Young Master Mo Are You Done Kissing? Book 3 Chapter 261

Young Master Mo Are You Done Kissing? Volume 3 Chapter 261 With Sufficient Time To Sleep With Her To Tease Her And To Look At Her

Although the kiss marks were not too obvious, Ji Nuan refused to let Mo Jingshen near her neck again.

As it happened, the man did the very opposite of what she insisted. The more she refused, the harder he kissed. She was left begging for forgiveness on the bed, and only then, did he stop torturing her neck. However, his lower body did not slow his actions.


In the middle of the night, Ji Nuan was half-conscious when she noticed that the man was absent. She woke up to find him in the living room. He appeared to have just answered a call, and when he saw her awake, he placed his phone down and tossed it onto the sofa.

"Why are you awake?"

"Do you still have a lot of work left in T City? You don't have to keep staying in T City to accompany me. I'll be returning to Hai City in a month. Is staying here with me delaying your work?"

"I haven't been idle in T City. The work in the branch company is similar to the work in Hai City; only the working environment is different." Mo Jingshen glanced at her: "It won't be for very long. It's rare for me to have time to accompany you. Aren't you happy about it?"

Sufficient time to accompany her meant enough time to sleep with her, to tease her, and to watch her.

"I think you should prioritize work. I don't have anywhere I have to leave for after returning to Hai City. We'll have plenty of time to be with each other." Ji Nuan felt that if he continued sleeping with her every day, she really wouldn't have any energy for her studies. Although her grades were first in class, if this continued, she feared that her grades would only gradually decline.

After all, she couldn't shift her focus onto something else whenever this man was by her side. Her heart was always teased back and forth by him.

"We're husband and wife. We will never lack time to be with one another. If you're worried that you'll be affected by my presence, I won't disturb you when you're revising in the study room." Mo Jingshen held in a smile, clearly seeing through her thoughts. "Promising to let you study here was my biggest allowance. I made time to visit you. Are you even going to force me to live apart from you?"

Ji Nuan glared at him with sleepy eyes, unable to refute him.

"If you must keep a distance from me to study well" The man approached her, linking hands with her to return back to the bedroom. He carried her onto the bed and placed his hand against where her heart was located, saying meaningfully: "It means that you've lost control of your own heart, and you lose your composure whenever you see me. Can you blame me for that?"

Ji Nuan: ""

Was it because she had abruptly woken up, and because her mind was still in a state of disorder? She was actually at a loss for words from his simple response.

She wanted to defend herself, but at the same time, she found his point valid. Watching her struggling expression, Mo Jingshen leaned down with a darkened expression to give her a passionate and intimate kiss. "You don't want to sleep anymore? Earlier, you were still begging for me to let you off early. If you don't wish to sleep, I don't mind continuing our exercise from earlier. I'll enjoy it to my heart's content." "

From this kiss alone, Ji Nuan's eyes quickly turned misty. She did her best to compose her breath, and subconsciously pressed her thighs together to prevent him from reaching his hand in.

From Mo Jingshen's point of view, this one movement was akin to lighting another flame in his already darkened and heavy eyes.

"You're doing this on purpose?" He hoarsely bit against her lip.

"Earlier, I only startled awake because you weren't by my side. I'm still really sleepy." Ji Nuan moved her face away and pressed it against his chest. It was true that he had let her off after one round today. However, he was still really forceful and heavy. Even though she had already showered and slept some, her body still felt unreasonably sensitive in his arms.

Could it be that because he always did it for so long in the past, and had suddenly let her off today, she was actually unused to it?

A few words actually made her so sensitive

Mo Jingshen's gaze landed on her face. His ink-black eyes carried hints of suppressed laughter as he gently patted her back. Seeing that Ji Nuan was curled up in his arms unmoving, he did not insist for them to continue and only gently caressed her head, indicating for her to put her mind at ease and sleep.


Two days later, Ji Nuan received Auntie Qin's call. Auntie Qin was the Ji family's helper and had watched Ji Nuan, and Ji Mengran grow up together.

"Eldest Miss, Mr. Ji plans to send the Second Miss abroad. He has even booked the flight tickets and made arrangements with the school. He has been keeping Second Miss locked at home, and even arranged for a security guard to watch her. It's been days since she ate anything, yet Mr. Ji insists on sending her there. He won't let her stay in Hai City anymore, no matter who tries to beg for her. Your relationship with the Second Miss is the best. Mr. Ji usually listens to your suggestions as well. Please, quickly come and beg for her" Auntie Qin's voice came from the phone. Her heartache and anxiety could be easily heard.

Perhaps, Auntie Qin was the only one in the Ji family who still did not realize how dire Ji Nuan and Ji Mengran's relationship had become.

These were the children she had personally watch grow up. Right now, their relationship was no longer as close as it used to be. The conflicts in-between were not something that could easily be explained. Perhaps, allowing Auntie Qin to maintain her beautiful impression of them was not a bad thing.

Ji Nuan did not explain. She only said: "I'll give Dad a call to understand the situation. By the way Auntie Qin, there's something I want to ask you."

"What is it, Eldest Miss?"

"Twenty years ago, when my mom married into the Ji family, you were already working there, weren't you?"

"That's right."

"Then, when my mom married in, was there anyone she interacted with frequently? For example, any men, or anyone whom she was especially close to?" If she weren't speaking with Auntie Qin, who have watched her grow up, Ji Nuan would never be so direct with her questions.

"This" Auntie Qin was quiet for a long moment. Ji Nuan sensitively felt that her question had startled her. Auntie Qin only answered after a long while: "Eldest Miss, I'm not sure about this, nor have I heard anything about it. When madam married into the Ji family, I had only just begun working here. There are a lot of things I'm not too clear on"

"I understand. Thank you, Auntie Qin." Ji Nuan caught the pause in her words and did not ask more. She hung up the phone.

Across from her, Mo Jingshen had heard the voice from her phone and spoke up: "Your father plans to send Ji Mengran abroad?"

"En, he doesn't wish to see us sisters fighting. Sending her abroad can be considered killing two birds with one stone. On the one hand, with her out of sight, he would worry less. One the other hand, it would also prevent me from doing anything to Ji Mengran. Considering his point of view as a father, I can understand where he is coming from. After all, Mengran is his true, blood-related daughter. He has already done more than enough for me to feel his care."

"Who says you won't be able to touch her if she's abroad? If you wish to touch her, you can do it anytime," Mo Jingshen calmly said.

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