Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi Chapter 44

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[ Uooooooooo ! ]

Grabbing the axe that he shouldered on his shoulder, Taost howled.

Like an electric shock, the vibration circulated throughout the air, but Renzou didn't even move a bit of his eyebrows.

[ It seems that you lad are also using the cure magic , ehh. If not , this wouldn't even have become a practice for me ]

Renzou took out the sword that was hanging on his hips. The colour of its blade is purple; it's a magic sword called mirage .

The adventurers came a.s.saulting him from his right and left. Renzou still held his composure.

He stopped one of the sword with his hand that was coiled with . With the other one of his hand used mirage to slash at another adventurer.

The adventurer tried to stop the magic sword,

but he failed to notice the presence of another "blade of light", thus his hand is severed.

[ Uwaaaaaaaaaaah ]

[ d.a.m.n noisy ]

Renzou severed that man's head.

The amount of blade of light that Renzou could use at the same time at the moment, is only one.

Moreover, it will not always come out as he desired.

The usage of a magic item is hard, there's a need for time for one to be able to master it .

Renzou perceive this as the perfect chance for him.

There were no other better training than to practice it on the field.

Renzou crushed the blade that he grab with his other hand to the adventurer that clearly showed agitation on his face, Renzou thrust his sword with this two person down .

[ However, it's not over, right?]

Just like what we had thought, they're all the user of forbidden restoration technique.

Renzou piled up the two half corpse, and then looked at their condition.

It could be seen that the scar on one of the body slowly healed.

Not only that! Look, even the other one who got its head separated from its body have its head connected again like magnet that's pulling each other.

Honestly, it's a spectacle that make even Renzou want to avert his eyes.

[ Haa~h ]

Renzou grasp his fist, he then thrust his fist with all his might toward the adventurer's entrails.

He took it out; inside his blood covered hand, a glowing stone that's covered in gastric juice could be seen.

The scar of the adventurer that got it's head severed, once again opened.

He is completely dead now. It seems that if this stone is not near the user body, the healing effect won't show up.

Revival stone.

From what Isagi had said, it was magical item that will continue to work as long as the adventurer's soul was not used up.

Renzou glared at that magic stone like looking at something evil .

[ I have policy to use anything that I could use, you know.... but honestly, only this d.a.m.n thing, I don't want to use ] - renzou

Just like that he crushed the stone.

It made a gla.s.s shattering sound, thus the magical item is destroyed.

Then, same as the previous adventurer, he done the same to the other.

Renzou plunged his hand to the adventurer's guts, and he moved his hand searching for the stone.

squatted down , with gleaming eyes, a man rummage through the adventurer's innards.

He looked like a demon that's devouring the corpse of the death .

All the adventurer who look at that spectacle, started to trembled in fear.

What the heck is that monster, they thought.

Renzou right now, is fitting to be called as the messenger from the h.e.l.l.

[ I understand but, I don't really want to copy his way , you know ~ ... ... ]

Isagi who looked at how renzou's fighting looked like a fierce G.o.d, mutters so listlessly.

The renzou from before didn't have that much power but now, he would be able to easily take on an A cla.s.s --- in other word a top cla.s.s human -- adventurer as his opponent.

With just one battle, Renzou already turned into a G.o.d of war.

Again, the existence of the magic sword Mirage is also a huge factor to it.

Since Isagi didn't have any intention to use it, it's good that it became useful for Renzou .

Isagi thought that Renzou close range battle prowess is becoming better and better as the time goes.

Just like a fish in the water . ( it means Renzou have talent in battle )

Isagi then realized about the adventurers that tried to flee as he ponder about the situation.

There're two person that's dashing toward the castle gate.

Isagi take a huge leap, and cut their way.

[ hii ]

Toward the man who shrieked, isagi drew his silver sword.

It was a sword that one of the demon general presented to Renzou when they were in brother house.

It is light yet hard . Though there's no spell engraved in it, it's a sword that felt easy to use .

While sighing, Isagi said.

[ well, sorry but , the fact that you guys gulped those revival stone, meant that you guys already have the "resolution" for it right? ]

uh, uwoooooh , just like that.

the adventurer come rushing to Isagi raising a animal like howl .

[ I bet you already know about it. The fact that you cannot run away from the demon lord, right ? ]

The instant they are about to clash , Isagi thrust his sword, the adventurer opened his eyes wide.

[ gah !]

He vomited blood to the surrounding, the forbidden healing technique didn't activate, with just one stab, the man already lost his life.

As if trying to probe the sensation, isagi pulled out his sword

Around the middle of the sword, one glowing stone could be seen clinging.

Isagi sighed loudly.

[ this is, so d.a.m.n difficult ... ]

Isagi smashed the revival stone inside the adventurer belly with just one stroke of his sword.

However , he didn't have any ability to see through people body, furthermore the target is always a moving human body .

More than that, the revival stone is inside the belly, its position is not fixed in one place.

What just happened was just good luck.

[ ... as long as we didn't have overwhelming difference in power, this skill is quite impossible, eh]

For example, that woman in the bas.e.m.e.nt, even if he stabbed her in her stomach as long as it doesn't destroy her revival stone, only his movement that got stopped.

Surely she will counter in the next moment.

the risk is too high.

Isagi raised his face, there were two more adventurer over there.

They were searching for gap in Isagi for them to escape.

Isagi shook his head towards them and sighed a little.

[ Well, it's better than being Renzou or Shirbenia's opponent I guess. I think you guys will die easily ...]

It's surely better than getting burned alive or have someone probe inside your stomach, right?

While thinking like so, isagi once again prepare his sword.

At that time when renzou defeated three more adventurer and isagi slay down the fourth adventurer --- and adventurer who held a huge axe, aka the guild master --- .

Shirbenia was being surrounded by six adventurers.

She with her usual navy blue robe coiled around her body. With no weapon on her hand, she expressionlessly gazed at those adventurers.

One of the swordsman tried to a.s.sault her, and thus took a step forward, it was a mistake.

To his leg, Shirbenia evoke her witchcraft, The blaze blown away the adventurer's leg in an instant .

The man tip over at place,the rear guard , cast layers of barriers white magic to that place.

On the contrast with that, Shirbenia started to cast her black magic.

[ Spell - Fire dust ]

Under that man, a fire started to burst out.

At the same time, the barriers were one by one, destroyed.

First layer, second layer, third layer, fourth layer ---- and then finally, the man engulfed in a fiery.

[ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! ! ]

While raising a scream that's unthinkable of something that come from this world, the man kept being burned.

It's the same way just like how Isagi defeat those adventurers in the past but, this swordsman didn't even got any time to resurrect .

In just several seconds not even a piece of that man's meat left, her firepower is in a different league.

Shirbenia looked at the adventurers with her sleepy eyes looking bored.

[ ... it's bothersome, too bothersome nano .

even though I could even destroy the one that's on the same size as the demon lord castle , you know, you know ~ ]

She made a heavy sigh, even though she just released from Kyashchi .

She can't take a breather with just having to remove a pest. Well, in the first place there's never been a time where she felt she truly lived though.

At that time, the black magician release a fireball.

Shibenia spread a barrier as natural as breathing.

another black magician attack with a boulder.

Shirbenia once again deflect the attack, the attack from adventurers come without stopping.

[ keep pushing in ! ! ]

The man screamed, but then Shirbenia's witchcraft directly hit his collar.

With a scream of agony, he somersaulted and then collapsed .

[ the f.u.c.k ! d.a.m.n witch !

show us some leeway won't cha ! ]

Being able to use magic and witchcraft at the same time.

That's the reason why witches are the strongest technique user in this world.

While screaming toward those unparalleled strength, the swordsman rushed towards her.

An instant cast witchcraft, precise and fast magic.

Shirbenia didn't show any blind spot.

She blew off the swordsman's head, and at the same time burning him to nothing.

Adding the technique user that just joined the battle, six technique users are standing in line in front of other.

It seems they plan for the three white magician giving support, while the three other black magician commence an attack toward Shibenia .

Shirbenia suddenly loosened the top of her lips .

[ it's better if you guys did this from the start , nano]

Spell activate.

but it's not something for attacking.

[ one, two, three, four ... ooh, so many ,so many~ ]

Behind those technique user, several mud wall arose. On their back, created mud walls that's capable of burying one quarter of the castle garden.

What does she intend to do with this ?

If she planned to seal their escape, there should be better way to do it rather than this.

Those adventurer couldn't grasp Shirbenia true intention .

Just a moment after that, on the tip of Shirbenia's finger, light are gathering. Sleekly she pointed one of her finger, on the tip, a red that compare to the sun. No mistake. this one is a witchcraft.

The adventurer shouted.

[ All, all of you ! Use barrier, barrier with all of your mana ! ! ]

A barrier that's created by 6 A cla.s.s adventurers that poured all of their mana into it.

With that, it should create a solid black barrier where even the light got deflected.

Surely, it wouldn't be able to get penetrated no matter how good the magician is.

--- if it could be perfectly created.

[ Spell - One hundred magic rejection ] - Shirbenia

The barrier invoked, however, there's a hole on it.

Just a hole sized several tens centimeter hole.

Just a hole that's big enough to just be able to saw the expression of surprise of the each adventurers.

Using the Kyaschi secret skill that she got directly from her, Shirbenia cut the barrier's code, just the vital point of the code and then she release her witchcraft.

[ Die]

With the witchcraft that Shirbenia released from the tip of her finger, the surrounding are engulfed in bright red. With a ma.s.s that a flash couldn't compare, the light engulfed the adventurers.

The light advance forward, destroying the mud wall behind the adventurers, even so it didn't stop.

she overkilled them .

[ ah ]

The witchcraft ended up penetrated through the inside of the castle, too.

In the end, that light reaches the other side of the rampart, burned it's surface before completely disappeared.

[ ... ... uuh ]

She done it .

The other adventurers loses their consciousness in in their place.

Shirbenia groaned while preparing kode for burning them in panic.

[ ... it's , it's not my fault, nano .... it's the adventurers, it's their fault, nano ]

Only took roughly 15 minutes before all of the adventurers were annihilated.

After that, the demon lord castle once again fell into Dyutyu's hand .

Dyutyu and Kyaschi who were hired as her guard were looking in daze at the disastrous scene that happened at the demon lord castle. The big hole that were created by shirbenia, it'll surely take time to repair it.

Hardening her heart, Kyaschi lectured Shirbenia while rubbing Shibenia's head.

Shirbenia gave up on resisting, and just accepted the punishment while biting her lip.


Renzou : [ he , ate the adventurer .... ] - dyu [ did he probing the revival stone with his own hand ? Renzou first unit is ... ] - prolly dyu -< ref="" from="" evangelion="">

Shirbenia : unexpectedly good with close ranged battle. while still keeping her unmoving fort style of battle.

Isagi : quoting all the way . Defeating Taust in one line without any more depiction

Taust : nothing important to write .

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