Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 865

Chapter 865 The Sharp Pain From Her Heart

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Wu Chengyue showed up on Lin Qiaos balcony and looked inside to see her lying on the couch with her belly bared, and that Lin Hao touching her belly. The look in his eyes instantly turned cold. He didnt make any move, but stayed on the balcony, coldly fixing his eyes on Lin Haos hand.

He was nearly infuriated when he saw Lin Hao touching the zombie ladys belly, but he had also noticed the frown on the faces of both in the room. Clearly, they were both worried.

Lin Hao sensed a sharp coldness that made him automatically raise his head to look around. As a result, he spotted a figure on the balcony.

Whos there? He didnt see anyone on the balcony earlier when he came in, and hence felt nervous once he saw Wu Chengyue.

Ignore him. How is the baby? Lin Qiao said with her eyes closed. Then, she opened her eyes and looked at Lin Hao.

Lin Hao glanced at Lin Qiao, then turned back to the balcony. At that point, the man on the balcony had already opened the door and entered.

Lin Hao sighed with relief as he clearly saw Wu Chengyues face, which was wearing a meaningful smile. He didnt change his expression, but glared at Wu Chengyue and said to him, Chief Wu, this is our Chiefs residence. I dont think you should be here.

Lin Qiao sat up from the couch as Wu Chengyue came in, also putting down her shirt to cover her belly.

Its quite late. Chief Wu, what brought you here? She squinted at Wu Chengyue.

Wu Chengyue calmly walked to Lin Qiaos side, then sat on the couch while looking at Lin Hao.

How is she?

Lin Hao almost failed to maintain the cold and serious look on his face. He tried very hard not to roll his eyes while responding, The baby is fine. The mothers condition is unclear.

Lin Qiao glanced at Wu Chengyue who sat beside her smoothly. She wanted very much to ask him who gave him the permission to sit there, and why was he acting like he was home.

Hearing Lin Haos answer, Lin Qiao was relieved. As long as the baby was fine

Wu Chengyue replied with a cold smile, Im not surprised. After all, Doctor Lin, you arent good enough to be able to diagnose for zombies, are you?

Lin Hao narrowed his eyes. He, of course, understood what Wu Chengyue really meant. He didnt care though as he responded without any expression, That probably is not true. At least, Im the one who knows the best about her condition so far.

He didnt want to say anything else to Wu Chengyue, so he turned back to Lin Qiao and asked her, How do you feel now? Come to the medical department and let me give you a check-up with my devices now if you can.

He wasnt able to feel the specific condition inside Lin Qiaos womb with his hand. To confirm the result further, devices would be needed.

On hearing that, Lin Qiao frowned slightly, then thought for a moment and said, Ill go tomorrow. As long as the baby is fine.

If it werent the babys problem, the problem would be in her. The devices in the medical department couldnt possibly find out a clue about her problem.

Go now, The expressionless Wu Chengyue abruptly let out two words.

Lin Qiao looked at him with a deep frown. She tried to ignore him, but at last, she couldnt help but say to him, Chief Wu, are you giving me an order? Are you seeing me as one of your subordinates? Eh?

Wu Chengyue turned to look at her. Somehow, he had been sensing a faint but refreshing aroma. It was nice and familiar. He felt that he had sensed it before.

He dropped the puzzles about that aroma and put on a gentle smile as he said, It wasnt like that.

As Lin Qiao didnt seem to be willing to go to the medical department now, Lin Hao took Wu Chengyues side. He nodded and said, I think you should come with me now. Facing an illness, every minute can be critical.

Lin Qiao glanced at Lin Hao and pressed her lips together. She couldnt believe that her brother didnt choose to help her in front of Wu Chengyue. He agreed to help her earlier, but had changed his side abruptly now.

She was aware that both Wu Chengyue and Lin Hao were worried about her. Recently, the second apocalypse had happened. That might be affecting her in some way. During the past half a month, Lin Hao had been doing the research together with Leng Xuantong without giving Lin Qiao a proper check-up.

Even though zombies normally wouldnt feel tired, Lin Qiao was a special zombie in a special condition, so she needed some special treatments.

Lin Qiao honestly felt that it was unnecessary to go all the way to the medical department so late at night. She believed that going tomorrow would be fine. She really didnt want to leave her room again. Besides, she did feel a little tired.

As she furrowed her eyebrows into a frown and prepared to say no again, Wu Chengyue abruptly stood up.

Once he moved, Lin Qiao felt a piece of shade came over her eyes, and then found herself being carried in his arms.

What are you doing! Lin Qiao froze at first. Realizing what was happening, she glared at Wu Chengyue and said to him, Put me down!

Holding her, Wu Chengyue unexpectedly felt joyful. Feeling the stiffness of Lin Qiaos body, he lowered his head and said to her smilingly, Dont move. Were going to the medical department.

Lin Qiaos eyes turned cold. Through clenched teeth, she repeated her words, Put me down!

How dare this b*stard hold me without permission!

Wu Chengyue ignored her words, but headed straight outside. Lin Qiao straightened her waist and shrank her legs, then raised an elbow to give Wu Chengyue a strike. Once she put forth her strength, the dull pain from her chest became sharp and piercing.


Wu Chengyue was prepared for her resistance, so once she made a move, he tightened his arms to hold her firmly. To his surprise, the strength that she gathered seemed to disappear suddenly, and then he heard a small moan from her.

Oi! Whats wrong! Wu Chengyue was stunned a little and immediately looked at her face. She was wearing a deep frown with her eyes shut and body curled up.

Whats wrong? Whats wrong? Hearing Wu Chengyues panicked voice, Lin Hao, who was going to give Wu Chengyue a thumbs-up, hurriedly asked.

Wu Chengyue quickly put Lin Qiao back onto the couch. The smile on his face was gone. He looked at her and said, I dont know! I didnt do anything!

He was only holding her! What happened?

Let me see. As Wu Chengyue put Lin Qiao back onto the couch, Lin Hao pushed him aside and moved up to Lin Qiao.

Lying on the couch, Lin Qiao relaxed her body and let out a long breath.

That piercing pain only lasted for a second. It had faded by the time Wu Chengyue nervously put her down on the couch. She only sensed a slight twitching from her chest after that.

Seeing Lin Qiao unwittingly press a hand on her own chest, Lin Hao immediately knitted his eyebrows. He couldnt help but reach his hand to her chest to try and ease her discomfort by using his superpower.

However, his hand was clasped by another hand before it could touch Lin Qiao.

What are you doing!

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