somewhat intolerant : How come you are here?

How ironic! She sneered, Why cant I be here?

(xiog de nr) : youngest paternal aunts sides daughter (Shng m zh chngsh fn) : When its done it cant be undone

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