Zombie Brother Chapter 9

Zombie Brother Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Being A Bully

Sci-fic 1

"Bang." The little Zombie Brother kissed the ground once again.

Bai Xiaofei, clutching his watermelon knife, was rendered speechless by the scene.Was he, by any chance, being a jerk to draw the first blood from a little Zombie Brother who could barely walk steadily?Bullying could not be a triumph by any measurement.

After a few failed attempts, the little Zombie Brother was now a little more aware of the situation.He did not stand on his feet but crawled on all fours towards Bai Xiaofei, yelling "feed".

Stumbling, the little Zombie Brother came to Bai Xiaofei and made an attempt to bite his shank.

Bai Xiaofei evaded him with very little effort.He crawled over and tried it again.The effort was proved in vain.Poor agility.

When the little Zombie Brother came over, Bai Xiaofei did not dodge.He raised his feet and hit the little Zombie Brother in the head, bringing him down on his back.Feeble strength.

Before the little Zombie Brother got up, Bai Xiaofei strode over and stepped on his chest.The little Zombie Brother was like an encroach, facing to the sky, struggling on the lawn and kicking the air.

Bai Xiaofei wielded the knife against the mutant mouth of the little Zombie Brother.However, the knife did not go any further in his mouth before any contact was made.His mouth was madly gnawing at the metal knife and giving clashing sounds .Bai Xiaofei pulled back the blade and checked it in details- the knife remained intact.Low attack damage.

It looked like that the little Zombie Brother was not a much capable one, except for his digestibility.Now was time to test the fatal spot of the little Zombie Brother.

Bai Xiaofei placed the knife in the air and stabbed at the left chest of the little Zombie Brother.The somewhat blunt watermelon knife ignored the clothes, dived into the flesh and stopped at the ribs.With some more forces in the wrist, the knife penetrated the body and reached the lawn.The strike could have quenched his heart.But the little Zombie Brother was still struggling.Evidently, the attack on the heart was fruitless.

Bai Xiaofei frowned.

"What if I behead him?The previous Zombie Brother mutated again and grew even more powerful after beheaded.What will the secondary mutation be for the little Zombie Brother?How am I supposed to do to finish him once for all?
Bai Xiaofei's mind ran quickly as his eyes were fixed on the struggling Zombie Brother.There was no need to be afraid of the secondary mutation of him.However mutated, he was building himself on his original flesh and bones.And given the small figure, I would have finished him with my knife before he put a finger on me.

That being said, Bai Xiaofei was still wary.He pulled out the knife from the chest, made a few steps backward and retreated to the body-building apparatuses.He had an idea: He would behead the little Zombie Brother and walked away to wait and see.He would then make the offense or make himself scarce.

The little Zombie Brother was crawling unswervingly after Bai Xiaofei, accompanied by the "feed" sounds.

Bai Xiaofei stood still next to the sports equipment.He could made use of that when and if the little Zombie Brother mutated again.The little two legs could never ever outrun him.

Bai Xiaofei raised high the knife against the little Zombie Brother who crawled over while craning his neck.However, there came this sudden crunch of chains.Bai Xiaofei squinted his eyes and found out that the tilted and fallen seesaw gave the sound and that his own arms were to blame.

Bai Xiaofei looked back at the Zombie Brother.His body was stiffened as it was necessary to chop the head with one shot.Sawing the head off was lame as an example.He wished for a nice and neat cut.However, Bai Xiaofei was stunned by the sight of the Zombie Brother.

Somehow, the little Zombie Brother did not jump at Bai Xiaofei, who was yards away, but stayed on the lawn, blankly.His head tilted in correspondence with the seesaw that went up and down, eyes fixated.

What the heck was the little Zombie Brother doing?Was he unlocking the gene and tapping into his unlimited potentials?

Bai Xiaofei was mind-absent when the little Zombie Brother crawled up all of a sudden and walked swinging towards the seesaw.He reached out his remaining limb, grabbed at the other side of the seesaw, crawled up with great effort and sat down with ease.The stuck wrist bone was pushed back into his body again.

Bai Xiaofei could not believe his eyes.Asshole blow!

The little Zombie Brother was sitting on the one end of the seesaw, twisting his body and uttering "play...".

Bai Xiaofei was in a puzzle.Was the little Zombie Brother inviting him to play on the seesaw?

He tried to grab the other end and wriggled it a little bit.

On the other side, the little Zombie Brother was dancing to his joyful laughter.The higher Bai Xiaofei tilted the seesaw, the happier the Zombie Brother grew.

Bai Xiaofei now recollected that the little guy was having fun alone on the lawn.He did not ramble around to eat men but concentrate on playing games, unique to kids.

Bai Xiaofei felt eyes watering.The damn family planning rendered the kids lonely.With no siblings around, more care from the parents were insufficient.They would feel nothing but the loneliness as they could not even find a companion to play with.

The little Zombie Brother must be very into playing on the seesaw with other friends when he was alive.Even he turned into a Zombie Brother, the idea seized him and became an instinct that weighed more than killing and swallowing.

Beneath the dark night, the empty lawn witnessed the seesaw going up and down.The crunch sounds were accompanied by the joyful laughter of the mutant Zombie Brother.While on the other end, Bai Xiaofei was holding his watermelon knife, ready to chop off his head at one go.What a creepy yet saddening scene.
Only when the kid transformed into a Zombie Brother could he embrace the innocent fun.He did not have to recite ancient poetry, study the language or play the instruments.He did not have to face the high expectations held by his parents.It was now that he was truly free.
Bai Xiaofei gave a long sigh and put aside his knife.He picked up a few bricks and placed them onto the one end of the seesaw, with a hope that the little Zombie Brother could tilt the seesaw if he moved, in the absence of Bai Xiaofei himself.

"Have fun yourself, little Zombie Brother.I could not do that.I'll leave you to the mercy of God.How I wish that you can play just like that and forget you are a man-eater.It was so young of you to be an enemy of a human."

Bai Xiaofei put back his watermelon knife, turned around and strode away, leaving the little Zombie Brother playing on the seesaw up and down.

At the sight of Bai Xiaofei walking away, the little Zombie Brother uttered urgent "play" sounds, as if begging for this strange bigger brother to stay a little longer.But Bai Xiaofei picked up the pace, without even looking back.

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