Yuan Zun Chapter 2 1

Yuan Zun Chapter 2.1 - Tracing The Source Imprints

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Chapter 2.1: Tracing the Source Imprints (Teaser)

Inside the inner palace, ambient silence filled the room, the air so heavy and overwhelming that none could hardly breathe. 1

Zhou Yuan looked at his father, Zhou Qing. His usual dignified aura appeared full of sorrow, helplessness, and powerlessness at this moment, the memories, the events of the past dealing a huge blow to his self.

His own son taken by his enemy, robbed of his fate, of his luck, and he all the more powerless to stop his enemy's advances, watching everything laid before him crumble. Coiled deep within him was the shame of a father who could do nothing but watch.

Zhou Yuan bit his lip, sorrow blanketing his eyes. He knew all too well his father's character. If he'd no one to protect, no need to save the hundreds of thousands of people in the Great City of Zhou, no wife, no child, he'd have chosen to burn with his enemy, their grey, ashen bones buried deep in the earthly grave.

"It turns out the root of my sufferings is this unable to cultivate." Zhou Yuan said bitterly. "This Emperor Wu is really good at using vicious means." When he gazed at the markings on his palms, his eyes raged, burning a sea of fire.

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