Young Master Mo Are You Done Kissing? Book 2 Chapter 152

Volume 2 Chapter 152 This Man Had A Cold Indifference That Could Cause Fear To Seep Into Bones

Seeing she was relaxed and confident, Mo Jingshen held her waist and tugged her into his embrace. His low voice carried a hint of warning. "In the future, no matter what happens, you're not allowed to run up to cover me. Remember it well, do you hear me?"

Ji Nuan smiled. In that sort of situation, even if it were not a cup but a knife, her instincts would have been to rush out, nonetheless.

Mo Jingshen brought her back to their room and had a helper bring an ointment over. He directed her to sit down and leaned over to help her rub that fist-sized bruise on her leg.

Ji Nuan stared at him and asked, "Did you live in Los Angeles for a long period?"

Mo Jingshen's hand paused for but a blink of an eye before he continued pouring out more yellow-colored ointment to massage her leg.

"When I was studying in America, I lived in Los Angeles for around two to three years." Ji Nuan stared at him. "Have we met before?"

Mo Jingshen stood up, closing the ointment bottle and tossing it to the side.

He returned her gaze. "What do you think?"

What does she think?

There were only vague impressions left in her mind when it came to that period in America. After all, so many years had gone by in her previous life. Why would she spare the effort to reminisce about those days in school?

Thinking back now, she could not recall if she had met Mo Jingshen.

Any woman who had seen a man like him once would surely have a long-lasting impression of him. Even though Ji Nuan had already seen plenty of outstanding men since she was young, if she had met someone like Mo Jingshen, she was sure that she would not forget him.

"Probably not," Ji Nuan murmured to herself.

Mo Jingshen watched her; his eyes deepening profoundly.


At the same time, in the Ji family's villa.

It was already midnight. Ji Mengran's room was well-lit, but the atmosphere was incredibly stifling.

Earlier, she had dialed An Shuyan but had coldly received the following words: "Second Miss Ji, you don't need to waste time trying to reap any benefits from me. From the beginning, we've never been working together. Please don't call me again."

The call was then hung up.

Initially, she had planned on making use of the sharp blade that was An Shuyan to push Ji Nuan off of Mo Jingshen's side smoothly, but she had never expected An Shuyan would return to America so quickly. The reason behind her call was to gain a clear understanding of Mo Jingshen's current situation with Ji Nuan. Yet, she had actually received such a distant reply.

Clearly, this An Shuyan was in the same position as her. They both itched to push Ji Nuan away from this world, yet she acted as though she was of great importance; who was she trying to show this arrogance off to?

Returning to America was the same as leaving after facing a defeat. She was a failure, yet she acted as though she was above all.

What was even more surprising was that Mo Jingshen's father's interference did not shake Ji Nuan's position as Mrs. Mo. If Ji Nuan could be more suspicious or as pampered as she used to be, she would surely have continuously fought with Mo Jingshen.

Yet, Ji Nuan had maintained her composure the whole time and did not even cause a fuss once!

Ji Mengran had previously thought that against a strong opponent like An Shuyan, Ji Nuan would completely lose.

Yet right now, this unexpected result caused her to lose confidence.

Not only was Ji Nuan's current character difficult to understand, but she also had Mo Jingshen protecting her. This meant no matter what happens, it would be difficult to harm Ji Nuan.

In front of the Mo family, the Shine Group's director similarly could not use heavy methods to force her hand. After all, there was still the Elder above him. Mo Shaoze was trapped between Elder Mo and Mo Jingshen and would naturally be powerless despite having opposing thoughts.

After all, the person by Ji Nuan's side was not just anyone but Mo Jingshen.

That man had a cold indifference that could cause fear to seep into someone's bones, without making a sound, penetrating every area.


Two days later, early in the morning.

Ji Hongwen noticed Ji Mengran appeared to have slept poorly for the past few days. Ever since she had intentionally gone against Ji Nuan at the Mo home previously, Ji Hongwen had been extra strict with her. However, it was clear that while he could control her person, he could not control her heart.

He abruptly said coldly, "It's just a meal yet your face is so depressing. Your father is still alive and well, who are you mourning?

Ji Mengran choked and jumped. Her chopsticks almost slipped from her hands as she raised her eyes to speak, "Dad, it's because I had some trouble sleeping for the past few nights, so I…"

"You're having trouble sleeping because you have a guilty conscience!" Ji Hongwen coldly said.

Ji Mengran darkly bit her lip, tolerating the grievance as she shoved a mouthful of rice in her mouth.

Even though previously, when Ji Nuan was living at home, her father would always compare her with Ji Nuan—praising that she often accompanied him at home, that she was gentle and well-mannered, and that she did not contradict her elders—every line was full of praise for her and unhappiness for Ji Nuan.

Ji Mengran felt wronged and abruptly placed her bowl down, but under Ji Hongwen's glare, she could only pick up the bowl and continue eating. She could barely taste anything as her belly filled with anger.

"Old Ji, don't blame Meng Ran anymore. You've already scolded her previously. Do you want to be upset with her for the rest of your life? Ji Nuan isn't an outsider; they're both your daughters. Quite some time has passed by since the Mo family's incident, it's time to start afresh," Shen Heru gently persuaded.

Ji Hongwen coldly sneered. "Do you think you're clean? Do you really think I don't know how that chess board was taken away? Without you helping behind my back, would Meng Ran have the ability to enter my study and take it away?"

Shen Heru smiled at him as though currying favor and begging for forgiveness. Her gaze then flitted back to Ji Mengran, warning her not to cause any more trouble in front of her father.

This meal finished under Ji Hongwen's cold eyes. Ji Mengran's heart burned with fire the whole time.

Taking the opportunity while Ji Hongwen had left for the company in the day, Ji Mengran slipped out of the door. She could no longer visit the Yu Garden, and she had no idea where else Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen were staying at. The only thing she knew was that Ji Nuan's studio was located in Jin Lin Building. She directly took a cab there.

Walking into the building, she arrived at the level Mo Nuan Studio was located at.

Seeing the words 'Mo Nuan Studio,' Ji Mengran appeared calm, but her heart filled with a rush of nausea. Just as she was about to enter, her path was abruptly obstructed by a tall and skinny short-haired woman.

"Who are you?" Ji Mengran asked in confusion after being startled by this woman's cold aura. She took a step back.

Feng Ling did not speak and only watched her icily, preventing her from entering.

"Are you the receptionist here or some small employee? You dare to block my path? Do you know who I am?" After receiving such a cold disregard, Ji Mengran was extremely unhappy.

Feng Ling cut her off without any expression. "CEO Mo has ordered that the Ji family's Second Miss is to be treated like a dog. She cannot be allowed within a ten meters radius near Mrs. Mo."

Ji Mengran's delicately made-up face instantly ashened.

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