Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 869

Chapter 869 The Crisis Is Solved

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Lin Jing struggled with anger and despair. Her strength grew weaker, and her heart sank to the bottom. Her body turned colder and colder.

What should she do? What should she do? Who could save her?

She extravagantly wished that someone could show up and save her, but in the meanwhile, she was clearly aware that no one would save a stranger in the post-apocalyptic era.

She had no friends in Green Mountain Base. In fact, she barely knew the others in the base. So, she believed that no one would come to save her.

She ran to Mongols Base from Huaxia Base, then came Green Mountain Base. But at last, it turned out that she was not able to survive in the chaotic post-apocalyptic world.

Thud! The two men dragged Lin Jing into the room. The woman followed behind them and hurriedly shut the door.

Ill gag her, then you can do whatever you want with her, The woman took out a dirty towel and walked to Lin Jing with an evil grin.

Em Emm Lin Jing hadnt given up on struggling. However, she was already very weak, and could barely make any big movements. She glared at that woman so fiercely that she seemed to even eat her alive.

She had no idea when she ever displeased that woman. Ever since she moved into her room, that woman had been awful to her.

That woman was always mean to Lin Jing. She teased and taunted her, but Lin Jing didnt care. Lin Jing found her annoying and started to avoid her. She wouldnt let herself be in the room alone with that woman.

However, Lin Jing couldnt have imagined that the woman would help the two men hurt her. She was so evil!

At that moment, the woman stood beside Lin Jing, looking down at her with a vicious grin, The only thing you do is pretend to be weak, so that people feel pity for you. How pretty do you think you are? You seduced men all day. Thankfully, Captain Wan had no interest in you at all. If you two really got together, you might die before you could even give him a child.

Captain Wan was a unit leader in charge of the security where Lin Jing lived. His name was Wan Wusheng, and was a level-four water power possessor. Lin Jing had been sick and weak, so he brought her water and took care of her occasionally.

As the head of a security unit, he was only performing his duty, without any personal feelings.

The young woman had her eyes on Wan Wusheng since long ago. Therefore, she was super jealous of Lin Jing, as Wang Wusheng brought her water sometimes.

Clean water was precious in the base.

Hearing her words, Lin Jing instantly figured it out. She wanted to tell the woman loudly that nothing was happening between her and Captain Wan. However, the woman shoved the towel into her mouth before she could say anything.

Em The sour, salty and bitter taste gave her nausea. Meanwhile, the two men pressed her down and started ripping off her clothes.

But at that very moment, a dark figure flashed across a window.

Bang! The door burst open and hit the wall loudly, then somebody erupted through it.

The loud noise gave a start to all the four in the room. The woman and the two men turned to the door simultaneously and saw nothing clearly but a shred of dark shadow, as well as a few gleams of light flashing across their eyes,

Puff! Puff! Puff! The slight sounds of sharp weapons cutting through flesh were heard in the room, followed by a long quietness.

The woman and the two men popped their eyes, frozen. Blood seeped out of their necks, being slowly absorbed by their clothes.

Lin Jing soon realized what had happened. She took the opportunity to put up a fight, and unexpectedly, the two men let go of her.

She pulled up her nearly ripped off clothes and struggled up from the ground, then got rid of the towel in her mouth. Instinctively, she shrank to a relatively safer corner. Only after she hid behind an old table did she start to gasp for air.

Thud! Thud! Thud! A series of noises were heard.

Lin Jing stuck her head out from behind the table with fright and saw the three lying on the ground motionlessly. Then, she saw that dark creature beside the three dead people, popping her eyes and opening her mouth in shock.

That was a gigantic black panther! It was sitting beside the three dead bodies, looking at her quietly. Its pair of ears stood up, and tail wagged from side to side.

The panther had black and shiny fur, beautiful muscles, as well as glowing and cold eyes.

Being stared at by the panther, Lin Jing felt as if she had fallen into a bucket of ice. She thought the panther would pounce on her and bite through her neck in the next second.

She looked at the panther in the eyes without daring to move.

After the short eye-contact, the panther suddenly stood up and moved toward Lin Jing step by step. Lin Jing instantly widened her eyes; she couldnt even breathe. The fear disabled her from moving and made her tremble intensely.

She had one last thought left in her mindshe was going to be eaten by that huge panther right away.

She watched the panther come closer and closer and couldnt help but shut her eyes to wait for death. Being bitten to death by the panther was at least better than being raped to death by those men.

The fear almost threw her into unconsciousness, yet after a while, she still didnt feel the pain that she was waiting for. She paused for two seconds, then raised her head with confusion. As a result, she saw the panther standing half a meter away from her, quietly looking at her.

She had puzzles in her head. She couldnt understand why the panther didnt eat her but kept looking at her.

But, before she could think about it, the panther abruptly reached its head toward her. She gave a start and hurriedly closed her eyes. In the next second, she felt a warm and fluffy thing against her cheek.


She opened her eyes with surprise and saw the panther pressing its big, furry face against hers.

What was happening?

Lin Jing was dumbfounded, and the fear was somehow replaced by confusion.

The black panther rubbed her face with its forehead, then pushed her slightly with its head. After that, it took a step backward and turned, making a few steps toward the outside before looking back at her.

Lin Jing didnt figure out what it was trying to do.

As Lin Jing didnt move, the panther raised its long and huge tail and swept across her face, then hooked her hand and pulled it slightly forward.

Sensing the panthers gentle move, Lin Jing had a strange idea popping up in her head.

Did the panther just save her? Was it asking her to follow it?

With that idea, she looked at the black panther uncertainly.

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