Zhu Xian Chapter 258

Chapter 258 Heaven Daoway

Chapter 258 - Heaven Dao/Way

Zhang Xiaofan had never thought, the world would be like this when he opened his eyes.

Everything before him, was totally not what he had imagined a cave concealed deep within the mountain to be, before him, was another ancient wild landscape and strange place.

A vast, desolate Gobi Desert, stretching for miles and miles, spread before him, without any trees or grasses, only dark grey rocks and sands, a gust of wind blew over, making [wu wu] shrill sounds. Above, was a strange firmament, dark purple heavy clouds loomed over, almost suffocating this world, among the clouds layer, white large lightning frequently flashed, traversing the horizon.

The furthest part of the horizon, was a dark green halo, it was especially bright over there, like a dazzling radiance at the end of the darkness, numerous meteors flashed across the horizon, emitting hot bright brilliant rays, transforming into glorious and spectacular meteor rain.

After a long time, Zhang Xiaofan slowly looked away, his pounding heart gradually slowed, and he looked ahead. Above the desolate desert, not far ahead, was an altar, huge dark grey rock as the base, surrounded completely by stairs, up and down seven storeys, above the altar, there were seven huge columns, each one a different colour, every column several zhang high, its width needed at least three people to surround it, ordinary person on this altar, looked just like an ant. In the central, there was a primitive ancient cauldron, right now, someone was leaning against it, looking extremely exhausted and haggered, looking over at Zhang Xiaofan.

Zhang Xiaofans body, suddenly shook, this person who looked extremely haggard, was the current Qing Yun sect head Reverend Daoxuan.

Reverend Daoxuan right now was not obscured in the cold black air, and also did not have his usual celestial demeanour when he commanded the world, he seemed to be constantly panting, watching as Ghost Li walked over, he suddenly laughed, said, Didnt expect that you actually can walk past the Illusory Moon Path using just your own skills, it is really extraordinary.

Zhang Xiaofan was silent, turned and looked, saw in the direction where he had came from, a stone door towered, looking strikingly different from the environment here, inside this one zhang high and six chi wide door, was darkness, looking at it from afar, indistinctly a fluid water mist moving restlessly, and it seemed like that path was not that long.

Zhang Xiaofan looked at that darkness, recalled the scenarios, still felt a lingering fear but the next moment, a smile appeared at his lips, again turned around and looked at Reverend Daoxuan.

This person before him, could be said he had killed the most important and revered person in his life, his mentor Tian Buyi, also indirectly killed his teacher wife, Suru, just that right now he looked frail and without any evil aura, facing such a Reverend Daoxuan, Zhang Xiaofan instead did not have any thoughts of revenge.

Are you alright?

He walked slowly to Reverend Daoxuan, quietly asked.

Reverend Daoxuan looked at him, his tired face suddenly revealed a strange smile but did not ask him about the past grievances or debts, instead asked, Why did you come here?

Zhang Xiaofan paused, indifferently said, I feel that I should come, and so I came.

Reverend Daoxuan looked at him, slowly laughed, his laughter became louder and louder, shook his head and said, What a good answer, ha ha his laughter was wild and savage, his emotions appeared to become more agitated, Zhang Xiaofan did not ask more, also did not interrupt, only quietly watched.

After a long time, Reverend Daoxuans laughter gradually ceased, his face still looked extremely exhausted but his eyes, strange glints started to turn sharp and bright.

Dont you wish to seek revenge for your teacher? Reverend Daoxuan suddenly asked.

Zhang Xiaofan did not answer, only quietly watched him, his eyes were calm, seemed to also have an indistinct benevolence, the monkey Xiao Hui in his embrace seemed restless instead, moved and again climbed up onto his shoulder.

Reverend Daoxuans body seemed to tremble, his countenance started to change, the tired expression gradually disappeared, the fierce gaze in his eyes started to be brighter. The once demeanour of disdaining the world, like a tide back flowing, swiftly returned to his body.

That terrible and invisible power, even Zhang Xiaofan standing aside, could clearly felt it.

He slowly stood up, threads and trails of the black air emanated from his body, surrounding him and swiftly spun, the violent evil aura again appeared, he stared at Zhang Xiaofan, again laughed, and this time, it seemed hideous.

Or to say, you are afraid?

[Rumble!] Suddenly, a loud sound was heard behind Reverend Daoxuan, that ancient cauldron exploded, the pieces scattering everywhere, in the mist, Zhang Xiaofans eyes pupils shrank slightly.

A broken sword, on the original position of the cauldron, was pierced into the sturdy rock base, looking like stone but not stone, like jade but not jade, its appearance primitive yet had an aura of might, it was the Zhu Xian Ancient Sword.

Ha ha by now, the thick black air had once again enveloped Reverend Daoxuan, in the wild laughter, he stretched out his hand, the Zhu Xian sword as if having spiritual intelligence, slowly withdrew and flew, into Reverend Daoxuans hand.

Since you are this useless, then let me send you to your teacher, ha ha in Reverend Daoxuans piercing laughter, he grabbed tightly onto the sword hilt, instantly, the entire huge altar shuddered, a bursting power exploded out. On the altar, the seven huge columns seemed to have received some summons, all lit up, the light increasing in intensity and finally formed into seven colours of rainbow, bursting resplendently, up towards the sky.

The brilliant rainbow charged up, into the dark purple clouds layers, immediately the clouds started to stir, countless of them started to spin, lightning flashed in the clouds, slowly striking out a huge gap, revealing the real countenance of the firmament.

Zhang Xiaofan looked up, his breath stopped, it was only now he finally understood why this place was named Illusory Moon Cave.

High up in the firmament, in the gap opened by the rainbow stimulated from Zhu Xian power, revealed a moon, red, orange, yellow, green, greenish black, blue, purple, all sorts of colour flashed on this illusory moon, radiating beautiful yet mysterious lights.

And when the rainbow shot up into the sky, it passed through the cloud layers and into the moon, immediately, the moon glowed brightly, the colours flickered through non-stopped, the next moment, conjured out a seven colours energy sword, where it passed through, all of the dark clouds retreated, an unparalleled might.

Zhang Xiaofans countenance changed, this formation was something he could not be more familiar with, it was the invincible Zhu Xian Sword Formation, only that right now there wasnt small energy swords filling up the sky but under the illumination of the moon, this main sword seemed even more powerful than that time at the seven mountains summits.

Reverend Daoxuans eyes were completely obscured behind the black air, cold laughter was heard, giving a feeling of penetrating the bones, In this Illusory Moon Cave, Zhu Xian Sword power is increased by ten times, even if you are Da Luo Golden Fairy, you will also die without a grave, receive death!

Words spoken, the Zhu Xian Sword in his hand moved, instantly the sky changed countenance, rumbling thunders exploded in the sky, that terrible huge sword in the air, slowly turned and faced Zhang Xiaofan.

Before the sword descended, the violent winds had already arrived, Zhang Xiaofan knew the destructive power was not something a human could take, he was about to avoid but unexpectedly, the moon in the sky flashed, his figure had just moved when the rainbow light shone down, immediately like a mountain suppressing down, forced him back and due to the huge power, he was unable to stand, slowly kneeling down. Where he was standing, the ground emitted [ka ka] sounds, a radius of several zhang, the ground cracked.

The sword had not even arrived and it was already like this, after Zhu Xian Sword was broken, under the Illusory Moon, it seemed even more powerful, with such great might, it was really even the Da Luo Golden Fairy would really be torn apart, but not knowing such great powers, how could it exist in the world?

Zhang Xiaofan although had high cultivation now and attained enlightenment after experiencing life-and-death, his resolution went through a change cycle and his cultivation again advanced. However, with Zhu Xian power, it was definitely not from this world and not what a human could defend, he was helpless and could only sigh and wait for death.

At this life-and-death moment, he was instead feeling calm, there was no fear, it was like he was about to go home, a smile on his lips.

But it was as if the heavens did not want him to die like that, when Zhang Xiaofan gave up, a voice was heard from afar.

Senior brother, please stop

The voice sounded youthful and peaceful but in it, gave an impression of being impassioned and triumphant, as if any words casually spoken by this person could easily moved the crowd and roused them up.

The destroyer of heaven and earth Zhu Xian Sword which deities nor demons could stop it, suddenly paused, the person who looked like he held the life of the world in his hand, looking scornfully at everything, Reverend Daoxuan, right now the black air around his face had scattered suddenly, revealing an incredulous look, staring in a daze behind Ghost Li, even his voice also turned hoarse:

You...Wan junior brother

Zhang Xiaofan felt the pressure on him lifted and then the cracks around him silently healed, as if the cracks had never appeared before, he did not have time to register all of these, quickly turned and looked.

A white figure, stood at the stone door where he had previously entered from.

That was a young and dashing man, valiant and righteous looking, a faint warm smile on his face but in his eyes, a impassioned gaze. A huge gust of wind blew above the desert, his white clothes flapped, carrying himself with ease and confidence, just standing like that, Zhang Xiaofan felt an awe deep inside his heart, as if only he had to say the word and even if Zhang Xiaofan had to follow him around the world, steel himself for the battlefield, he would also be absolutely willing.

The horizon in the firmament, the Illusory Moon flickering.

Once the twin pride of Qing Yun, under this illusory time space, in the confused and lost memories once again they met.

Reverend Daoxuans body, slowly to shake, the Zhu Xian Sword raised high slowly lowered, step by step he walked down the stairs, towards that white figure, not another glance at Zhang Xiaofan.

The white clothes fluttered, the dashing face was exactly like his memories that period of passionate time, emanating the glow of youth.

That glow was warm yet red-hot, not so long ago, it was the most worth cherishing thing deep down in his heart.

In his eyes, in the shrivelled eyes, slowly warm tears surged.

Junior brother...is it really you?

That white young man stood there, did not leave the stone door area, his face smiling, said, Senior brother, are you well, we have not met for a long time.

Reverend Daoxuans body wavered, although still holding the sword but the dark air around his body had swiftly receded after he saw Wan Jianyi, and at the same time, that exhausted countenance once again returned to his face.

He seemed in that short period of time, aged ten years, as if all of the vitality in his body was sucked by the sword.

Just that Reverend Daoxuan obviously did not notice the changes on his own body, all of his attention was on that young man who mysteriously appeared, he slowly stretched out his hand, touched that body in his memory, Junior brother

His voice cut off in the middle, his hand passed through that body, touched nothing except emptiness.

Reverend Daoxuan staggered, caught hold of the stone door and managed to stand, his mouth panting heavily and his eyes flashed with despair and anguish.

Like flickering light and passing shadows, that white figure which had dispersed upon his touch and quietly appeared before his eyes again, still did not leave the door area, that young man was still smiling and said, Senior brother, why are you still not sober?

Reverend Daoxuan looked up, his eyes perplexed, stammered, Sober, what sober?

The youth looked deeply at him, quietly said, Senior brother, you have been clever all your life, should have long achieve supreme enlightenment, put it down, put down the lingering affection you have for the secular world, put down the pursue for power which has no use. The time when we cultivated together, was it for all of these?

Reverend Daoxuan started to tremble, right now he completely looked like a old and feeble elderly, at the end of his life, in his confused state struggling with his might to try and look clearly at the road ahead.

What was the reasons for our cultivation?

The young man again smiled warmly, his face was so gentle, even Zhang Xiaofan standing beside also trembled. However, the young man did not speak anymore, only gently flung his sleeve, a gust of light wind created from his sleeve, blew away the fine sands underneath his feet, leaving only emptiness.

He calmly and serenely looked at Reverend Daoxuans haggard and tired face, gently said, Senior brother, put it down.


The ancient sword, the Zhu Xian sword which contained supreme power enough to destroy the heaven and earth, dropped from Reverend Daoxuans hand, like an ordinary long sword, like scrap metal, fell down.

Reverend Daoxuans face, slowly revealed a smile, that smile was peaceful and serene, identical to that smile on the youth.

I am really...foolish, actually waited until so long, then realized He softly said, walked a step, stretched out both hands, as if wanted to embrace something but the next moment, his body slowly fell down, helplessly onto the ground.

All of his vitality dispersed from his body, but no matter how, it could not take away that faint and warm smile on Reverend Daoxuans face.

The heaven and earth was still, in that instant, only leaving the soughing of the wind in the distance.

The figure which had once commanded the wind and clouds, right now passed away quietly like that, Zhang Xiaofan quietly stood there, watching everything.

The white figure became blurred but did not disperse, on the contrary, he quietly watched Reverend Daoxuans body and after a while, turned and looked at Zhang Xiaofan.

Zhang Xiaofan roughly knew the status of the white-robed figure, couldnt help but feel revered, quietly said, Senior.

That white figure was still smiling, his eyes carrying admiration while looking at Zhang Xiaofan, said, Child, you are good, really very good.

Zhang Xiaofan for a moment could not understand why he was praising himself, and did not know what the good was referring to, felt perplexed but that white figure did not look like he was intending to explain, gently waved his hand, the Zhu Xian Sword on the ground, flew up as if something was supporting it.

The white figure looked at the sword and then at Zhang Xiaofan, quietly said, Child, Zhu Xians power is expropriated from the enigmatic supreme power of heaven and earth creation, it can exterminate deities and the devil, destroy the heaven and earth, it by right should not remain in the mortal world but since it is already here, it will eventually need a master.

While speaking, the sword like a duckweed floating on the water, was sent over by the wind to Zhang Xiaofan.

Zhang Xiaofan was stunned, looked at the white-figure young man, for a moment did not know what to say, after a long time, said, Senior, you

The young man smiled and said, Why do you think you can come here? It is because the sword summoned you, therefore, you are the destined one.

Zhang Xiaofan shook his head hurriedly, Senior, you with Daoxuan...teacher uncle the two of you are both brilliant and outstanding rare talents, unparalleled intelligence, one in a million, far more than thousand and ten thousand times better than disciple, both of you are unable to truly control the power of Zhu Xian, disciple is slow-witted, how can take up this great responsibility?

The young man smiled and said, Whether able to take up or not, take this Zhu Xian sword and you will know, the swords power is not a thing of the secular world, it is naturally not what an ordinary human cultivation can control.

Zhang Xiaofan was surprised, looked at the young man, said, Senior what do you mean by that?

The young man smiled and said, Ever since ancient times, to be able to have the lucky chance to thoroughly understand four out of five volumes of [Tian Shu], there is only you. If it is not so, hundreds of millions living things in the world, why is it only you can feel the summoning of Zhu Xian Ancient Sword in your heart?

Zhang Xianfan became more and more astonished after hearing, exclaimed, What, dont tell me senior you mean to say this Zhu Xian sword is

The young man smiled and nodded, interrupted and said, It is, Zhu Xian ancient sword is the legendary fifth volume of [Tian Shu]! after speaking, he looked dejected but soon resumed to his placid expression, said, Furthermore, the crux to truly master Zhu Xians power, is not a persons level of cultivation, most importantly instead is the heart.

Zhang Xiaofan was confounded, said, Why is this so?

The young man in white said, Zhu Xians power far surpassed the mortals, the person in control easily can scorn the world and be invincible, with such terrible power at hand, more often than not one will, without knowing, wallow into it, until the end consumed by their own heart demons, become slaves to Zhu Xians power.

He softly sighed and said,The time Daoxuan senior brother and I believed we were the worlds invincible twins, considered everyone and everything beneath us, who would know that in the end, eventually could not fight against the demons in the heart, only one who truly experienced thousands and hundreds of calamities, setbacks and failures, a heart forged in repeated struggles, is the true master of this Zhu Xians power!

The Zhu Xian Sword, slowly floated before Zhang Xiaofan, in the distance, the figure in white started to waver, gradually became blurred but his voice was still clear, Child, control this power well, when you truly understand those words inside [Tian Shu], you will understand everything

The next moment, the white figure vanished, almost at the same time, Zhang Xiaofan solemnly stretched out, caught hold of the sword hilt.

Five fingers, closing together.


Like a shock of thunder, suddenly exploded beside his ears, tore apart the entire firmament, the lightnings snaked everywhere madly, the wind and clouds churned, the illusory moon in the sky burst into brilliance, seven colours constantly switching, forming into a huge light beam, descended from the sky, enveloping Zhang Xiaofan within.

Ah ah

A long cry, the sound entered the clouds, Zhang Xiaofan backflew and landed on the altar, the seven colours beams lit up at the same time, the light beams like dragons, rose and churned vigorously in the air, as if cheering madly.

Deep inside the illumination, Zhang Xiaofans figure looked indistinct, his movements could still be seen, he slowly raised the sword, as the sword was raised, the storm in the sky became even turbulent, that hilt represented the colourful energy sword of the unparalleled Zhu Xian power, again appeared, looked scornfully at the world, considered itself unexcelled.

The surroundings of the huge sword in the air, under the illumination of the moon, the vast empty heaven and earth, huge golden words suddenly appeared, every word as high as hundreds of zhang, from the horizon until the earth, extremely spectacular.

Heaven and Earth heartless, treats all living things as straw dogs!

The storm intensified, heaven and earth whistled, deep inside the light, a pair of eyes watching the firmament intently.

Qing Yun Hill, Tongtian Peak.

Gazing out from the peak, the sky in the distance was never again the blue clear sky, right now, a violent red light enveloped the horizon, transforming into layers of dark clouds, heading towards right here.

Qing Yun sect internally was in chaos, the sudden infiltration of the evil sect, the ferocious and violence nobody expected, in the short several days, the Good Faction was already severely taken down, eighty or ninety percent of the elites lost, the most horrible thing was, these elites, were actually manipulated using some strange evil powers by the Ghost King sect and instead became their lackeys, massacring their friends at the Good Faction side.

At first the Good Faction had the optimal advantage against the Evil sect, out of a sudden the situation was reversed and Ghost King seemed to think that this is not enough, cast more of his evil spells and even the commoners living around Qing Yun Hill mountain ranges and along the road to Qing Yun, were all consumed by his power, became his killing machines, the numbers already exceeded ten thousands, compared to the demon beasts catastrophe, it was even more terrible.

And over at Qing Yun sect, only the sect disciples and some remaining Good Faction fellow sect disciples were left, each of the reputable elites had all gone, even Tianyin Temple was only left with several monks, among them the abbot Puhong Master, Pukong celestial monk and the younger generation, Faxiang, Fashan etc, and in the group of monks, there was a withered old monk, taciturn, stood always beside Puhong Master.

When Tianyin Temple monks arrived, there was a stir among the Qing Yun sect, for many years, Tianyin Temple was on good relations with Qing Yun sect, every time there is a calamity, they would fight it together, when the crowd went out to greet them, they became speechless when they saw the Tianyin Temple group.

Leading the Qing Yun sect was Xiao Yicai who was substituting for the sect head, followed by Return of the Wind Valley Zeng Shuchang and Small Bamboo Valley Shuiyue Master. Zeng Shuchang looked over, not only the monks looked weather-beaten but many of them had bloodstains, clearly before arriving, they had been through a few hard battles, and to think that among the Tianyin Temple monks, only these few came, could it be

Zeng Shuchang stepped forward, hesitated and said, Puhong Master, you all...this

Puhong Master was instead very calm, clasped his palms together and said, Now that the catastrophe has come again, the worlds living is in agony, my humble temple monks wanted to save the people, who knows Taoism cultivation advanced by one chi the devil is higher by one zhang, most of the disciples were already gone.

After speaking, he softly chanted, Amitabha. Zeng Shuchang was stunned and then his expression revealed anguish, Xiao Yicai composed himself, although he was also dejected but he still forced a smile and said, No matter what, it is fortunate that the various masters are here, please come in first.

Puhong Master and the rest of them clasped their palms together to return the gesture and all of them entered back into the Crystal Hall, behind them, the red clouds in the far horizon, seemed to advance a few more.

Shuiyue Master walked a few steps, suddenly sensed something, turned back, saw Lu Xueqi who was following beside her had walked to the stone stairs banister, gazing far out in a daze, not knowing what she was thinking. Shuiyue Master was about to call her but her expression suddenly turned somber, as if recalled something, quietly walked over and gently called out behind her, Xueqi.

Lu Xueqi moved, came out of her daze, turned and looked at her teacher, said, Yes, teacher, disciple will go in now.

After speaking, she was about to head into the hall, who knows Shuiyue Master suddenly caught her hand and held her back.

Lu Xueqi surprised, turned and asked, Teacher, what is it?

Shuiyue Master softly sighed, glanced around and suppressed her voice, Xueqi, go now.

Lu Xueqi was taken aback, said, Teacher, where do you want disciple to go?

Shuiyue Master looked out, watched that vicious red clouds turbulently looming over, said, Leave Qing Yun Hill, go where you want to go, be with who you missed in your heart and live well together. She slowly turned and looked at Lu Xueqi, Dont come back again.

Lu Xueqis face turned pale, tears formed in her eyes but the next moment, she still shook her head and said, Teacher, I will not go, I want to be with you.

Shuiyue Master laughed bitterly, said, Silly child, teacher has lived most of her life already, even if I die, it would not nothing but you are still young, and have someone you truly love, listen to teacher, leave Qing Yun and go be with him.

Lu Xueqi clenched her teeth, her lips trembling, as if Shuiyue Master words to her, was a temptation she could not reject, the infatuation etched into her heart, wasnt it all because for that kind of life?

However, she eventually still slowly, as if it was extremely difficult but in the end still shook her head, and then, turned and headed into the hall. Shuiyue Master watched her thin and fragile back, heaved out a long sigh and slowly shook her head, her expression sorrowful.

Standing at where she was, she gently sighed and also headed into the hall, halfway she suddenly stopped, glanced towards a banister a distance away from the hall, noticed at that secluded spot, there was a couple there, quietly talking, not knowing what they were talking about.

And the two of them, the female happened to be Shuiyue Masters disciple Wenmin, the male was Big Bamboo Valley Song Daren, looking at their expressions, indistinct tenderness, there wasnt much fear towards the imminent death, instead more of cherishing the limited moments of time.

At least, their faces carried faint warmth and smiles.

Shuiyue Masters heart felt another pain, watching the both of them for a long time, did not speak and then slowly went into the hall.

In the Crystal Hall, the crowd had already seated, Puhong Master being revered, was pushed to the main seat but Puhong Master insisted and in the end, the seat was left empty, the rest sat on the two rows beside.

Zeng Shuchang coughed and said, Master, will like to ask if the areas near Tianyin Temple are also being attacked by the evildoers?

Puhong Master clasped his palms together, said, Buddha mercifully blessed, the claws of the evildoers have not yet reached the commoners around Tianyin Temple, our monks have heard that the evil sect has once again committed sins and to protect the commoners, we have come forward to stop, unexpectedly the evil sect is such powerful this time, caused the loss of many of our disciples, ai...old monk me is really guilty of heavy sins.

The Qing Yun members revealed deep regrets on their faces, Xiao Yicai consoled and said, Master you dont have to blame yourself, the senior brothers who have passed away died a worthy death, will definitely go to nirvana. Now that the matter at hand is urgent, we should handle the current situation.

Puhong Master sighed, nodded and then with hope on his face, he looked at the Qing Yun sect members, said, The situation now is critical, the people are in abyss of misery, in the world only your honorable sect Daoxuan senior brother can wield Zhu Xian sword formation, display the mighty power and able to turn the situation around, save the people, please!

He clasped his hands together and made a deep bow, however with his words, the Qing Yun sect members looked at each other, everyone speechless, did not know what to say. Soon Puhong Master realized something was not right, asked in shock, Why?

Xiao Yicai dryly laughed and said, Master is unaware, we have an unforeseen event, teacher he has already...been missing for many days.

Tianyin Temple monks stirred, Puhong Master was shocked and said, Why is this so?

Xiao Yicai looked helpless, said, Things have come to this, I will not hide it from the various masters, ever since teacher used Zhu Xian sword formation to beat the demon beasts back, he has been acting strange, his behaviours and actions different from usual, actually being erratic is nothing but after teacher did some...strange things, he disappeared, and we never heard from him since then.

Puhong Master was nonplussed, Reverend Daoxuan with his lifetime of supreme cultivation and looked upon differently by the world, why did it turned out into this, it was really unimaginable but Xiao Yicai clearly did not look like he was lying, and looking at everyones awkward faces, the strange things mentioned most probably would not be something easily acceptable, but the most important thing was, now that Reverend Daoxuan was missing, what should they do next?

Puhong Master suddenly had a change of expression, looked up at the people and said, Then...is the Zhu Xian sword still around, in your honorable sect, is there another worthy master who can activate this sword formation?

This time, Xiao Yicai did not speak, Zeng Shuchang who was beside sighed and said, Master you are not aware, Zhu Xian sword has always been kept and guarded by one person, our Qing Yun sect head reverend and passed down to each generation, others are not allowed to touch it, and now the Zhu Xian sword has also disappeared with senior brother Daoxuan; in addition, activating Zhu Xian sword formation requires Great Qing supreme power, unless you are a rare talent if not definitely will not be able to cultivate until that level, our sect for these hundreds of years...only senior brother Daoxuan is able to reach that realm, we the rest are ashamed, we wanted to help but are powerless.

The last ray of hope for Puhong Master was extinguished, was stunned for a long time, quietly said, If this is all true, then isnt the battle is as good as lost, the calamity will indeed descend upon the people?

The Qing Yun sect disciples were silent, each of them somber, looked down.

Inside the hall, the atmosphere was extremely dense, who knew at this time, a despair cry was heard from outside and then fierce howls and roars, like thousands of wild beasts had came rumbling.

A Qing Yun disciple burst and stumbled in, his face in despair, voice quivering shouted, Evil, evil sect evildoers are attacking up the mountain already

Everyone immediately stood up, their faces shocked and disbelieving, slowly, a despair atmosphere permeated into this imposing and magnificent Crystal Hall.

Was it really no trace of hope at all, everything would perish like that?

Behind the crowd, Lu Xueqi quietly turned, gazed far out, there was no fear on her face, only faint warm of longing.
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