Yours Ours Us Chapter 41

Chapter 41: The Destruction Of Heaven

With his anger fuming inside of him, he waved his hands to show his powers to the immortals that surrounded him. That wave of power caused over half of the immortals there to die and the other half being harmed. Only a few was able to escape from death or harm.

This alarmed the whole entire heavens as the sky had darkened with thousands of spiritual beasts flying towards the palace. It was like the sound of his hit was an announcing call to the beasts. When the beasts had surrounded the area, one word came out from his mouth, "Kill."

With thousands of beasts being at the Godly stage, they destroyed the palace so easily and killed everyone on site. The palace was no more and the only remaining person alive was the emperor. Why spare the emperor?

He wanted to personally torture the emperor for harming his wife, his beloved. He was going to make sure the emperor regretted what he did back then. He wanted the emperor to be someone with the wish to die, but yet couldn't.

The Heavenly Palace was no more and every official god was dead, the only thing left was to head off to his wife. He knew that she knew that he was there in the same world as her. Not only did his calling announce his presence to her, their contract also did the same thing.

Since he did not know where she was, he instead waited patiently for her at her maternal family's home. Not long after, he saw her appear from inside the house. She was using the shadow technique again to follow people.

He knew that her killing the family was easy, but she didn't want to do that. She wanted to torture them slowly before throwing the helpless family to the same forest they threw her in. A dangerous home with no light and warmth was perfect for them to live in.

He didn't want to destroy her plans, so he sent an audible message to her, "I'll help you capture them. After that, let's leave the realm as fast as possible."

Her reply was, "Alright."

He then blinked once and everybody from the mansion disappeared except for his wife.

She saw that all the people had disappeared and it was most likely his doing. She couldn't help but sigh at the fact that he would do so much just for her. Walking to the lonely man standing by himself, she hugged him and said, "Thank you."

He took it a step further and embraced her even tighter and gave her a quick peck on the lips. He thought about how he wouldn't know how to live if not for her entering his life. As he was thinking that, she was able to read his thoughts very easily.

And as if in response to his unspoken thoughts, "If I had not met you, I would be a mindless soul, too."


"Xiao Qiang, I know what you were thinking. I was also, too."

And like he requested, they left the Immortal Realm and never entered it again. Why? It was because there was no longer such a place called the Immortal Realm. When the couple left, he had signaled to his loyal beast followers to tear down the place and make sure it would never rise again.

The fact that he called it a place and not world or realm was because, it was just a small playground for him. A realm was demoted to a small playground since their ruler did not know what was good for him.

Once reaching to Ren Tao's mansion, they asked him to show them to his torture chambers. (Don't ask how the couple knew about his torture chambers.) Ren Tao was surprised that they knew about his torture chambers, but still showed them it.

When the chambers were reached, they emptied their pockets that was full of immortals. Ren Tao was about to die from shock because amongst those people was the heavenly emperor! If he had heard the full story about what happened, Ren Tao would surely spit on the emperor.

Although the emperor was there, he was haggard and tired. Before he was kidnapped by Xiao Qiang, the beasts beat him up thoroughly although making sure he was still breathing. As for the Xia family, they had it a bit easier, but was still surprised to find out who it was that kidnapped them.

Xia Lin's sister, was the first to speak out of the whole entire group. "What do you want, black sheep? Don't think that I would be afraid of you even after you have someone to back you up. That man right beside is already mine. He's just playing with you! Haha!"

"Xiao Qiang, I never expected that Wei Kang's perverted side went throughout the entire valley! If you ever were to become like him, how I would love to castrate you and leave you in the midst of the naked world."

Xiao Qiang knew she was talking about it just in case he ever did it because they had done the deed. They've already done the deed before, but she didn't know that he regained over half of his memories already. Every piece of it was with her.

He only answered, "Alright."

Once answering, Xia Lin ignored the rest of the comments and questions of the people in there and put them on every torture device there was. Every body there went through a horrible torture, but when they saw the other, they thought in the midst of their screaming, "I'd rather replace that person, he/she got the lesser punishment."

Every person there went through some kind of torture everyday, but they never died. Xia Lin made sure of it. She hasn't had her fill of fun just yet, and nor did Xiao Qiang. Right at this moment, the couple looked alike.

They both had bloodthirsty eyes and were looking at each of the people being tortured with a smirk to showcase the fun they were having. Every prisoner there was scared and wondered in their head, "How is it fun to torture people?"

The couple wasn't having fun torturing people, but having fun getting their revenge. In fact, Xia Lin didn't do much at all. Everyday she stood there while watching Xiao Qiang torture them for her. She rejected him to torture them in her place, but he just beat her.

When he was telling her about it, she was just about to refuse, but then he said, "I can't have your hands being stained by their dirty blood. Save it for me."

She was going to say something else, but before she could speak, he already said another sentence which killed her rejection. "You can be the one who washes their dirty blood from my hands when I am finished."

How could she reject it when he was so persistent on not letting her do the torture? So she could only sit there and watch as he tortured them. Only after a month had passed did they kill the emperor with the most painful method and threw the Xia family into the Forest of Darkness.

After a month also meant that they had news about their plan in the Demon World. They had practically ignore every conversation the clan leaders were trying to make towards them during the past few days, but now, was time for business again.

Meeting up with the clan leaders, Xia Lin asked for the progress in the plan. All the clan leaders said that it was going as planned. If they continue, it would likely take another month or so. Xia Lin did not want to remain in the same place for too long, so she left a moment later when the meeting was adjourned.

Where she left to, nobody knew, but Xiao Qiang was suspicious. He had a very deep gut feeling that she was going to do something behind closed doors. He knew that she would never do something to endanger herself, but he had a feeling she was trying to speed up the process.

If his feeling was correct then, he would take her answer as her not wanting to remain in this world. However, if it was wrong, he would do everything to appease her. She always hated it when people trailed behind her.

Especially him. He remembered having once done that. His punishment was quite harsh. She pushed him down the bed and told him to go sleep with the dogs. Above that, he didn't get to have any interactions with her for a week straight.

It was struggle for him internally. (If you know what I mean.)

After that, he never followed her again and only waited for her to tell him her story. If he thought that there was something suspicious, like a missing detail, he would punish her on the bed. It wasn't such a bad idea as he was able to satiate himself.

Anyhow, he would follow her this time again and if she did catch him, he could always use the excuse of not remembering anything of past. Right now, he was being prideful of himself for being smart and not telling her that he hasn't gained his memories yet.

Every time he wanted to, they would be disturbed, or he either kept it quiet. For the first time, he was proud for lying, which he didn't do much. He was always straightforward and honest with Xia Lin just as much as she was for him.

Since his gut feeling kept on sinking deeper, he followed her and kept his presence as low as he could. She was almost as strong as him and so, she could detect when he was following her, so he had to be extra careful when following her.

If he was caught before even getting anything out of the trail, he would have sacrificed his future for nothing. He was not planning on having that happen, so his sneaking abilities seemed to have doubled. Maybe even tripled?

However, after following her for so long, she didn't seem to be going anywhere other than going in circles. She already walked around the same block 10 times. However, after that, she went off a different path and went to a different block.

This time, she walked around the block 20 times. When he saw that she was walking around the same block for too many times, he gave up following her and just stopped and stayed at one spot waiting for her.

And when he counted how many times she had passed by him, it had already gone up to 20 before she left to a different block. She continuously did this to the other blocks before returning back to Ren Tao's mansion.

Xiao Qiang had a dejected look on his face. He was confused as to why she was encircling the same block so many time, but at that moment, she walked up to his face. In her hands was half a slice of lime and on her face was a fake smile.

"My dearest, what's the lime for?"

"Hm? Oh, this!? It's for you to suck on." As she was saying this, she still had on her fake smile.

"Wife, this husband has done wrong! Please spare me from punishment!"

She raised one her brows and with a menacing look she said, "Oh, so you know you did wrong. Please tell me what they are."

He thought for a while and decided that she only knew about the following part. "This husband followed wife behind her back."

"And?" On her face was look that said, "You are missing one more important piece."

He didn't know why she had that look, nor what she meant by "and". Maybe he should take the short route. He only has a 50% chance of it working, but 50% was better than nothing. "Wife, this husband doesn't know what you mean."

"Wei Qiang! Do you still want to continue lying to me or would you rather have a taste of my wrath?!"

Her one question was more than enough to answer what it was that he was missing. "Wife, when did you find out?"

"Oh, why? Were you planning on continuing to lie to me if I never found out?"

"O-of course not! This husband was only trying to find the perfect chance to tell wife." He looked around the room guiltily.

"Xiao Qiang, if it was not because I loved you, I would have killed you for not doing as I told. I specifically told you to throw them into the Forest of Darkness. B-but you killed them!"

Xiao Qiang breath a sigh of relief. He thought it was for the memories. Thank goodness it was for a trivial matter only. "I didn't want them to have a comeback. But I have a question for you."

"What is it?" She asked sincerely now that everything was cleared.

"Why did you walk around the same blocks so many times..." Were you waiting for someone?

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