You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 35 5

You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 35 Part 5

Youre Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 35 Part 5

Tong Yao went out the door.

She sent a WeChat message to Lu Sicheng as she left the house, asking
him where he was, whether he had located his friend, Pope, and that she
had left the house and would call him when she got there...Holding the
cell phone in hand, she waited for ten minutes without receiving any response
from Lu Sicheng. She muttered: Is his phone dead? She put her phone into
a pocket and quickened her steps-- --

It was raining hard and the wind was strong. An umbrella was of little use.
When Tong Yao arrived at the mall, she was soaking wet...The cool air
inside the mall made her s.h.i.+ver and sneeze. She pulled out her phone to
call Lu Sicheng. At first it was silent on the other end of the line, then she
heard the disappointing voice prompt-- --

[The number youre calling cannot be reached at the moment]

Tong Yao took the phone away from her ear and looked at it as if it was
some kind of monster. She couldnt believe that the jerks phone was out
of battery right now...She was standing dumbfoundedly at the entrance
and desperately looking at the humongous mall

She sent a message to Xiao Rui telling him the unfortunate news that she
couldnt get in touch with Lu Sicheng. Tong Yao then started searching every
coffee shop at every floor of the mall. For now, she still had confidence at her
captains intelligence.

Until, she saw the next door captain, Liangsheng, who was as confused and
anxious as her, at a bakery on the third floor.

Liangsheng looked even younger than Tong Yao. He was wearing a short
sleeved top with fuzzy hair and looked like an easy going person. When he
saw Tong Yao, his eyes instantly brightened up as if he had been rescued.
He rushed over, holding onto her arm: Ahh, youre the Mid next door. Do
you have time now? Could you please do me a favor-- --

Tong Yao: ......

Tong Yao: I know youre looking for your AD, Im looking for our AD too-- --
As far as I know, about half an hour ago your AD got lost and sent a WeChat
message saying that he was lost and asking our AD to come get him. Then
our AD set out here...half an hour later, your AD and our AD disappeared
together. His cell phone has been turned off. Im here to look for him.

Liangsheng: ............................................

Tong Yao pulled her hand back, patted his shoulder, felt like she had finally
found a comrade: Hurry, call your AD, let him tell our AD to pick up the phone.

Liangsheng answered: Oh. But he didnt do anything.

Tong Yao: ......It cant be that you dont have his number?

Liangsheng: He doesnt speak Chinese, why would I have his number for.

Tong Yao desperately covered her face with both hands. The solo journey
turned into a desperate search party of two people. She and Liangsheng
together searched aimlessly for the people they were looking for-- --

Until, another half an hour later.

The two of them wished that they could turn the mall upside down and shake
it as they reached the arcade on the top floor. They could hear the sound of
the machines from afar. Tong Yao covered her ears and asked Liangsheng:
Those two have a combined height of at least 4 meters, they couldnt possibly
be in this childish place?

When she finished, she noticed the young man next to her had fixed his eyes
at a place not too far from them-- --

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