Young Master Mo Are You Done Kissing? Book 3 Chapter 436

Young Master Mo Are You Done Kissing? Volume 3 Chapter 436 Ceo Mo Nice To Meet You 6

Although Ji Nuan's smile was light, her expression was a thorn in their sides. The ladies by the sofa were suddenly speechless, and their hearts were filled with complicated feelings.

Not only was Ji Nuan's path to success becoming firm, but she was also actually releasing a book too.

Ji Nuan's indifferent and cold voice rang once more. She curled her fingers and gently knocked against the makeup mirror counter, drawing blood with a single blow. "Ji Mengran, even if you wish to take advantage of your sister's glory, you have to evaluate if you have the right to do so. You once loudly declared that there are no blood relations between the two of us. Yet, now that the tides are turning in my favor, you wish to borrow my momentum to boost yourself up. I'm afraid that I won't be able to bear the weight of being your 'big sister.'"

Ji Mengran raised her eyes and saw that Ji Nuan was smiling, but her gaze did not contain any smiling intent.

She completely did not expect that Ji Nuan would openly admit that she was not related to the Ji family by blood. She had always thought that this bothered Ji Nuan a lot, but who would have thought that she would be so unaffected

Ji Mengran's guilty conscience throbbed a little.

It seemed after the past few years of experience, Ji Nuan, who had always been difficult to deal with, had toughened up into having an ice-cold heart. Or perhaps, in the past, she had been overly concerned about too many people, whereas right now, she truly did not care about anyone anymore.

The people by the sidelines were caught off guard and appeared to want to hear even more gossip.

In the circles of wealthy young ladies, there were very little sincere friendsh.i.p.s. Besides, these people had only met for the first time today and were carelessly supporting one another with a chat. If they continued digging any further without making sure if they could pull Ji Nuan down, they could end up bringing trouble unto themselves.

Ji Mengran returned to herself and abruptly decided not to say more. She raised her hand and slowly adjusted her hair. She softly spoke, "Help me redo my hair. I'll be taking off my gown soon. When I head to the resort tonight, there most likely won't be any makeup artists available. It'll be difficult to undo my hair alone when I get there."

The two ladies saw that Ji Mengran did not wish to say more and immediately shifted their gaze onto Ji Nuan.

Since Ji Mengran did not continue her provocation, Ji Nuan did not say more. However, as Ji Mengran moved to sit before the mirror, she calmly approached to sit by her side: "Aren't there two makeup artists available? Can I trouble one of you to come over? Redo my hair for me as well. Thank you."

Ji Nuan's tone was indifferent and composed. The two makeup artists exchanged glances. Amongst them, one of them was better at identifying who had a stronger aura and immediately rushed forward to Ji Nuan's side. She helped to remove the little, concealed pins holding up her hairdo. "CEO Ji, what would you like me to do?"

"Brush out the hairdo. It'll be fine if you make it look simpler."

"All right."

When she saw that Ji Nuan was completely unaffected and could even ask the makeup artists to do her hair for her, Ji Mengran glanced at her through the mirror.

Ji Nuan was not looking at her; her eyes were closed as she rested.

They were both facing a mirror. Although they were not speaking, anyone with eyes could tell that Ji Mengran's expression was somewhat unhappy. Ji Nuan, on the other hand, maintained a composure of: 'Let the wind blow from north, south, east, and west as it pleases. It won't move me.'

All women instinctively disliked women who were above them or more beautiful than them. They were also good at starting wars. Not only could they see through open and covert actions, but they were also good at maintaining a casual expression as they approached to watch the show.

The two ladies were not in a rush to get their hair done. As they faced the mirror and touched up their lipsticks, they pretended to speak casually. "Miss Ji, that pink diamond of yours was bid for the high price of eighty-eight million at Edinburgh last year, wasn't it? At the time, everyone was speculating about the new owner of this pink diamond. Who would have thought that you would be wearing it today. It truly drives one to death with envy."

Ji Mengran could tell that these two were trying to stir up some conversation after seeing how quiet Ji Nuan and she were being. She naturally did not mind. She welcomed any topic that would make things difficult for Ji Nuan.

Ji Mengran smiled and touched the pink diamond before on her collarbone: "It's only a small diamond. You've brought it up so many times, I'm starting to feel embarrassed. From now on, I won't wear it out so carelessly. Back when Brother Sheng gifted me with this necklace, I never knew that it actually cost so much."

The two continued expressing their envy and jealousy. The smile on Ji Mengran's lips grew brighter.

However, Ji Nuan remained quiet. Her eyes were shut from start to finish, and she did not participate in their conversation.

Finally, when the makeup artist was done with her hair, she asked softly, "CEO Ji, you must have drunk some wine and eaten some food earlier. Your lipstick needs to be retouched. Would you like me to use our lipstick or the one you brought?"

"Use mine." Ji Nuan pointed toward her own purse on the desk.

The makeup artist nodded and approached to open Ji Nuan's purse. She noticed a nude lipstick and was about to bring it out when all of a sudden, a blue jewel suddenly fell out and landed on the desk before the mirror. It resounded softly with a clear sound.

This sound attracted everyone's attention. The makeup artist who was holding Ji Nuan's purse in her hands immediately apologized frantically: "I'm so sorry. I'm sorry, CEO Ji. I didn't know that there was also a necklace in your purse. I'll keep it away for you immediately."

However, before she could even touch the necklace, one of the ladies by the side cried out in surprise, "That ten-carat blue diamond?!"

Ji Nuan finally opened her eyes. The frightened makeup artist immediately took a step back and did not dare to touch the necklace. The blue diamond was nestled in the white gold chain and sparkled radiantly under the mirror lights.

"CEO Ji, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry! I" the makeup artists apologized in a flurry.

"It's all right. Did you find my lipstick?" Ji Nuan's tone was unaffected as she asked.

She immediately nodded. "I found it. It this nude lipstick, right?"

"En." Ji Nuan shut her eyes once more and did not rush to keep the necklace away. She did not touch her bag either. As though nothing had happened, she continued waiting for the makeup artist to touch up her lips for her.

However, everyone else in the room was clearly less composed than her.

The two wealthy ladies kept shifting their glances toward the desk, as though there was something they wanted to confirm. They softly muttered to one another, "Isn't this the blue diamond found three years ago in North Africa? It was said to be the largest and most intact blue diamond ever discovered, and it attained a clarity grade of FL. Back then, several countries reported about this diamond in their news, but it was bought quickly after it was discovered. I always thought that some collector spent a large sum to keep this rare blue diamond in his home. Who would have thought"

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